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February 2013


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The goal of my holistic pediatric practice, and of this newsletter, is to inform and support parents to become more empowered as the primary health care providers for their children. Extending far beyond Western medicine's conventional treatments, holistic medicine and mindful parenting allow us to boost children's natural immunity, support their optimum health and wellness, safely heal any illnesses, and prevent disease-without dangerous side effects.  Holistic medicine provides us with the tools to nurture the physical, emotional, social and spiritual health of your children.


Over the coming months and years, I intend to use this newsletter to address some of your concerns as parents, share information that you might want to add to your knowledge base, and inform you of important issues and current events that are happening in the news, and in your area.


Together we can heal the whole child. Naturally.


Yours in Health,


Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD

Leah and Larry  

Medical Doctor Susan Humphries speaks on Polio at the Association of Natural Health Conference.


Measles are Marvelous, PhD Immunologist Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych Explains Why

Prenatal Inflammation Linked to Autism Risk

PregnancyDr Palevsky's Comments: Inflammation can come from many different sources - food choices, medication and vaccine choices
( ), recreational drug choices, obesity,chronic medical conditions, air exposures, exposure to off-gassing from paints, flooring, furniture, clothes, household materials, and others, heavy metals, emotional states, and genetic inheritance, just to name a few. 


Transgenerational Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Environmental Obesogens in Rodents



Dr Palevsky's Comments:  

"Two recently published animal studies take obesogen research one step further: both found that the obesity-related effects of prenatal exposure to environmental chemicals were passed down to the third generation descendants of the exposed animals." Shouldn't we see the same type of research being done on vaccines? Shouldn't we know if the genetic effects of prenatal exposure to environmental chemicals in vaccines are passed down to third generation descendants of the exposed animals causing persistence of adverse symptoms in subsequent generations? In the animal studies, second and third generation descendants are not exposed to the original environmental chemical, yet symptoms persist across several generations due to the original exposure. In humans, however, second & third generations are exposed to environmental chemicals in vaccines. If there is growing scientific literature demonstrating the trans-generational clinical health effects of exposure to environmental chemicals on non-exposed subsequent generations, wouldn't it stand to reason that exposure to vaccine material could impact the health of subsequent generations in the same adverse way, especially since the exposure to the environmental chemicals in vaccines persists across all subsequent generations?  

Nearly half of U.S. children late receiving vaccines

"Nearly half of babies and toddlers in the United States aren't getting recommended vaccines on time, according to a study - and if enough skip vaccines, whole schools or Injection communities could be vulnerable to diseases such as whooping cough and measles."

Dr. Palevsky's Comments: Really? How is that possible? Vaccines don't make bacteria like Bordetella pertussis, or viruses like measles, somehow disappear from existence in the community. Micro-organisms don't disappear from the air, and from the human body, once people get vaccinated. Vaccines may cause bacteria and viruses to mutate into more virulent organisms, or effect such a change in the family of micro-organisms that there is an evolution of other virulent bacteria and viruses that cause disease where they were never invasive organisms before, but in no way do micro-organisms that cause disease somehow evaporate into thin air once we vaccinate against them.  
"It's possible that some of these diseases that we worked so hard to eliminate (could) come back." 

Dr. Palevsky's Comments: Again, vaccines don't eliminate diseases. Vaccines 'may' deactivate' or neutralize the life-cycle of the bacteria and viruses against which we vaccinate, thus changing the way these organisms are expressed amongst the family of the other trillions of micro-organisms with which they live, but they do not make the bacteria and viruses go away. We tend not to even consider the environmental and other epigenetic factors that effect the life-cycle of bacteria and viruses that influence the ways in which they replicate or remain dormant. We only believe vaccines effect the presence, expression and infectivity of these bacteria and viruses. 

"Undervaccinated kids also tended to have fewer doctor's appointments and emergency room visits than those who got their shots on time, according to findings published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics. That could be because their parents often turn to alternative or complementary medicine when it's an option...."

Dr. Palevsky's Comments: Undervaccinated kids tend to be healthier overall, and tend to not develop as many acute and chronic illnesses, as vaccinated children. Therefore, their parents have less reason to go to the medical doctor or emergency room. Parents of undervaccinated children also have fewer reasons to go to the pediatrician for an office visit, especially if they're not getting vaccinated. Parents often find that their pediatrician can only take 5-8 minutes for the visit. The pediatrician is often rushed to be able to finish seeing 30-40 patients in a day. By the time they are in the exam room, they need to leave. And, parents of undervaccinated children often find that the pediatrician, whose central method of primary care is through the use of vaccines, does not have the type of knowledge base that many of these parents are looking for in order to optimally care for their unvaccinated children. Many pediatricians may also not respect the fact that many parents of undervaccinated children have different beliefs about medicine and the care of their children when they do get illnesses. So, this may be one of the biggest reason parents of undervaccinated children seek alternative care from other more enlightened physicians, or other practitioners.

"We don't have any evidence that there are safety concerns with the current recommended schedule, and right now the best way to protect your child from infection is to get your child vaccinated on time...."

Dr. Palevsky's Comments: We have plenty of evidence that there are safety concerns. No doubt. And, as many parents are learning, there are plenty of sound, safe, and obvious ways to keep children from getting an infection that are unrelated to vaccines. As long as pediatricians, and other physicians, maintain the position that western medicine is the one and only way of practicing medicine and looking at life, we will continue to hear statements like this. And, we will continue to experience persistent strong-arming by the authorities who maintain these positions, to accept their way of living and practicing medicine. 



Dr Palevsky's Comments:  
"The omission of thimerosal-containing vaccines from the ban disappointed advocates who believe the preservative plays a role in sickening some children........" Fifteen years of research 'has failed to yield any evidence of significant harm' including disorders such as autism-from using thimerosal in vaccines, Dr. Walter A. Orenstein, associate director of the Emory Vaccine Center at Emory University in Georgia, wrote Dec 17 in the AAP journal Pediatrics."

And, the lies continue. I believe Dr. Orenstein was present at the June 2000 Simpsonwood Conference in Norcross, Georgia, where Dr. Thomas Verstraetten reported on data from the Vaccine Safety Datalink showing a statistically significant increase in the appearance of neuro-development disabilities in children who received thimerosal-containing vaccines in the 1990's vs. children who failed to receive thimerosal containing vaccines. The experts who were present at the conference all agreed that these data needed to be kept secret from the public. ( After the Simpsonwood Conference had ended, Dr. Verstraetten was hired by Merck, and later published the data from the Vaccine Safety Datalink showing there were no significant increases in neuro-developmental disabilities in children who received thimerosal containing vaccines. ( Yes, the lies continue.


Flu? What Flu? Chiropractors Buck the Trend by Warning Against Flu Shots
No Flu Shot
Dr Palevsky's Comments: As a medical doctor, I wouldn't have a problem if chiropractors did, in fact, recommend against getting the flu shot. If only my medical doctor colleagues would do the same after critically considering that the flu shot makes no sense; that influenza viruses are not the major viruses that cause flu-like illnesses in the winter; that we are more than likely already exposed to the viruses in the flu vaccine by the time winter rolls around; that the vaccine is ineffective anyway; that people get a flu like illness, or worse, after the flu vaccine is administered because their bodies have been poisoned and directed to act accordingly to get sick in order to attempt to purge the wastes with which they've been injected; and that there are safe and sound ways to avoid getting a flu-like illness, like adhering to the appropriate dietary practices and lifestyle changes that are specific to living in the winter season, like eating warm, cooked meals, getting more regular sleep, creating more consistent down time, keeping up your vitamin D levels, and maintaining proper balance and flexibility of nervous system health. If only.....

Childhood Vaccine Schedule Safe, IOM Says 
.....and a response from the National Vaccine Information Center......

IOM Issues Report on Safety of the Child Vaccine Schedule: When Will the Real Science Begin? 

5 Questions: Diet Advice That Goes Against the Grain
 Wheat Belly

Melamine in Soup Bowls May Seep into Our Bodies: Is it Safe?

Asthma, Eczema and Hay Fever May be Linked to Fast Food

The Unsavory Truth of the McRib and Other Fake Foods, and Why Russia Banned US-Raised Meat
Fast Food
Dr Palevsky's Comments: More often than not, fast food contains many of the non-food products that disturb children's immune systems. Even eating a small amount may push many kids over their threshold and send them into worsening symptoms of asthma, eczema, hay fever and other atopic illnesses. Be careful of the advice, "you don't have to stop eating fast food entirely, maybe one or two times a week rather than three or more if your child has allergies."  
In children who have allergies and sensitivities, when they eat fast food ingredients less often, it wouldn't be uncommon for their systems to become MORE reactive and symptomatic to the toxic fast food ingredients. Children with atopic illness, who eat fast food ingredients many times a week, may simply become overwhelmed by the exposure to these materials, thus making their systems weaker and less able to fight these ingredients out of their bodies. They may be chronically symptomatic, and ill-appearing with constant congestion and itching and coughing and dark circles under their eyes, and just never seem to be well. But, at some point, when the bombardment of their immune systems with these ingredients pushes them over the threshold to the point that their bodies are ready to collapse, these children develop violent acute allergy symptoms as a way to survive and keep their bodies from being fatally poisoned.  
When children with atopic illness eat these sensitizing and toxic fast food ingredients less often, their immune systems have had a chance to be relieved of the frequent bombardment. So, during these longer periods of fewer exposures, their immune systems strengthen, and they become quicker and more reactive to defend themselves against exposure to even the slightest ingestion of these toxic ingredients. Children develop symptoms as a way for their bodies to cleanse and purge the wastes and toxins that have entered their systems. Symptoms are a sign of strength. Don't be fooled into thinking less often means less symptomatic. Often, it means less often equals more symptoms, especially if the children have a number of sensitivities in their bodies. 

Each month, Dr Palevsky will be answering a hot topic question....

I have been criticized for being a 'hovering' parent, but isn't it my job to protect and guide my daughter while she is so young?
The dance of parenthood - trying to protect your offspring with and without consuming them. It's difficult to sometimes see that our children are separate individuals, with real feelings and journeys all their own, even starting from a young age, because they are so attached to us at the very start of their lives. The hardest part of parenting is to realize that our job is to provide a safe space for children to become self-sufficient, independent, and individualized, so they can go off and live their own lives one day, separate from who we are as people. Our job is to groom them so they can be functional enough to make their way in the world safely. Isn't that the real reason we have children? They can never go back into the womb. They must go forward, despite how powerful the umbilical pull is for both them and their parents.....We must take care of our own emotional needs and wants on our own, and not through them and through the context of being a parent. Tough. All too often, however, the dynamic of possession and consumption of children, as a reflex means of protecting our children usually from things that they must experience on their own, ends up being the dominant setting in which a lot of children end up growing up. Especially nowadays. Children need connection, and need our presence, but they don't always need us to correct them, give them the answer, or save them from their situations. They certainly don't need us to live their lives for them (or for us to live our lives through them). Children need to know they are heard, understood, recognized, acknowledged, respected, validated and seen, but we don't want to embody their feelings inside ourselves as a means of connecting to them as their parent. It gets too murky in these circumstances. We need to allow them to have their feelings, however difficult it is for us to watch. (Remember our parents saying, "this is going to hurt me much more than it's going to hurt you?) Although, they also need us to bring them back to reality when there is hysteria and drama out of proportion to the reality of a situation. They need much more of our objectivity, rather than our subjectivity. They need our empathy, and much less of our sympathy. They need to experience a balance of pain, discomfort, frustration, anger, failures, inability to get their own way, and hating us as their parents, along with the joys, successes, and triumphs of life in order to have a fighting chance of a balanced emotional life. Think about what would happen if, instead of allowing children to learn most things on their own through their own play, and creative and imaginative experiences, we instead told them and showed them and instructed them through life, and gave them everything they wanted and told them how to feel, because of our ideas, wants, hopes and dreams for them (and ourselves through their eyes)? This article hints at the answers to this question.

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Dr. Palevsky is a board certified pediatrician who utilizes a holistic approach in his work with children and families. 


Dr. Palevsky received his medical degree from the NYU School of Medicine in 1987, completed a 3-year pediatric residency at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, and enrolled in a 1-year fellowship training program in the out-patient department at Bellevue Hospital/NYU School of Medicine. 


Since 1991, his clinical experience has included working in pediatric emergency medicine at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in the Bronx, NY, serving as the Chief of the Pediatric Acute Care Unit at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC, and working in in-patient and out-patient pediatric medicine, neonatal intensive care medicine, and newborn and delivery room medicine. 


Dr. Palevsky has also worked in a conventional, holistic and integrative pediatric practice at the NYC Beth Israel Center for Health & Healing- an integrative and complementary care medical facility.

Currently, he runs his own holistic pediatric practice in Northport, NY and Manhattan. Dr. Palevsky teaches holistic integrative pediatric & adolescent medicine to parents, and medical and allied health professionals, both nationally & internationally. 


Dr. Palevsky is a former Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Past-President of the American Holistic Medical Association, and a diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABIHM).


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