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Volume 13 January 2023

Happy New Year!

May 2023 bring you love, joy, peace and health

In Health and Wellbeing,

Dr. Moira, Dr. Angel, Leah, and Desi


New Year, 2023: New Beginnings

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1. Upcoming Events: Grand Opening

2. New Beginnings

3. Your Health Is Our Priority

4. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

5. Love Your Liver: Post Holiday Liver Cleanse

“Find your own gift, and then set about in life to nurture its maturation in every way you possibly can...the mature gift will take you directly to the corner of the world that needs it most.” Stephen Cope

1.Upcoming Event: Grand Opening!

Healing Roots, Center for Transformation

invites you to our grand opening.

Saturday, January 21 2:00pm – 4:30pm

317 N El Camino Real, Suite 206

Encinitas, CA 92024


Please join us for refreshments, see the office if you have not yet visited, and bring a friend. Dr. Moira will be raffling off a Comprehensive Assessment. This is a $650 value for 2 hours or $475 value for 90 minutes. Additional raffle items including 50ml Deep Living Healing Salve from Dr. Natiya Guin.

We look forward to seeing you. Please RSVP 760-704-8148

2.New Beginnings

It is a new year, and we all take time to contemplate what we wish to change or create this coming year. Consider moving from wish to embrace and commit to change. As you reflect upon what you wish to manifest in the realm of health, take a moment to appreciate your body which allows you to move about, experience the world from seeing the beauty of nature, to hearing the rain, to smelling a meal being cooked to the many tastes and flavors of your palate. Our bodies enable us to be in the world and express our gifts and talents. I think the body is an amazing vehicle and well worth your care.


The health of our body reflects what we eat, how we move, what we think, our intention, willingness to move forward, taking time to rest, consciously breathe or meditate and we must practice discipline. It could be said that taking care of our mind-body is a full-time job. As we age, I think we need to practice healthy habits more intentionally.


As we move forward from the holidays, the overindulgence in our sweet tooth perhaps, too much alcohol, let us think about the foods that not only fuel but also nourish the body. Let us begin with anti-inflammatory foods, a diversity of vegetables and fruit of a rainbow of colors. Eating organic foods protects you from pesticides. Fish is the preferred animal protein; however, many people choose meat and poultry. I recommend that you think of meat and poultry as a condiment as both are pro-inflammatory. Healthy fats are important for brain function. Some of the best healthy fats are olives, olive oil, avocados, flaxseeds, nuts and nut butter, seeds and seed butter, fish, and fish oil. Let us remember to eat fermented foods to feed the bacteria which our body hosts. I always remember that a healthy gut results in a healthy brain. You can eat prebiotic foods to feed the probiotics. The gut likes a diversity of vegetables.


Remember sugar and processed foods are not your friends! Sugar reduces the strength of your immune system. It is associated with type 2 diabetes, obesity, dementia, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and depression. Sugar is one of the most addictive substances on the planet.


Make sure one half of your plate is filled with vegetables. The rest includes complex carbohydrates (ex. Brown rice, Quinoa, yams, squash), protein and healthy fats. I recommend you plan your menu and create a shopping list based upon the menu.


A great way to get started on a change in your food program is to do a cleanse. I will be facilitating an on-line liver cleanse with two options, a 14-day cleanse or a 7-day cleanse, whichever you prefer. Being a part of a group focused on a goal provides additional support and motivation to “stay the course”.


Move your body. Find an activity that you enjoy or one that you are willing to commit to. I am an avid runner and I stretch daily, and weight train a couple of times a week. I can attest to the power of regular exercise. Find a friend to support you in moving, stretching, and engaging in some physical activity daily. Join a class if you need that support or enjoy being with others. Hire a trainer. Aging is not an excuse to avoid physical activity. The body is meant to move. Physical activity is great for stress relief and mood stability. While I am pushing exercise, start slow and gradually increase as you build strength and stamina.


Sleep allows us to heal, provides time for the body to rejuvenate and is essential for a strong immune system. It is not only how much sleep you get, but also the quality of your sleep. Do you feel rested in the morning? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Staying asleep? Does stress wake you up? I recommend a 15-minute meditation before bed. You can also create a sleep ritual to prepare you for sleep. This may include turning off all your devices an hour before bed, a warm Epson salt bath, reading an inspiring book, drinking Sleepy Time tea, an activity to help you relax.


To make changes in your health, it is essential that you embody the idea of health. Take time to notice how you think. What thought underlies reaching for sweets. What thoughts lead you down the procrastination path when it comes to exercise or consistency? What if you created a mental atmosphere of health, imagined yourself working out, eating nutritious meals? It is said that the two most powerful words are “I am”. What if you practiced thinking, “I am strong. I am resilient. I am nourishing my body.” Keep your mind focused on how you want to live your life. Visualize yourself working out. Let your first thought in the morning be of joy and delight that you get to move your body. You get to eat nourishing, organic, fresh foods. As you see your body getting stronger, more toned, say out loud in front of the mirror. I love my body. I love myself. Let your mind be your best friend. It is always with you. Practice thinking about what you want to hear.


Finally, who are you? What is your purpose? What gets you up every day? What are you passionate about? What brings you joy? What do you want to share? Do this on purpose! It will change your life. When you know who you are your choices are clear. You may want to journal as you contemplate these questions.


Embrace change! Do your best as you make the changes you desire in your life. That is enough!


“Whatever you can do or dream you can do, Begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” Goethe


3.Your Health Is Our Priority:

Clinic offerings and packages

My commitment to you is to offer whatever support I can so that you can create health. Look at what supports you personally in making choices and engaging in action to achieve your goals.

1)    The special on Immune Support IV’s is being extended through the end of January to support you in recovering from your holiday travels.

·      $165 for 250 ml

·      $200 for 500 ml

2)    Participation in a Liver Cleanse is my gift to you. I will be participating as well. The liver cleanse is a gentle way to release toxins and to support the liver in getting a rest after all the rich holiday foods. The liver cleanse will begin January 23rd and extend to February 5th. If you choose a 7-day cleanse that will end January 29th.

3)    Hyperbaric Oxygen helps people with memory issues, reduces inflammation, supports the immune system, reduces post chemo and post radiation fatigue, enhances recovery from head injuries, optimizes performance, enhances the release and support of stem cells and so much more!

·      Packages of 12 are $1500 (single price is $150/dive)

·      “The hyperbaric chamber is amazing. I hadn’t realized how my brain functions were slipping until friends could see the improvements.”

4)    Transformational Hypnotherapy is a series of journeys to support you in releasing the past, changing your story, living fully in your body, and committing to living your purpose or achieving your goals. A package of six 90-minute sessions is $2250.00.

5)    Struggling with Long Covid. Typical Symptoms may include any of the following: headaches, fatigue, hair loss, joint pain, trouble sleeping, cannot smell, lost my appetite.

·      We will create a personalized treatment plan for you.

6)    It is time for your annual physical and blood work. Take time to optimize your health. We use state of the art functional labs, conventional labs, and integrate the results taking into account your unique genetics and physiology.

7)    We strive to be on the leading edge of health. We begin with “Food as Medicine”, recommend foundational supplement support, botanicals, and nutrients to be used medicinally, hormones, mind-body healing and medications as needed.

8)   If you have been diagnosed with cancer, need support emotionally, nutritionally, are struggling with side effects of conventional treatment, or you need support following conventional care, Dr. Moira specializes in natural and integrative oncology.


Dr Moira

4.Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Day is January 16th


Healing Roots, Center for Transformation will be closed January 16th and we encourage each of you to support a service or event that focuses on human rights and racial equality. When I think about the legacy left by Martin Luther King Jr. I am moved by these words.


“…I am cognizant of the interrelatedness of all communities and states. I cannot sit idly by in Atlanta and not be concerned about what happens in Birmingham. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly. Never again can we afford to live with the narrow, provincial “outside agitator” idea. Anyone who lives inside the United States can never be considered an outsider anywhere in this country.” MLK

5.Liver Cleanse

I recommend a liver cleanse with every season. Generally, a cleanse lasts 7 days, the winter cleanse is 14 days as we want to give the liver a break after the close of the holiday season. If you are new to cleansing, you may want to start with 7 days. The liver has many functions as it metabolizes toxic pollutants to which we are exposed, medications, alcohol, food chemicals such as MSG, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and aspartame, high fat foods, hormones and hormones in our foods, heavy metals, radiation, etc. I prefer a cleanse that focuses on foods that are healthy for the liver and the elimination of foods that are toxic or challenging to the liver. I also recommend an amino acid or protein powder in a smoothie to support you while you cleanse. We want to replete nutrients and regenerate our primary system of metabolism and detoxification. A gentle cleanse reduces stress on you and protects your adrenals. 


I will be doing this cleanse with you and will check in on Facebook daily. I am happy to answer questions and help with challenges.


The most frequent question I hear is do I continue my supplements? Medications?

1)    Do continue all your medications

2)    Do continue immune supportive supplements at least vitamin D and zinc.

3)    Do continue supplements if you are taking them medicinally for sleep, mood, or high blood pressure

4)    If you are on a SIBO diet, stay on it.

5)    I recommend additional support for your liver, Liver Support II (Vital Nutrients) – Take one capsule twice a day. You can also take Milk Thistle, Silybum marianum, which is both hepatoprotective and restorative.

6)    You do not need to take multivitamins. All vitamins are included in the ClearVite powders.


During any sort of cleanse, it is important to have regular, daily bowel movements. If you start to get constipated, add in Triple Magnesium (Vital Nutrients) and increase fiber. If you want to add fiber to your shakes, consider FiberMend (Thorne) and start at half the dose, ½ scoop.


How about exercise? I recommend you continue exercising as it is important to move, stretch and sweat. However, don’t push yourself as your energy may not be as high since it is supporting you in cleansing. For example, I am a daily runner. I have three types of runs, short, intermediate, and long. I will continue the short run, plus daily stretching, and mobility exercises.


Do take hot baths or go to a sauna several times per week. Make sure you stay hydrated. If you can, drink half your weight in ounces. Signs of dehydration include feeling weak, nauseated, heart pounding, irritability or sometimes feeling uncomfortable. These symptoms will resolve with water and salt or electrolytes.


The schedule for the cleanse can be found on the Facebook page.


To request to join the private Liver Cleanse Facebook group, please scan the QR code below with your camera.



If you need assistance scanning the QR code or prefer to provide us with your email to secure an invite, please call our office at 760-704-8148 and speak with Desi or Leah.


I look forward to sharing this experience with you.


Facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1997986163740449/

As we usher in 2023, I will continue in my practice of women’s health, whole family health, complementary cancer care, identifying and healing conundrums, optimal health, and inner transformation, and now certified as a Functional Medicine Hyperbaric Practitioner. I am dedicated to supporting you in health, happiness and becoming all that you can be.

With love and many blessings,

Dr Moira

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“If you bring forth what is within you, it will save not just you. It will save the whole world.”

 Bhagavad Gita

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