Dr. Neimeyer answers a question from  a Hospice Bereavement Coordinator asks about reaching out to families after a death in hospice.

"...When asked about how they are doing since the death, the majority of people state that they are doing well, they were expecting it, it was a relief, they had time to prepare, etc. Almost half refuse the offer of additional reading material and calls, and support group resources.

Granted, I am a stranger (to them), calling out of the blue and interrupting their day to ask them a rather personal question about something that people are usually reluctant to talk about in the best of circumstances!

I am left wondering if there is a better way of initiating the conversation and getting to some depth?  Is it even ethical to do so--open someone up to potential pain against their desire/or seeking it out?  I would be most interested in any insight or thoughts you might have on this."
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