Dr. Ted’s Tech Tips for Your Fitness Business

By Ted Vickey, Ph.D
Research in the adoption of technology would suggest that you are reading this article on your smartphone (probably more than 50% of you are). What continues to amaze me as a technologist in the fitness industry is the sheer power of your smartphone. It is millions of times more powerful than the computer that NASA used to put a man on the moon in 1969. That NASA computer might not fit into your typical yoga studio, but our super powerful smartphones can fit into the pockets of our Lululemon pants.
That got me thinking - we carry a massive amount of computing technology with us 24/7/365, so why don’t we harness that technology to help run our personal training businesses and to help our clients live a more healthy lifestyle?
I’m going to share with you five pieces of technology available on your smartphone that can do just that - help you run and manage your fitness business. Give some a try and let me know how they work. I’ve tried them all and they get the Dr. Ted stamp of approval.
My Fitness Business Summit
July 12-14

John Cleary Shares His Wellness Experience

John Cleary is a client of SFIC and has been kind enough to share his story! Over the course of his 30+-year career, John has worked with thousands of individuals ranging from young children to the elderly (ages 5-87). Combining his own innovative fitness concepts, which incorporate cardiovascular, flexibility, and muscular strength and endurance training, with his passion for helping people improve their overall health and wellness, John has developed a highly motivated, energetic, caring, and sensitive style that has delivered exceptional results to a wide array of clientele, including Congressional Medal of Honor and Bronze Star Medal winners, police officers and firefighters, physicians, judges, athletes, martial artists, fitness professionals, nutritionists, high-level executives and entrepreneurs, and entertainers.

Recently John was highlighted in the Scarsdale Enquirer for his work with a 98 year old real estate entrepreneur who he is helping to live her life to the fullest.
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