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Dr. Wagner's Daily Accounts of Patient's Symptoms & Treatments
June 2020
PART 1 Of 3

Article by 
Edward D. Wagner DC
 Dr. Wagner's Daily Accounts of 
Patient's  Symptoms & Treatments

     I wanted to share what goes on in the Wagner Holistic Clinic. This will give you and friends an insight to the healing possibilities available. These are just a few cases which presented themselves and I was able to access the area of trauma and treated the release points to:
  • Patient unable to exercise, all since the big fires. She failed all muscles related to the heart meridian. Remedies for the heart resulted in immediate strengthening of the muscles.
  • Patient with difficulty sleeping, difficulty in finding the position to sleep, intolerant of night time creating fatigue, equilibrium issues, digestive issues, bloating. Systemic testing located the main source to be the left ear. Patient remembered an old ear problem. Remedies were given that matched her condition.  
  • Severe rib pain from the right side of the back around to the lower ribs in the front. Traced the cause to be a congestive gallbladder and biliary system. Prescribed Bilemin, an herb product for the gallbladder. The first dosage cleared the pain.
  • A lady with left neck pain and stiffness. Adjustments helped but the symptoms would come back. I traced the cause to the left gallbladder meridian and then to old rancid fish Omega 3. Treatment included a homeopathic remedy for fish and laser treatment. The weak muscle immediately responded.
  • A gentleman with gout of the ankle. Traced it to eating bacon. Gave him an herbal anti-gout supplement.  He also was completely misaligned. Traced this to lifting baggage out of the carousel at the airport. Using advanced kinesiology, I was able to find the exact adjustments necessary to restore his alignment.
  • A women with extreme weakness, vertigo like symptoms, panic type syndrome. I traced the cause to be a past PTSD held in the pelvis. I released the PTSD by finding the phase of breath it was locked into and the exact angle of adjustment.
  •  A young high school basketball player who got hit in the head with an elbow. I treated him for concussion and all failed functional tests corrected. 

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