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Welcome to the Dr. Lee Cohen community.  Our practice is working together to realize a shared vision of uncompromising excellence in podiatric care.  We focus on addressing treatment, injury prevention, and athletic performance enhancement.   Visit our newly updated website!

Dr. Cohen RINGing in the Summer!

Congratulations to Dr. Cohen for receiving his Super Bowl Ring after 30 years of working with the Philadelphia Eagles!


Train Smart
Whether you're kicking your training into a new gear or just beginning to run, here are a few key tips to keep in mind.
  • Make gradual changes in distance or tempo.
  • Break in new shoes slowly over a few runs.
  • Switch sneakers every 400 to 500 miles.
  • Be sure to buy sneakers that complement your foot type (pronator, supinator, or neutral).
  • Try and find firm trails rather than running on hard roads too often.
(Seamus Kennedy of Hersco Orthotics L ab)

You can do it!  Start a Walk/ Run Program.canyon-jogger.jpg
If you are interested in losing some weight or getting a better reading on your blood pressure and cholesterol, you might want to start a walk/run program.  This can also help you control your blood sugar levels.  If you have thought about starting a running plan, but felt you couldn't do it, I want to tell you that you can!  Runner's World Magazine has a great beginning runner program called "Couch to 5K,"  but there are other similar training apps available to download.

Athlete of the Month
Sam Marino, Track & Field Athlete 

Sam Marino is our new athlete of the month. Sam is a Junior at Haddonfield High School.  He is on the track and field team at Haddonfield High. This is his first year as a pole vaulter, and he has already obtained a personal record of 10 feet. Sam was also recently fitted for his brand new secret weapon.  Congrats Sam!

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