Both diagnosed and non-diagnosed patients may be referred. 

We are Omaha's first and only one-stop shop for sleep. We know how complicated treating sleep disorders can be for both providers and patients and it is our goal to streamline the entire process for everyone involved. With that in mind, we are able to offer or guide: 1) Home Sleep Testing 2) CPAPs, and 3) Oral Appliances. Along with our dedicated dental sleep team, we work with Sleep Physicians for direction on patient care.

We want you to know that if you have a patient that you suspect has sleep apnea or has struggled with prescribed treatment, we will take great care of them.
Patients can be referred directly through our website, or you can fax a referral to us at 1-877-811-8129.

If you'd like any paper screening tools, business cards from our office, or would like to coordinate a time to speak with one of our providers, please connect with Brea at [email protected] or 402-996-0387.