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Volume 17 August 2023

1 Year Anniversary Edition

“Healing happens in relationship and community” -Dr. Moira

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Dr. Moira, Dr. Angel, Linda, and Monica


  1. Reflections on Our First Year in Encinitas
  2. With Gratitude For Your Support
  3. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Pearls
  4. HBOT- Special Extended through August!
  5. World Naturopathic Federation
  6. Seaside Seminar- Images From Event

Every step in the right direction and every breath along the way becomes the realization of your dream. Your dream does not take you away from the present; on the contrary, your dream becomes reality in the present moment.”  -Thich Nhat Hanh

  1. Reflections on Our First Year in Encinitas

It was July 5, 2022, that the doors of this practice opened. While it is a short trip from La Jolla to Encinitas, the change has been significant. Many of you know that it was that beautiful Peruvian Pepper tree that inspired me to walk into our current office space. I knew this was the space to birth a practice in Encinitas. I can feel the wisdom of the tree and its roots light the foundation of this healing space. So, this month, the practice will be official in its new name, Healing Roots Center for Transformation.


This past year has been a journey both within and without. I have learned so much. Living in the moment and being guided by vision supports me in moving forward. In those moments when life seems heavy and there appears to be few options, I remember that I can turn all challenges into golden opportunities. This remembering happens when I stay connected to myself for this is home. I am grateful for all of the support along the way. I so appreciate those of you who came with me to this space and for all the new individuals and families who have found your way to Healing Roots.  


 It has been my intention that we provide personalized, loving care to whomever walks through these doors. I knew when we opened that many individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer would be drawn here. I remember that fear is a call for love. We will be with you. We have an amazing naturopathic doctor, Dr. Angel, who is current on the latest in IV therapies and who will ensure that you are safe and comfortable. I stay current on the latest in herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, and mistletoe therapies. I will take you as deep as you want to go as you return to yourself to both heal and rediscover your many gifts and talents and I trust the seeds you plant in your heart will blossom.


Families and extended families have been a treasured part of my practice since I began many years ago and this is true at Healing Roots as well. I love that I can support moms, children, dads, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. It is such a gift to see families become healthy and commit to this lifestyle. Yes, I do see children mostly around issues of the gut, anxiety, and attention.


A center portion of this practice evolves around women’s health, as we synchronize our rhythms to the seasons, the tides, and the moon. As women we are creative beings. Creativity is an act of giving life. We nourish and enhance life. Yet, we also need to remember to nourish ourselves. This journey to remember ourselves is often a significant aspect of our whole health care. I explore with you how you can create and expand the life you choose. It is not uncommon for this to begin with hormones or GI distress. Sometimes it is the body that gets our attention when something needs to change.


We are living in a time when lifestyle affects our ability to function at our highest level. We are encouraged to eat convenience foods, get more done, sleep less, and reorder physical activity to the lower end of our priority list. The most significant diseases today are lifestyle, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, cancer, and everyone I see has some form of gut issue. The beauty of naturopathic medicine is that we look at function. How is your body functioning? What can we do before you get a disease to optimize the health of your body, the temple of your soul, the vehicle that allows you to express your gifts, talents, and dreams. When your body is supported, it will heal itself. This is the healing power of nature.


Health is an investment. It is what you need to live this life and it truly affects the quality of your life. It is my honor and gift to this world that I am blessed to offer healthcare to meet your needs. Along the way I discovered hyperbaric oxygen therapy when I needed more energy as I was stressed. I took time to experience and explore hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and I am so grateful that I can bring it to you. Oxygen is an essential nutrient. We cannot live without it. HBOT helps everything and cures nothing. To feel oxygen in every cell of my body was and is an exhilarating experience.


I look forward to this next year of health, adventure, love, and an amazing life!


Love and Blessings,

Dr Moira


View my video for mother earth: For Mother Earth, from Dr. Moira

2. With Gratitude For Your Support


 New projects take a community and Healing Roots Center for Transformation is blessed to have so many people supporting its birth, first year of life and support into an easier second year. While more people than I can list have contributed to this healing space, I would like to acknowledge a few of you who have touched my soul during both light and dark times. Eva and Arvin Patel were supportive before we even found the space and they are my anchor as this center evolves. Dr. Christian Sorensen, Senior Minister of Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, has been here since the conception of Healing Roots and inspires me to live my best life. Marcia and Carmen Fields are the energetic healers who traveled with me as my journey has weaved through both darkness and light. Ellen Fitzpatrick and Marshall Klaus are family who continually support my never-ending entrepreneurial drive. Owen Klaus set up the technology that allows our center to efficiently run. Dr. Natiya Guin brings her soulful artistry to the many videos and photo shoots she did for me even before Healing Roots opened its doors. Dr. Mark Kalina is a friend, brother and is available for medical support for patients when I need him.  Kalli Holmes-Sorensen provides so much support as I bring this work to Seaside. I am so grateful for the inaugural staff, who helped me set up this healing space and put systems into place, Leah Petzen and Desi Greer. Congratulations to Desi who got into PA school! I was grateful to have her as a part of Healing Roots. I am appreciative of our current staff, Linda Birse, who welcomes you into this space, is dedicated to her own health and healing, and a great role model to commit to the path of health. Linda is leading the way for greater immersion into the Encinitas community. Monica Jimenez is our amazing phlebotomist whose care with children makes even getting your blood drawn a positive experience. Monica is Dr Oxygen and she will support you in your journey with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Dr. Angel set up and facilitates the IV program here at Healing Roots. There are so many more angels in my life. And of course my beautiful tree outside the door whose energy will greet you with love and wisdom, every day.

3.Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Pearls from the International Hyperbaric Therapy Conference


I had the opportunity to attend the International Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Functional Medicine Conference in June. I would like to share with you the pearls that I learned so you too can take advantage of this amazing therapy. I utilize hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a tool in the comprehensive treatment of a variety of conditions. It is generally not a stand-alone treatment. “Hyperbaric oxygen cures nothing and helps everything.” Oxygen is an essential nutrient that each of us needs to live.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is inhaling increased levels of oxygen at greater than 1 atmosphere in a pressurized chamber. At Healing Roots, we use a soft chamber pressurized at 1.3 atmospheres (atm), breathing 94% pure oxygen from a concentrator.


The conference was filled with studies and clinical expertise from those who have been using hyperbaric oxygen therapy for years. I present this in summary format so that you can see what may resonate with you and your loved ones.


Longevity: A key hallmark of aging is shortening of telomeres. HBOT may support a slowing of aging through increasing telomere length and clearing of senescent cells. [3]

Athletic Performance: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can enhance physical performance and increase VO2Max (maximal oxygen capacity). Both VO2max and anaerobic threshold are used to measure maximal aerobic fitness. One study utilized muscle biopsies to demonstrate the mechanism by which physical performance in healthy master athletes occurred. The mitochondria is the energy center of the cell. The biopsy demonstrated that there was significant improvement in mitochondrial respiration and an increase in mitochondrial mass. It is known that mitochondrial respiration and density differ between a trained and untrained individual. [13]


Neurological: Individuals diagnosed with PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) using HBOT improve cerebral blood flow resulting in improved cognitive functioning, and decrease in PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Most improvements in cognitive function occurred in memory and attention. Cognitive improvements correlated with increased activity in relevant brain areas per PET and SPECT scan. [1]


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can result in significant neurological improvements in post stroke including improvements in memory and speech. HBOT induces neuroplasticity by increasing oxygen to the tissues and triggering the regenerative process in the area of brain injury. [11]


HBOT contributes to slowing or reversing Alzheimer Disease symptoms by reducing hypoxia and increasing cerebral blood flow. Vascular dysfunction correlates with disease progression and affects outcome. It is known that improving vascular function and cerebral blood flow improves cognition in the elderly. [2]


There were many studies presented showing cognitive enhancement in healthy older adults.


Long COVID: Are you suffering from Long COVID symptoms? Many individuals experience sleep disorders, brain fog, lack of focus, fatigue, chest pain, lightheadedness, loss of taste and smell, skin rashes and hair loss, plus other symptoms. There is a hyperbaric oxygen therapy randomized controlled trial showing clinical improvement in post covid symptoms. This is thought to be attributed to increased brain perfusion and neuroplasticity. [4] Another study demonstrated statistically significant symptom improvement across most symptoms including sleep, anxiety, depression. [5]


Autoimmune Conditions: HBOT is effective with autoimmune conditions through proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory balance. Autoimmune diseases that have shown some benefit from HBOT include rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis when HBOT is introduced early in the process and is ongoing.


Inflammatory Bowel Disease has shown benefit from HBOT treatment, both as a stand-alone treatment and as an adjunctive treatment. HBOT has anti-inflammatory effects and stimulates stem cells that induce healing of the mucosal ulcers. It is noted that one of the conventional uses of HBOT is non-healing ulcers. There are multiple systematic reviews of the effectiveness of HBOT in treating inflammatory bowel disease. [6] HBOT stimulates stem cells and induces mucosal healing in individuals with chronic ulcerative colitis, according to a prospective case series. [7]


Chronic Lyme Disease: The primary feature of post infectious Lyme arthritis is an excessive proinflammatory immune response. The anti-inflammatory response, which is needed for balance is inadequate. The result is like what is seen in rheumatoid arthritis. There are some studies demonstrating the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy functioning as an anti-inflammatory treatment resulting in a more balanced immune response. [6, 8]


Fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by pain, sleep disturbances, fatigue, anxiety, autonomic changes such as dizziness when standing, and exercise intolerance. It is the third most prevalent musculoskeletal disorder after low back pain and osteoarthritis. HBOT demonstrates improvement, indicated by a decrease in the number of tender points and decrease in pain when compared to a sham group. Another study demonstrated improvement in fibromyalgia symptoms and in quality of life. A SPECT scan showed changes in the brain with improvement in pain related areas, and that it can induce neuroplasticity. [9]


Cancer: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for individuals diagnosed with cancer reduces inflammation, enhances natural killer cells, protects healthy cells, and improves quality of life. It is a recommended therapy before, during, and after radiation, before and after surgery, before, during and after chemotherapy. HBOT is FDA approved for radiation induced tissue damage. [12]


The most common complication of HBOT is middle ear barotrauma, which means an inability to equalize the pressure between the middle ear and the external environment. It generally occurs during the first dive (session). We spend time with you teaching you how to clear your ears. We are with you to adjust the pressure down if needed.


My personal experience with hyperbaric oxygen therapy is that it enhances my energy, clears my thinking and helps me to relax.




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4. HBOT Special Extended Through August! 

6. World Naturopathic Federation

This coming September is the General Assembly meeting of the World Naturopathic Federation in Geneva Switzerland. Naturopathic Medicine exists in every world region. It is our philosophy that unites us. Naturopathic Physicians and Naturopathic Practitioners will join to advance education and research throughout the world. It is my honor and pleasure to serve as the Secretary of this global organization and to chair the Environmental Health Committee. I encourage you to check out the environmental website, https://www.wnf-environmental.org/. We are running a social media campaign and educating individuals and their families about obesogens, environmental chemicals that contribute to obesity. Approximately 50 chemicals have been identified as contributors to obesity. Obesogens can be found in products we use every day from water bottles to microwaveable popcorn, non-stick pans and even shower curtains. While obesity is a multidimensional problem, the toxins in our environment are a contributing factor.

7.Seaside Seminar-

Images from event

Thank you Seaside Center for Spiritual Living and to the amazing community who joined us for the talk and for a nutritious and joyful meal.

I will continue in my practice of women’s health, whole family health, complementary cancer care, identifying and healing conundrums, optimal health, and inner transformation, and now certified as a Functional Medicine Hyperbaric Practitioner. I am dedicated to supporting you in health, happiness and becoming all that you can be.

With love and many blessings,

Dr Moira

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WNF Environmental Health website is a resource for how you can protect yourself and your family from environmental pollutants.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The International Hyperbarics Association educates the community on the benefits of Hyperbaric therapy and provides accessibility to those in need. IHA is a charitable and educational organization. 


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Thank you for your gifts, talents, love that is forever hopeful and your soulful presence.

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