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Dr. Wagner's Ordeal
September 2020

Article by 
Edward D. Wagner DC
 Dr. Wagner's Ordeal

Many of you know what happened to me nearly one month ago. Many got the story convoluted. Others have no idea. This is the real story.
One of my passions is the connection with horses, striving to become one with the horse. This I have accomplished as I ride three to four times per week in the rugged mountains of Malibu. Not just walking but blazing trails, up and down steep hills and running through the most treacherous mountain areas. My horse and I are one as we cover miles and miles, seeking adventure on areas no one would even think of riding a horse. 
I was able to accomplish this through my friend Colin Dangaard, a true example of the ultimate horse man from the outback and mountains of Australia. Read about him here.
Even better, nothing could be more satisfying than having one's love be with you on such unique and treasured moments. Colin and I asked Christina to join us and we taught her a form of riding so unique that few would even venture there. In eight months she became so fearless in her quest for adventure that she was admitted into the Colin Dangaard's Mountain Riders Club.
That brings me up to what happened on the night of August 4th. After a long ride and returning at the last light of the day, washing the horses and then walking them to the coral, the circumstances changed. The gate malfunctioned, the halter broke, my horse stepped on my foot and I was pushed to the ground so hard that the femer neck of my hip was severed from the rest of the bone.
Of course paramedics came, hospitalization and surgery was required. In fact a complete hip replacement.
Since then I have done what I always do, divise treatments to recover more rapidly and completely. I continued my workout training even in pain. I proved one could increase lean muscle mass after an injury and surgery rather than atrophy and become lazy. And all through this ordeal Christina has been with me and helping me with everything. 
Now that you know the story, I have returned to work this week. Let's get back to balancing, healing and getting you to a better and longer life by making an appointment for a treatment that will improve your performance and awaken your potential.


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