Dr. Zohar Raviv, Class of 2000, Receives 
2015 Bernard Reisman Professional Excellence Award


Dear Friends,

The Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program at Brandeis University is pleased to announce that Dr. Zohar Raviv is the recipient of this year's Bernard Reisman Professional Excellence Award.

Established by the Hornstein alumni association and friends and colleagues of Bernard Reisman, this award is presented each year at the Hornstein Commencement to a professional who "has demonstrated innovative work and significant leadership ... as well as a commitment to the standards of excellence, Jewish commitment and sensitivity to others as reflected by Bernard Reisman in his work."

Dr. Raviv, a Hornstein alumnus from 2000, is International Vice President of Education for Taglit-Birthright Israel, directing the largest Jewish educational program in the world. He is a master teacher, and his deep knowledge of Jewish history, culture and the modern state of Israel, along with his pedagogical acumen, make him one of the most influential Jewish educators in the world.

Dr. Raviv will be presenting the keynote address at the Hornstein Class of 2015 commencement.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Raviv for his service to the Jewish community.


    Dr. ZOHAR RAVIV is International Vice President of Education for Taglit-Birthright Israel and an internationally recognized educator. His professional experience spans Israel, North America, South America, Europe, South Africa and Australia.


Dr. Raviv has held faculty positions at the Melitz Institute for Jewish and Zionist Experiential Education, Brandeis University Institute for Informal Jewish Education, the Hebrew University Florence Melton Israel Seminars, Oberlin College, and Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies in Chicago. He was a Visiting Scholar in Residence at Monash University (Melbourne) and the Shalom Institute at the University of New South Wales (Sydney) and held educational emissary positions to institutions in North America and South Africa.


Dr. Raviv, who is a member of the Speakers Bureau of the Israeli Consulate to the Midwest, lectures extensively throughout the world on issues concerning Jewish thought and contemporary experience.


He holds a B.A. in Land of Israel Studies from Bar-Ilan University, a Joint M.A. in Jewish Communal Service and Near Eastern and Judaic Studies from Hornstein and the Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies at Brandeis University (Class of 2000), and a Ph.D. in Jewish Thought from the University of Michigan.


Sincerely yours,


Jonathan D. Sarna, Chair

Joseph H. & Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History


Ellen Smith, Director

Associate Professor