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The newsletter looks different as I wanted a format that works better for mobile phone email readers. In this newsletter, I will provide details about my  new direct patient care offerings as well as introduce you to our latest team member and dietitian. Soon we will be posting new photos to the website. I will also provide some quick updates regarding interesting health related articles. And for the dedicated reader that makes it to the end of the newsletter, a delicious and nutritious recipe awaits.

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Dietitian Ashley Wheeler, MS, RD, LD-N
Nutritional Foods

This past month Ashley has been brought onto the team. We are very excited to have her services available to our patients.  She is passionate, experienced, pleasant, energetic and helpful. She is bringing a new approach and working collaboratively with me to help our patients achieve better eating habits and more ideal health goals.  I encourage our patients to consult with her to help achieve your weight goals. Reviews from patients have been very positive.  I am very grateful that she can be available to help our Lipid & Wellness patients.  
Our cash patients get access to her services at a discounted price.  Platinum members get 3 free visits with Ashley as part of your annual membership.  Numerous medical conditions are appropriate for dietitian consultation including: obese, overweight. diabetes. vascular and coronary artery disease, cholesterol and triglyceride disorders, kidney disease and even low body weight.  Learn More

Dr. Kordonowy Has Increased His Service Offerings

In order to remain transparent in physician services costs and to provide additional valued-added services between and sometimes as an alternative to an official office visit, Dr. Kordonowy has created different service packages to fit several different scenario's and budgets. The traditional fee-for-service model continues to be offered and as always Dr. Kordonowy  posts his fee-for-service prices.

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What Is The Doctor Reading?

Many of you who are following my Dr. Kordonowy MD and The Doctor's Report Facebook posts have been getting regular posts throughout the week.  I have been known to twitter from time to time as well but this often has a slight political bent due to the audience at twitter. 

Recently in the New England Journal of Medicine treating blood pressure and treating cholesterol in intermediate risk patients were studied.  Interestingly the blood pressure treatment group did not derive any benefit and the cholesterol treatment group did! In both groups none of the patients had yet been identified with active cardiovascular disease so these interventions were what we would call "primary" prevention (before actual disease). These patients were treated with state of the art medications at reasonable doses and followed for 5.6 years.

A Protein Packed Breakfast Recipe

This recipe was offered by a patient who has been successfully losing weight.  It also satisfies my plate-building and meal planning strategy for optimizing metabolism by putting protein onto the breakfast plan. You would want to add more anti-oxidant food to your plate such as sliced tomato, fresh of frozen berries or a small apple or orange.

Egg White Muffins

Breakfast treat with savory egg muffin bites with sundried tomato

  • Egg whites 
  • 1 Bag of Spinach
  • Minced Garlic 
  • Cooked Breakfast Sausage, Canadian Bacon or Ham
  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees
  2. Prepare a muffin pan by oiling the pan with Pam or brushing olive or vegetable oil on the pan.  You could use paper liners as well. 
  3. While the oven is heating in a separate pan saute minced garlic in 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, add a bag of spinach and cook down til limp. Remove from heat.
  4. Fill each cupcake well with 1/2 cup of egg white, add spinach and meat selection.
  5. Seasoning to consider include Mrs. Dash Original, Tabasco or Hot Chile Paste (small amount as this stuff if spicy)!
  6. Place in oven until cooked (15-20 minutes)
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