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Volume 15 April 2023

Happy Earth Day!

The Earth and Humanity can Evolve Together

“Climate resilience depends on our saving and spreading the seeds of hope, seeds of freedom, and seeds

of resilience.” Vandana Shiva

Take time today to get involved in caring for the earth. See what is happening in your community.

Take a moment to watch “For Mother Earth”!

In Health and Wellbeing,

Dr. Moira, Dr. Angel, Linda, and Desi


Earth Day: Humanity and Nature can evolve together

For Mother Earth youtube video link:

For Mother Earth, from Dr. Moira


  1. Honoring Mother Earth
  2. Why are Travelers Using IV Nutrient Therapy?
  3. Welcome Linda
  4. Rejuvenate Your Body (Upcoming Event) at Seaside
  5. Circle of Appreciation

6. Naturopathic Skin Consultations & healing


“If not now, when?” There is only one now.

The past is a memory, and the future is a dream…

Only the now is real – make each second of your life count.

-Rabbi David Aaron

1. Honoring Mother Earth

Moira Fitzpatrick, ND, PhD


Earth day is a day to celebrate this planet. The care of Mother Earth has been entrusted to each of us.

What is your relationship with the earth? I encourage you to take a few moments to reflect upon special times when the beauty of the earth touched your heart. As a child I remember the anticipation waiting for the tomatoes to ripen on the vine, the Springtime when the sap from the maple trees would flow and the fall change of colors which seemed magical. Here in California, there are communities all along the coast who gather to watch the sunset and see the sky painted with all shades of red and rose blended with the clouds as the day bids us goodbye. I remember the moments on top of Aspen Mountain, both winter and autumn looking out over the valleys and seeing eagles majestically soar freely. I can still see the pristine water of Lake Louise. There are so many beautiful places on this planet. Let us embrace nature and allow her to be a sanctuary to support our transformation.


Each of us has a responsibility to ensure that the earth, our home, is healthy for our children and the next seven generations. This requires us to work together in community to ensure clean air and water, healthy food, and to protect our children from the climate crisis that is here now.


Extreme weather hit us in the face this past winter. We cannot deny climate change and climate instability. Consider the fires, drought, and floods in California alone. It is essential that we stabilize the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This means stopping carbon emissions, adopting renewable energy and being more energy efficient. There are many solutions to this problem. The soil needs carbon. Plants return carbon to the soil. We need plants to balance the carbon in the atmosphere. Small organic farming is a significant option for taking excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, increasing the water holding capacity of the soil and providing a space to grow nutrient rich food.


Biodiversity means a diversity of plants and the interrelationships of the plants that exist in our natural world. Today, the diversity of foods being grown has decreased. This reminds me of the microbiome, the microbes that live in our gut. A diverse microbiome is dependent on us eating a diversity of vegetables and fruit. Biodiversity on our farms is connected to biodiversity in our diets. Diversity in the microbiome supports the immune system, blood sugar balance, inflammatory balance, maintains the gut barrier and keeps pathogens from overgrowing. Biodiversity on our farms creates a balanced ecosystem, including microorganisms, soil, water, and plants. Let us remember to see the body and the earth as an interrelated whole. 


What if there were more community gardens, gardens on the school grounds where children could learn to grow nutritious foods? What if we realized how climate change is affected by maintaining native ecosystems, conserving local flora, promoting bio-diverse farms, managing habitats for endangered species? What if we looked at how our bodies and our world could become more resilient?

We are energy beings and need to learn how to balance our personal energy and our global resources.


Many parts of the world and right here in our own community, we are surrounded by food deserts with limited healthy foods. How much of the food sold in stores is laden with pesticides, growth hormones, food additives, food coloring, preservatives, emulsifiers to change the texture of foods, plus sugar and salt to name a few. Did you know that exposure to pesticides has been linked to innumerable cancers? What about genetically modified foods? Each person has a toxic load that results from chronic exposure to various pollutants. Environmental pollutants harm health through every phase of life. Across the globe we are in a crisis dealing with non-communicable chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, asthma, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and mental illness. The quality of the food we eat, the health of our digestive system, the toxins around us and those we ingest affect our health. Additionally, our health is affected by physical activity, the quality of our sleep and stress.


Our oceans are filled with plastic, sea level is rising, and the ocean is unsafe for 72 hours after it rains due to contaminants, oil, sewage carried into the water here in San Diego. We can support small, biodiverse ecological farms to maintain the soil. Plastics affect human health. The most notorious toxin in plastic is BPA, which gives rigidity to plastics. It is in water bottles, plastic containers, baby bottles. BPA is a hormone disrupter and can affect reproductive health for both men and women. Replace your water bottle with stainless steel or glass. Store your food in glass containers.


What can you do to protect yourself, your family, your community, and our world?

1)    Become aware of the quality of the food you eat. Eat whole organic or local foods.

2)    Support local farmers.

3)    Read labels and avoid foods with additives and preservatives.

4)    Become aware of how much sugar you are ingesting.

5)    Avoid plastics and canned foods.

6)    Grow a garden. Become a part of a community garden. Organize a community garden.

7)    Pick up the plastic and trash from the beach and dispose of it appropriately.

8)    Plant trees. Trees and all plants absorb carbon from the air and return it to the soil.

9)    Support small, bio-diverse, ecological farms.

10) Educate yourself or join an advocacy group for clean energy. Electrify new construction. Get gas out of our buildings. Gas has been linked to higher levels of asthma when used for cooking and heating.

11) Reduce your carbon footprint.

12) Educate yourself on climate change, the health of our planet, your personal health, the health of your family and community.


It will take all of us in our local communities to act. What would you like to contribute to the health of mother earth? The more we nourish the earth, the more she will be able to nourish us in return.


Let us work together.




Vandana Shiva, Agroecology & Regenerative Agriculture (2022)

Johnson, Ayana Elizabeth, Wilkinson, Katharine K., Ed. (2021)


2. Why are Travelers Using IV Nutrient Therapy?

Jose Angel Barrientos, ND



Here are some tips to help you adapt to jet lag during your next vacation. Experiencing jet lag or hearing someone cough throughout the entire flight is not so exciting. In this article, we will be sharing tips that can help your body better adapt to jet lag and support your immune system.


Jet lag is a temporary sleep problem that occurs after traveling across time zones. This is due to a mismatch between your circadian rhythm and the new time zone where you have arrived. The circadian rhythm is the 24-hour internal clock in your brain that allows cells to identify the time of day and perform appropriate functions. Certain cells need to know the time to produce cortisol before you wake up. Cortisol tells the liver to release sugar, so that the brain has a nice dose of energy before waking up and starting the day.


Jet lag can cause you to feel fatigued, irritable, less able to focus or exercise, and interfere with getting a good night’s rest.Poor sleep can lead to a poorly regulated immune response and elevated risk for infection.You may notice your nose or throat become dry when flying? This is because airplanes recirculate dry, cool air. The air is kept cool to prevent the airplane from feeling like a sauna with over 100 people radiating their natural body heat. We can lose about 2 liters of water from traveling in a 5- hour flight and end up feeling dehydrated.


Here are some tips to help you adapt to jet lag and support your immune system during your next vacation:


If you are traveling west, go to bed an hour or two later than usual.

If you are traveling east, go to bed an hour or two earlier than usual.

If you can, arrive at your destination at least 2 days before any important events. This gives your body time to adjust to a new circadian rhythm.

Avoid alcohol. Alcohol is initially sedating; however this effect goes away after a few hours, and becomes very disruptive during the second half of the night. Alcohol can suppress rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. REM sleep plays an important role in allowing the brain to form memories, regulate hormones (like the tissue repairing growth hormone), and restore the body.

Avoid caffeine past 12 pm. It takes most people about 6 hours to remove half the caffeine that they put into their body. The less caffeine that is in the body before bedtime, the less likely it is to keep you awake.

Avoid vigorous exercise past 3 pm. Exercise can help stabilize your mood and decompress your mind, a great way to prepare for a good night’s rest. However, exercising can also release stimulating chemicals in the brain that may interfere with falling asleep at night.

Consider providing your body with energy and immune supporting nutrients through IV therapy. Approximately 50% of a vitamin that’s taken through a pill is absorbed, whereas over 90% of a vitamin given through an IV can be delivered directly to cells through the bloodstream. IV therapy also allows for quick delivery of important nutrients.


IV Nutrients for Travelers


Many successful entrepreneurs and frequent travelers are using IV therapy during their trips and report feeling in a better mood, energized, and well rested. The following are vitamins and minerals that can be quickly delivered into the body with IV nutrient therapy.

     B vitamins are involved in several steps of energy production within cells. If the body is deficient in any of the eight B-vitamins, then that B-vitamin will be the “tired hiker that slows everyone else down.” B-vitamins play an important role in repairing DNA and proper immune function.

     Glycine is an amino acid that can balance chemical messengers in the brain (neuropeptides). Glycine can promote sleep and improve fatigue caused by sleep deprivation.

     Lysine is an amino acid that is often recommended to people with cold sores, because it can suppress replication of the herpes virus. Lysine may also have protective effects against other types of viruses.

     Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. It helps the immune system work properly. Vitamin C is needed for our cells to break down fat into energy and a deficiency can be responsible for weakness and muscle aches.

     Magnesium is required for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, maintains normal nerve and muscle function, and supports the immune system. Magnesium has been found to improve sleep in people with insomnia, increase melatonin, decrease the amount of time needed to fall asleep.

     Zinc is required for enzymes to function properly and is essential for the development of immune cells. Zinc can reduce inflammation and the severity and duration of symptoms of the common cold by inhibiting the rhinovirus.

     IV Fluids contain electrolytes. Drinking water alone is not enough to properly hydrate. This is why athletes also consume electrolytes when they are drinking water. With IV nutrient therapy, the body can be rehydrated and restored with important electrolytes, such as sodium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.


At our clinic, we take great pride in providing patients with IV infusions that are provided in a safe environment and administered by Naturopathic doctors. Our clinic reduces the chances of patient infections by administering IVs in a private room. We also have an additional room with two seats for a couple, friends, parent, and child, etc. to receive IVs at the same time. We also have a medical grade HEPA air filter that can remove over 99% of the virus that causes COVID-19.


Our clinic also uses high quality versions of vitamins in patient’s IVs, instead of cheaper synthetic forms of nutrients. For example, we use Hydroxycobalamin (a form of B12) because it is bioidentical to the B12 occurring naturally in the human body, and for its superior bioavailability & safety.


Increase your chances of having an enjoyable and successful trip by providing your body with nutrients that can support energy production and immune function. Before going on your next flight (or even after returning from your trip) make an appointment at Healing Roots and replenish your body with quality nutrients from an IV infusion formulated and supervised by a Naturopathic doctor!


References available upon request.



3. Welcome Linda

Linda is passionate about holistic health and caring for others! She has an extensive background working in the health field. Linda has worked in a wide range of medical practices from Family Practice, Osteopathy, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. Linda is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has helped others to vibrant health! She worked at Optimum Health Institute for 10 years as a Certified Colon Therapist. She loves teaching clients about health and detoxification. She has a strong belief in finding the root cause to heal. Linda lives in Encinitas and has 2 wonderful children, Brandon, and Melanie. Linda loves to be in nature, hiking, yoga, learning and being with family and friends. She believes taking care of the body, mind and spirit are all part of a positive life. Linda is very excited to be a part of our team, helping others to be their best!

4.Rejuvenate Your Body (Upcoming Event) at Seaside


Rejuvenate your body, the temple of your Soul.

Join Dr. Moira and Personal Trainer Wes for an informative seminar.

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living

Saturday, June 24th

11:00AM – 2:00 PM with organic food options



What is your consciousness of health? The body reflects how we live our life.

                 Discomfort is a sign to listen to what your body needs.


This seminar will focus on creating a vital life. This means that your body is nourished, strong, and resilient. You want to know that your body will get you where you want to go.

·     Food as medicine

·     Physical exercise as essential for mobility, balance, strength, and flexibility

·     Sleep to regenerate and work out the stresses of the day.

·     Breathing and Meditation

·     Hormones and life transitions

·     What supplements do I take?

·     An intro to how the environment affects your health.


Dr Moira is a seasoned naturopathic doctor and clinical psychologist. She is passionate about health, healing, and the evolution of consciousness. Dr. Moira is on the executive committee of the World Naturopathic Federation and chairs the Environmental Health Committee. We are a part of nature and intricately connected to all living species. As a part of the earth’s community, Dr. Moira is dedicated to restoring our relationship with Mother Earth.


If any aspect of vital living or optimal health speaks to you, I invite you to join us for an informative seminar with a break to include healthy, organic fruits and vegetables to sustain your brain and blood sugar.


COST: Donation at the door to Seaside Center for Spiritual Living


Seaside Center for Spiritual Living

1613 Lake Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024

RSVP to Linda at Healing Roots, Center for Transformation


5. Circle of Appreciation

I am filled with joy as I share these appreciations with you.


·      I am grateful to all my patients for entrusting me to be your partner in health. I am honored to support you and the many referrals you have sent to me.

·      The energy healers who have supported me on my own inner journey, Marcia Fields and Carmen Fields, Living with Energy.

·      Dr. Christian Sorensen, an amazing teacher, who inspires me to live my best life. He is the Spiritual Leader of Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, my spiritual home. https://seasidecenter.org/

·      Dr. Mark Kalina, MD, who is my current medical support. He has supported me and my patients for years. I so appreciate your availability. https://perlmanclinic.com/ourteam/mark-kalina/

·      Wes Updegraff, holistic personal trainer, and kinesiologist, who has supported me in becoming stronger than I have ever been. He works with many of my patients. https://www.180wellness.co/

·      Eva Patel, author of the book SoulRx, and formulator of SkinRx. I appreciate your insights and wisdom. She is an amazing soul sister. I personally use her SkinRx products. https://www.soulrx.com/

·      Dr. Natiya Guin, naturopathic doctor, amazing photographer, and videographer. Dr. Natiya does all of my videos. She is an artist in all the ways she lives her life. She is the formulator of vegan, ethically sourced skin care products for the whole family. I have used these products with children and sensitive people with great success. https://deep-living.com/

·      Dr Walter Cohen, osteopathic doctor, specializing in cranial sacral osteopathy, has contributed to the health of many of my patients, particularly with energy and musculoskeletal issues. https://www.findinghealth.info/

·      Anu Simh, National Board Certified Functional Health Coach, can help you to change your relationship with food and walk with you through your journey to health.


·      Deb Hubers and Chris Givant, owners of La Vita Compounding pharmacy, a premier PCAB Compounding pharmacy. They are my preferred compounding pharmacy. They support Naturopathic, Integrative and Functional Medicine doctors. Thank you! https://www.lavitarx.com/

·      EpigeneticsRx – the place to go for metabolic genetics, the foundation of health, www.epigenetics.com

·      The World Naturopathic Federation, an organization bringing together naturopaths and naturopathic doctors throughout the world to support health through natural medicine.

https://worldnaturopathicfederation.org/ and https://www.wnf-environmental.org/

·      American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the professional association supporting naturopathic physicians to bring patient centered, wholistic natural medicine to individuals and their families. Naturopathic medicine empowers you to take charge of your health.


6. Naturopathic skin consultations & healing procedures now available

With Dr. Natiya Guin ND, MEd

Contact our office or visit drnatiya.com to learn more about healing skin concerns by looking deeply into the body; treating the whole person, and discovering how the body's organ systems, detox pathways, sensitivities, and genetics give insight into the root cause and potential treatments of our largest organ's dis-ease.

Consider cutting edge, natural skin procedures including PRP and exosome facials offered as an alternative to more invasive skin rejuvenation treatments. Learn more about exosomes and see before and after photos as exocelbio.com

Combine an exosome facial with hbot therapy afterward (available here!) for optimal skin healing and collagen building results.

Reference: PMID 34784294 The effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on the pathophysiology of skin aging: a prospective clinical trial

IG @deeplivingdoctor

I will continue in my practice of women’s health, whole family health, complementary cancer care, identifying and healing conundrums, optimal health, and inner transformation, and now certified as a Functional Medicine Hyperbaric Practitioner. I am dedicated to supporting you in health, happiness and becoming all that you can be.

With love and many blessings,

Dr Moira

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“I want to live on a planet that can hold us. I believe we can all still help it, us, do so. If nothing else, why

not try? Why not hope, and then act as if? This is our one wild, lone home, what other choice do we have?

-R. O. Kwon

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