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April 2014 

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Last Call for Participant in Our Next Acupuncture Study for Retinitits Pigmentosa
Dr. Rosenfarb Teaching TCM Ophthalmology in Australia Next Month
Meet Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, ND, L.Ac.
Welcome to the AcuVision Newsletter!
This is our latest issue and I am very excited to bring you an entirely new approach in the field of holistic eye health.


Day-in and day-out I work with patients from all around the world dealing with all kinds of chronic eye issues - it is my life's work and my passion!  My success rate is quite high because I carefully select only those patients that I believe will respond best to our treatment.

Approximately 85% of accepted patients see a measurable improvement, and the others are "non-responders."  I always want to do more for my patients, which is why I tend to be a bit obsessive about researching new methods in order to help more people see better, faster.
Last Call for Participants for our Second Acupuncture Study on Retinitis Pigmentosa Spring 2014


If you have been diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa we invite you to consider participating as a volunteer in a research study: "Modulating Ocular/Retinal Blood Flow and Visual Function in Retinitis Pigmentosa."  It is being conducted by investigators at the Nova Southeastern University, College of Optometry in Fort Lauderdale, FL and is expected to start this April.

The purpose of this research study is to evaluate whether we are able to measure any improvements in vision or blood flow among people with retinitis pigmentosa (RP) who receive a series of acupuncture treatments specifically tailored for RP or after trans-corneal electrical stimulation (TES).  TES is a technique that involves a weak electrical current applied via a very thin thread electrode resting on the front surface of the eye. Previous publications have reported research findings from studies of TES for people with vision loss due to RP, optic neuropathy or other retinal diseases, and claim some success with improvements in vision for some patients treated with TES.

If you decide to join the research study, you will be randomly assigned (like flipping a coin) to either receive acupuncture or TES or a fake (sham or control) intervention, but if your vision does not improve, you will be will be randomly assigned to the other (real) intervention group.  Acupuncture will be administered by a licensed Acupuncturist in South Florida who was trained by Dr. Andy Rosenfarb. TES will be administered by a licensed optometrist who is on the faculty at the College of Optometry at Nova Southeastern University. We are hoping to better understand the potential benefits derived from acupuncture and TES, in order to make recommendations to people with RP who may be interested in trying it.

Prior to the acupuncture or TES, you will take several tests to find out if you are eligible. These include standard vision tests and questions about your vision loss and general health.  Your eyes will need to be dilated for one of the vision tests.  The visit will last about 4-5 hours. You will repeat the same vision tests at another visit before the acupuncture or TES, as well as at 2-4 additional visits after you start the acupuncture or TES. All study visits for vision testing and TES will take place at the College of Optometry at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale over about a 4-6 month period. For the TES, you will be asked to attend weekly sessions lasting 35-40 minutes each during a period of six weeks for a total of six sessions (one per week).  For the acupuncture, you will be asked to go to a private center in Dania Beach or North Miami Beach every day for 15-40 minutes during a period of two weeks for a total of ten sessions (5 per week).

To qualify for participation in the present study, one must be over age 18, have a visual acuity of 20/400 or better, and some side vision loss, in at least one eye.  Your vision will be evaluated at the first session to determine that your current level of vision falls into the range we wish to evaluate during this study.  The research team will also request eye exam records from your doctor to be abreast of your current diagnosis and visual status.

You do not have to join this research study. You do not have to receive acupuncture or TES.  If you do not join, your future care at the Nova Southeastern University or The Eye Care Institute will not be affected. We very much appreciate your willingness to consider participation in this research study.

If interested, please contact the lead investigator, Dr. Ava Bittner, by email at:

phone: 954-262-1470
Dr. Rosenfarb's New Book
Dr. Rosenfarb Teaching in 
Australia: May 2014




Dr. Rosenfarb has been invited to share his expertise in Chinese Medical Ophthalmology to acupuncturists in Australia.  He will be teaching a 2-day class on the Gold Coast in Queensland on May 10-11, 2014. 


If you are an acupuncturist or know of one who mate be interested in learning more about Chinese Medical Ophthalmology, please pass this information on to them. Dr. Rosenfarb will be sharing clinical strategies on treating:

  • Macular Degeneration
  • Retinits Pigmentosa
  • Stargadt's
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic Retonpathy
  • Cataracts 


We are also working on TCM Ophthalmology classes for later this year in the US, Switzerland and Brazil. 



Meet Dr. Rosenfarb
dr. andy
Dr. Andy Rosenfarb is a world-renown leader in the field of Chinese Medical Ophthalmology.  For over 16 years he has been committed to helping patients recover and preserve vision using safe, natural and highly effective therapies. 
Dr. Rosenfarb combines the time-tested 4,000 year-old, Chinese Medicine with cutting-edge Naturopathic Medicine.
E-mail Dr. Rosenfarb TODAY to find out if you qualify for this treatment.
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