Dr. Lisa Wainger Becomes Chair of the Delta ISB

Dr. Lisa Wainger led her first meeting today as chair of the Delta Independent Science Board. Chair Wainger will guide the Delta ISB for the next two years as they continue promoting independent, peer-reviewed science to support Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta decision-making.

“I’m excited to be chairing this Board, particularly with this set of members whose intellects I am deeply impressed by,” said Chair Wainger. “I want to help the Board find its comparative advantage, increase awareness of social science and its benefits, and widen our already open door to diversify the voices heard as we consider the risks and issues facing the Delta.”

For more information, read the news release linked below.

Delta ISB members on a field trip.

The Delta ISB is a board of 10 nationally and internationally prominent scientists with expertise to evaluate the broad range of scientific programs that support adaptive management of the Delta.

Byron Bridge

Two Delta ISB members recently co-authored a blog, “Smarter Gambling with California’s Water Challenges,” to provide insight into the challenges of managing California’s complex water supply system and outline the relevance of the Board’s recent Review of Water Supply Reliability Estimation Related to the Delta

Delta ISB member shadows.

The Delta ISB advises the Delta Stewardship Council and provides oversight of the scientific research, monitoring, and assessment programs in the Delta through periodic reviews.

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