Dr. Wallace makes history with first use of NanoScopeā„¢

You already KNOW our surgeon-partners are the best in the business. And we have told you about the inventions and innovations this talented group of physicians have produced. We are excited to continue the tradition of achievement with a first-in-the-country use of the Arthrex NanoScope in shoulder surgery. Make sure you didn't miss the "r" in that word - not first-in-the-county but first nationwide! Dr. Brian Wallace performed an AC joint reconstruction and surgery on a rotator cuff here at Seaside.  The acromioclavicular joint, or AC joint, is a joint at the top of the shoulder. It is the junction between the acromion (part of the scapula that forms the highest point of the shoulder) and the clavicle.  Read up on  the particulars of this exciting new tool .

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