Dr. Michel Accad on Hippocratic Medicine
Author Marni Jameson Carey, Association of Independent Doctors

Author Marni Jameson Carey and Dr. Michel Accad will be speaking to BRI student leaders just a few short weeks away in Saint Louis at our 5th Annual Leadership Conference. We have gathered a variety of highly qualified doctors, professionals--and our own student leaders themselves!--to speak on topics of relevance to future doctors concerned about healthcare freedom.

But before we introduce our conference speakers, I want to share yet another testimonial to the power of attending conferences and learning about the many facets of practicing medicine today.

Shandra Basil, MS3 from  Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine attended the Direct Primary Care conference presented by the Docs4PatientCare Foundation in Dallas last summer.

We hope that Shandra's experience speaks to you. If you are a medical student, see if would be appropriate to apply for BRI's leadership conference. Spaces are limited to 40 students and the last day to register is January 24, 2017.

One student's view of Direct Primary Care

I recently became a new member of the Benjamin Rush Institute and had the opportunity to attend the DPC conference in Dallas, TX. As a third year medical student planning to practice family medicine, it was very exciting for me to meet some of the pioneers in the DPC movement. I first heard about Direct Primary Care as a first year medical student when I attended a special presentation through our Family Medicine club. Since then, one of my mentors has transitioned his practice to a DPC model and I have attended several other events to learn more about it. The Nuts and Bolts conference in Dallas was an incredible experience that allowed me to share my excitement and passion with a group of people who were equally if not more excited than myself. There is still so much for me to learn when it comes to DPC, but this conference offered me a wealth of knowledge that continues to push me forward in my desire to pursue primary care using a DPC model. 

The conference also allowed me to network with other students and physicians pursuing and practicing DPC. Meeting and chatting with Josh Umbehr, MD and hearing about his practice was inspiring. It's so encouraging to hear about how family physicians are providing excellent patient care and changing lives through the DPC models. I was also very impressed by the numerous ways doctors have found to improve patient care and doctoring-specifically, through negotiating better service rates and providing medication at wholesale cost. I was also encouraged by the current efforts throughout the nation that are working to implement laws to protect DPC models.
Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA provided an impressive presentation of current laws associated with DPC, those in the making, and ways to get involved in the process in our own states. I was also excited to find out that some specialists are even looking for ways to implement DPC-like models in their own practices. It was especially interesting to hear about Dr. Keith Smith's Surgery Center of Oklahoma and the impact it's having on the local community by providing services at affordable costs. 

I am grateful to the Physicians Foundation and the Benjamin Rush Institute for making it possible for me to attend the Dallas conference. Both of these organizations provide such valuable opportunities for students and practitioners to pursue their passions in Medicine and beyond. I plan to continue my journey in exploring what DPC looks like for me and my future practice. I hope to attend many more events and conferences to learn more about DPC and ways that I can get involved. There are a lot of changes taking place in the world of medicine, and I imagine things will be very different by the time I begin my practice. I am excited about the new innovations that are coming, as well as new possibilities for providing better patient care. I hope that Direct Primary Care is one of the ways that future medicine will provide the proper care that patients and physicians deserve. 

Shandra Basil, MS3
Meet the Speakers!
Dr. Michel Accad will speak on Hippocratic Medicine in the Age of Population Health

Michel Accad, MD, practices internal medicine and cardiology in San Francisco, and also holds a position of Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco. He regularly publishes articles in peer-reviewed journals on philosophical aspects of healthcare and medicine. He has given lectures nationally and internationally, and his perspective is frequently solicited in media interviews and podcasts. His commentaries on medical science, medical ethics, and healthcare economics also appear on his blog AlertAndOriented.com.

Author & Speaker Marni Jameson Carey,
Association of Independent Doctors

Marni Jameson Carey is the executive director of the Association of Independent Doctors, a national nonprofit designed to support the interests of independent physicians. 

Prior to assuming that role, Ms. Jameson was a senior health reporter for Tribune Media, writing for the LA Times and the Orlando Sentinel. She is also a past president and founder of a medical marketing firm, author of three books, a nationally syndicated columnist, and frequent TV guest and speaker.

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