Dr. Shrink's Installation Accessories
Dr. Shrink has all of the installation accessories you need to make your shrink wrap job easier, faster, and cleaner. Our most popular boat/marine accessories are listed below.
Venting is one of the most important parts of wrapping a boat. A properly ventilated cover will allow cross-flow ventilation throughout the cover minimizing chances of excess moisture and mildew. Our Weather-Tight Self-Adhesive Vents are easy to install using the one-piece pull tab that exposes over 15 square inches of adhesive. They are water resistant and can be installed either vertically or horizontally. Don't forget to check out our Weather-Tight Filter Vent - it uses a filter pad inside the vent top to keep dust, bugs, dirt and other debris out of shrink wrapped products.
Our Heat Shrink Tape is a 9-mil polyethylene tape that is designed to install doors and seal pleats, seams and holes. It also has a powerful backing that adheres nicely to shrink wrap. It's available in blue, white or clear and in a variety of sizes.
End and Bottom Caps
The End Caps and Bottom Caps are designed to fit on the top and bottom of 2x4 boards commonly used as support poles under shrink wrap covers. They have slits every 90° for the woven cord strapping to slide into and when the cover is shrunk, the section flex downward forming a protective pad on the top to eliminate pole poke-through. Bottom Caps have non-skid discs attached for added stability.
Dr. Shrink is improving on it's End Caps with this heavy-duty Rhino Cap . Designed for optimum pierce protection it features more surface area, greater strength, and strapping grooves to make your strapping structure easier to create and more durable than ever. It's designed to keep support poles from poking through shrink wrap on storage covers.
The Professional Film Cutting Knife is used to safely and smoothly cut shrink wrap during installation. No danger of scratching or cutting with it's hooked end.
The Ring Cutter is a convenient strap cutting tool that allows you to keep a blade available throughout the shrink wrap process and cuts our woven cord strapping with ease.
Don't forget when you order - do you have enough: tape, vents, strapping, buckles or zipper access doors? These are our most common reorder items and can be easily added to any order.

If at any time you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 800.968.5147 or email us. We're here to help.
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