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Volume 16 June 2023

-Spring Into Summer-

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  1. Seaside speaking and complimentary organic lunch event with Dr. Moira and Wes Updegraff
  2. Hormones- Transition to Vitality
  3. In Celebration of Freedom: Juneteenth
  4. Happy Summer Solstice
  5. Welcome Monica
  6. Dr. Natiya's Podcast: Deeper Than Skin
  7. Cognitive Impairment: Lifestyle and Environmental Factors

“If not now, when?” There is only one now.

The past is a memory, and the future is a dream…

Only the now is real – make each second of your life count.

-Rabbi David Aaron

1. Seaside Speaking Engagement

with Dr. Fitzpatrick and her trainer, Wes!

-Huge Raffle and complimentary organic food-


Seaside Center for Spiritual Living

 Saturday June 24, 2023, 11am-2pm

With organic food options


If you are invested in vital living and optimal health,

I invite you to join us for an informative seminar and Experience!


Where: Seaside Center for Spiritual Living 1613 Lake Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024

COST: Donation at door to Seaside Center for Spiritual Living

RSVP to Linda: lbirse@finmhealth.com


View my video for mother earth: For Mother Earth, from Dr. Moira

2. Hormones- Transition to Vitality

Moira Fitzpatrick, Phd ND



May and June are the times of the year when I think about honoring women and men. We are different biologically as our hormones determine our physical characteristics and expression. Spiritually there may be a divine masculine and a divine feminine that we all embrace individually, as we incorporate masculine and feminine qualities into our lives. I suggest that Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are not gender specific. Some characteristics that are described as masculine include being action oriented, logical, strong, aggressive, externally focused, involved in doing. Some feminine characteristics include sensitivity, compassion, receptiveness, being, peaceful, nurturing. Each of us expresses both energies in our own unique individual way. We are the same as each of us open to love, be it friendship, a brother or sister, a romantic expression, a destiny that shakes our foundation and opens each of us to who we are.


Women are cyclical beings in sync with the moon, the seasons, the ebb, and flow of the tides. It is our hormones that connect us to our cyclical nature. Attunement to the menstrual cycle is the source of our power as it connects us to ourselves.


Men have cycles as well. Testosterone levels are often higher in the morning. The seasons can affect hormones, although most men are not attuned to these subtle changes in their hormones.


The time in life where both women and men experience a more abrupt change in hormones is the peri-post menopause journey for women and andropause for men. Perimenopause typically begins for a woman in her mid-40’s and ends in her early 50’s. Andropause typically affects men in their late 40’s and early 50’s.


Perimenopause begins with variation in the menstrual cycle of greater than 7 days. It is a time of fluctuating hormone levels that can be felt like “perpetual PMS”. It can also be a time of emotional turmoil as your children are leaving home. It is a time when women need to mother themselves and become a priority. When women enter this time of life stressed, the journey through menopause can be more tumultuous. This transition is also an opportunity to evaluate your health and consciously choose how you want to create this next chapter of your life.


Early perimenopause is a time when progesterone is gradually declining which affects the estrogen-progesterone balance. Signs include irregular periods and often excessive vaginal bleeding, bloating, mood swings, and weight gain.


Later perimenopause is marked by a decrease in estrogen. Women often experience night sweats and hot flashes accompanied by increased heart rate, tingling, and feeling chilled. A woman may grow fibroids, experience urinary tract infections, dry skin, bone loss, insomnia, and loss of sexual desire.


There is individualized support for women going through the perimenopausal journey. Adaptogenic herbs such as Lepidium Peruvianum (FemenessencePro-Peri) and herbs to support the second half of your cycle such as Vitex (Chaste Tree) can be beneficial when prescribed by a health care practitioner. You can support yourself through a food program based upon whole foods, regular physical activity, sleep, rest, and setting boundaries to protect your self-care.


Individualized support for later perimenopause is available through herbs for hot flashes, such as Sibiric Rhubarb, or you may consider the option of bio-identical hormones. When a woman wants to take Bio-Identical hormones, I recommend a comprehensive assessment including physical exam, labs, lifestyle, review of risks and benefits and each woman’s goals and preferences.


The North American Menopause Society in their most recent statement, 2022, indicate that hormone therapy is the most effective treatment for vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes), prevention of bone loss and genitourinary syndrome of menopause. Treatment should be individualized to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks, with reevaluation during therapy. The benefit-risk ratio is favorable for women younger than 60 or who are within 10 years of menopause.


Genitourinary Syndrome of menopause is the most prevalent and preventable problem for post menopause women. Signs include vaginal dryness, burning, irritation, dyspareunia, urinary symptoms of urgency, burning, and recurrent urinary tract infections. Treatment includes botanicals (intravaginal Pueraria mirifica gel), intravaginal estrogen or DHEA.


Andropause is that time in a man’s life when his testosterone levels gradually decline. Reduced testosterone is related to increased adiposity, reduced muscle and strength, decreased bone mineral density, erectile dysfunction, depression, fatigue, and poor concentration. Testosterone replacement therapy has a good safety profile in men with lower levels of testosterone. It has beneficial effects on bone density, muscle and strength, plus increasing libido, and energy. There are multiple studies indicating that men with cardiovascular disease demonstrate significantly lower testosterone levels and higher estradiol levels, suggesting an imbalance in testosterone/estrogen. As is the case with women in menopause, testosterone replacement therapy needs to be individualized for each man, considering his risks and benefits, physical exam, labs, and evaluation of his lifestyle.


There are herbs that will support men’s hormone health as they age including Maca root and Chrysin. A popular herb today is Eurycoma longifolia Jack, known as Tongkat Ali, is native to Southeast Asia. It is known traditionally as an aphrodisiac. One mechanism of action is it reduces leptin levels, with a concurrent increase in testosterone. However, there are no human clinical trials as to its effectiveness. It is also noteworthy that this plant is endangered.


Men can improve their health through lifestyle including an anti-inflammatory food program, regular daily exercise with resistance training, and quality sleep.


As we age, we become wiser, have a deeper knowledge of who we are and can if we choose, to create a life that supports our health on a mind, body, and spiritual plane. This begins with reflection and deciding how we wish to age, creating a lifestyle that supports this intention, seeking the support to actualize this lifestyle and creating a purpose that brings meaning into this chapter of our lives.




3.In Celebration of Freedom

Let us take time to acknowledge Juneteenth, a day to celebrate the official end of slavery in the United States, which occurred June 19, 1865. Freedom, liberty, and equality are values and principles of the very foundation of this country. As we remember and value each human being, we create space for the soul of this country to heal, to allow for a deep inner rebalancing and awakening to the light. When we acknowledge the truth, it sets us free. May we always remember to be aware to protect everyone’s right to be free.

4. Happy Summer Solstice: June 21, 2023


Today, greet the sun as you watch it rise. Start the day with Sun Salutation. Take time to be in nature amongst the trees, walk along the beach, perhaps jump into the waves, and feel the refreshing water. Savor the light, the warmth of the day. Allow the light within to shine. The Summer Solstice is a time to dance, sing, engage in ceremony, express your creativity. Watch the sunset as the sun disappears over the horizon. Gather with friends around a bonfire and give thanks for the light, your community, and this beautiful earth! 


5.Welcome Monica


Monica is passionate about helping and caring for others! She is excited to be a part of our team and learn more about healing naturally. She has an extensive background in the health field of over 16 years. Monica studied nursing in Mexico and was an RN for 3 years in Mexico. She moved back to the States and began working in caregiving with Alzheimer’s patients. She left to go into hospital phlebotomy in 2015, and later worked as an Emergency Department Technician. Monica values family and she took time off to care for her grandma and Aunt, who were both battling cancers. She was with them until their passing. She is thrilled to be learning about the depth and effectiveness of Naturopathic Medicine. Monica loves hiking, painting, being with friends and family and new adventures! 

6. Dr. Natiya's Podcast Interview:

Deeper Than Skin

Listen on Apple Podcasts:

Deeper Than Skin with Dr. Natiya Guin

This episode is for you if you want to understand how skin ailments like eczema or acne can be signs of deeper imbalances in the body.

In this episode, Dr. Natiya Guin, a licensed naturopathic doctor and safe skin leader, discussed how true health and vitality start deep within. She is the founder of Deep Living Skincare a vegan, organic, ethically sourced line that is founded on the belief that skincare should not only be healing but it should also be safe and supportive for the body and the earth.

-Sara Englis: Nip It in The Gut

Contact our office or visit drnatiya.com to learn more about healing skin concerns by looking deeply into the body; treating the whole person, and discovering how the body's organ systems, detox pathways, sensitivities, and genetics give insight into the root cause and potential treatments of our largest organ's dis-ease.

Consider cutting edge, natural skin procedures including PRP and exosome facials offered as an alternative to more invasive skin rejuvenation treatments. Learn more about exosomes and see before and after photos as exocelbio.com

Combine an exosome facial with hbot therapy afterward (available here!) for optimal skin healing and collagen building results.

Reference: PMID 34784294 The effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on the pathophysiology of skin aging: a prospective clinical trial

IG @deeplivingdoctor

7. Cognitive Impairment: Lifestyle and

Environmental Factors

There is growing evidence that lifestyle, the gut microbiota, and the environment are contributors to neurodegeneration. When a patient presents with any form of chronic disease, the function of the digestive system and the status of their nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids are assessed. When memory is an issue, the Alzheimer's LINX test (Cyrex Labs) is recommended. This test assesses immune reactivity to pathogens, chemicals and food antigens that cross react with Amyloid Beta. This test was developed by Dr. Aristo Vojdani, an immunologist, often recognized as the father of Functional Immunology.


Other factors contributing to cognitive impairment include traumatic brain injury, chronic stress, and sleep deprivation.


Alzheimer's Disease is primarily characterized by the accumulation of amyloid-B-peptide, which forms plaques in the neocortex. Amyloid-beta is said to act like an antibiotic for the brain to clear inflammation. When inflammation becomes chronic, the amyloid beta peptides become sticky, form clumps, attach to neurons, where they continue to grow and ultimately destroy neurons. It is the job of tau proteins to clear away the debris. When there is inadequate clearance by Tau proteins, there is an accumulation of amyloid beta. (Vojdani, Aristo, 2019)


The earlier risk factors can be identified for cognitive impairment, the more effective the prevention strategy. I hear individuals identifying memory issues post menopause and in their early 60’s. The strategy is to heal the gut barrier and balance the microbiome, eliminate foods that are cross reactive with amyloid beta, and eliminate chemicals. Neuroinflammation is treated, and nutrients provided for growth factors. Lifestyle is addressed with an anti-inflammatory diet, quality sleep and physical activity. Stress is addressed through breathing, meditation and hearing the individual’s story. It is through the story that the practitioner hears the beliefs that guide the individual’s decisions and actions. A belief is cognitive, biological as it has its own neural pathway and it is hormonal as emotions hold it in place.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is recommended beginning with 30 dives or sessions. Clinically individuals respond well to HBOT therapy and report improvement in memory and cognitive function.


To further enhance cognitive function NAD IV therapy is recommended. NAD or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is a cofactor that assists the mitochondria in energy production. The brain is the most energy intensive organ of the body. We know that NAD diminishes with age. NAD is essential for brain cells to operate optimally. NAD IV therapy is currently being utilized for fatigue, post Covid fatigue, withdrawal from addictive substances, cognitive improvement, and Parkinson’s disease.


While there is no definitive cause of Alzheimer’s Disease or neurodegenerative conditions, we can create a personalized strategy to support each individual in living a vital and meaningful life.


Healing Roots Center for Transformation offers this Treatment Strategy.

I will continue in my practice of women’s health, whole family health, complementary cancer care, identifying and healing conundrums, optimal health, and inner transformation, and now certified as a Functional Medicine Hyperbaric Practitioner. I am dedicated to supporting you in health, happiness and becoming all that you can be.

With love and many blessings,

Dr Moira

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not try? Why not hope, and then act as if? This is our one wild, lone home, what other choice do we have?

-R. O. Kwon

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