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March 2013


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The goal of my holistic pediatric practice, and of this newsletter, is to inform and support parents to become more empowered as the primary health care providers for their children. Extending far beyond Western medicine's conventional treatments, holistic medicine and mindful parenting allow us to boost children's natural immunity, support their optimum health and wellness, safely heal any illnesses, and prevent disease-without dangerous side effects.  Holistic medicine provides us with the tools to nurture the physical, emotional, social and spiritual health of your children.


Over the coming months and years, I intend to use this newsletter to address some of your concerns as parents, share information that you might want to add to your knowledge base, and inform you of important issues and current events that are happening in the news, and in your area.


Together we can heal the whole child. Naturally.


Yours in Health,


Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD

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Pediatricians: Watchful Waiting Best for Ear Infections
Dr Palevsky's Comments: I have not used antibiotics for children's ear pain since 1994. The literature began coming out of Europe in 1990 describing a newer approach to taking care of children with ear pain or ear fluid, and antibiotics were not part of the solution. Ear pain and ear fluid are rarely due to an actual infectious process, and are more likely due to a plumbing issue. Due to a buildup of fluid and mucus in the ear canals, or Eustachian tubes, and a swelling of the lining of the ear canals and the adenoids, which are located right where the ear canals drain into the back of the nose, ear pain is inevitable when a child has an upper respiratory illness because there's very little room for effective drainage of the fluid and mucus. The problem is anatomic, not infectiouEar aches. The ear canals in young infants and children are positioned in a more horizontal plane, making drainage even more difficult during an upper respiratory illness. The goal of treatment is to assist in drainage, and put a halt to the production of inflammatory material in the body. Chiropractic and cranial osteopathy can assist in this drainage. Steam baths, lots of hydration with clear fluids, quieting the home and the scheduling, essential oil massages of the chest and neck, and a reduction in mucus producing foods in the diet, (dairy, flour, sugar, fried foods, juice) can help children's bodies heal much quicker. Antibiotics are rarely indicated and most children will heal on their own. Two important studies in Pediatrics Journal in 2003 ( and in JAMA in 2006 (
) demonstrated that when parents were given an antibiotic prescription for their children's so-called ear infections, and asked to wait 24 hours before filling the prescription, about 2/3 of the children ended up never receiving the antibiotics because their symptoms had resolved by the next day.. Either they never had an infection in the first place, or their bodies can heal on their own......... See for more information.

The Brighton Method - Helping You Conceive an Extraordinary Child in a Toxic World conception



Transgenerational Effects of Prenatal Exposure to
Environmental Obesogens in Rodents

Dr Palevsky's Comments: "Two recently published animal studies take obesogen research one step further: both found that the obesity-related effects of prenatal exposure to environmental chemicals were passed down to the third generation descendants of the exposed animals." Shouldn't we see the same type of research being done on vaccines? Shouldn't we know if the genetic effects of prenatal exposure to environmental chemicals in vaccines are passed down to third generation descendants of the exposed animals causing persistence of adverse symptoms in subsequent generations? In the animal studies, second and third generation descendants are not exposed to the original environmental chemical, yet symptoms persist across several generations due to the original exposure. In humans, however, second & third generations are exposed to environmental chemicals in vaccines. If there is growing scientific literature demonstrating the trans-generational clinical health effects of exposure to environmental chemicals on non-exposed subsequent generations, wouldn't it stand to reason that exposure to vaccine material could impact the health of subsequent generations in the same adverse way, especially since the exposure to the environmental chemicals in vaccines persists across all subsequent generations?

Vaccinations: Know The Risks and Failures
Test of Anthrax Vaccine in Children Gets Tentative OK 

Hidden Dangers: Antibiotics Found in Organic Apples & Pears
Fire Blight Control in Organic Apples and Pears
Sugar industry's secret documents echo tobacco tactics

Dr Palevsky's Comments: I imagine there is a box, hidden somewhere, that explains all the attempts by the vaccine manufacturers, and the physicians who champion the cause for mandatory vaccines, to neutralize the data showing the damaging effects of vaccines.

Big Dairy Petitions FDA to Allow Unlabeled Use of Aspartame in Dairy Products
Five Things You Need To Know About Arsenic In Rice (Before Dinner Time)


Dr Palevsky's Comments: I don't ever recommend brown rice cereal for infants or children, anyway, so that's one source of potential arsenic that parents can avoid giving their children. 
First of all, the texture of cereal mixed with water, breast milk or formula is the equivalent of paste in an infant's body, and will most often lead to symptoms of inflammation and mucus production, manifested by constipation, diarrhea, nasal congestion, cough, wheezing, fever, skin rashes, eczema, and ear pain. Infant's just don't have the digestive capacity to handle such a heavy, thick, pasty, processed flour-like food product like cereal. It's just not food. 
Secondly, infants don't digest grains well. I often don't recommend the introduction of grains until infants are at least 9 months of age, and sometimes not until after they are 1 year of age. And, when I do recommend any grains, I recommend that parents cook down whole grains into a porridge. I often try to steer parents towards the more gluten-free grains (rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, gluten-free oats, sorghum, amaranth).
Thirdly, brown rice is often way too heavy and dense for the inefficient digestive fire of an infant, unless you want to cook it for over 5 hours. Believe it or not, infants can better digest the porridge of a Rice Cereal n organic white basmati rice dish (congee, jook) better than the thickness and pastiness of the brown rice. A congee, or jook, is very nourishing to the digestive fire of an infant or toddler, and while some may shudder at the seemingly poor nutritional value of white rice, there's more to understanding the value of food than measuring the amount of specific nutrients in them. Porridges can be very nourishing to toddlers even if you use white rice.......... 

Each month, Dr Palevsky will be answering a hot topic question....


More Evidence Flu Shot is Safe for the Egg-Allergic 


Doctors Recommend Flu Shot for Children With Egg Allergies 

ACAAI: Baked Eggs Tolerated by Some Egg-Allergic Children 


These articles say it's safe to give a flu shot to children with egg allergies. I've had my children tested and, while my son doesn't have an IgE reaction to eggs, he does has an IgG reaction to eggs. When he does eat eggs, he develops ticks and migraines. I guess to the medical community that's not considered a reaction. What a world! How do we better understand what's going on? 
The title of one of these articles reads, "More evidence the flu shot is safe for the egg-allergic." Unfortunately, this is one of the most misleading and inaccurate of statements, regardless of what the conclusions are from the study. The authors conclude that, "None of these patients, however, had a serious reaction to the flu vaccine." The lack of a serious reaction, however, does not equate with no adverse reaction in the body at all. The fact that the patients did not have a serious reaction does not mean there were no reactions, or that some or all of their reactions were not of some clinical significance. The authors disregard the significance of a reaction from the flu vaccine, as long as the reaction was not a serious one, i.e., anaphylaxis. 

We are dealing here with the concept of relative risk. The authorities will tell us, rather incorrectly and inaccurately, that the risk of getting a flu illness is greater than the risk of a reaction to the flu vaccine. First of all, the majority of flu-illnesses that affect people in the winter are NOT caused by the three viruses in the influenza flu vaccine. The flu vaccine is a waste of time and is as successful in reducing your risk of getting the flu as is trying to hit a bullseye with a bow and arrow while blindfolded. Secondly, most people recover from the flu without serious complications. The authors cannot and do not acknowledge the well-documented science that explains how the injection of the flu vaccine can alter the integrity of the immune response in an adult or child, can raise a person's level of toxic mercury, can increase the level of inflammation in their bodies, and can increase the potential for allergies in children and adults. All of these issues seem insignificant to the authorities, as compared to their greater beliefs about the seriousness of the flu illness itself, which, again, is only rarely caused by any of the three viruses in the vaccine. Alterations in the immune system from vaccines are lifelong. The incorporation of mercury into the neurons of the brain can be lifelong and neurologically altering. Ethyl-mercury is reportedly unable to enter into the brain through the blood-brain-barrier, but that's assuming that a person who receives the flu vaccine doesn't already have an interruption in the blood brain barrier from prior vaccination, radiation, inflammation, trauma, or prior infection. Besides, there are areas of the brain where the blood brain barrier doesn't completely protect the brain tissue, so mercury in the vaccines can still easily enter the brain even if it doesn't reportedly cross the blood brain barrier. Same goes for aluminum.

Children who are egg-allergic should not get an injection of a vaccine that contains egg protein. Unfortunately, it has now been established in the medical profession that it is acceptable for a child with an egg allergy to receive a vaccine that has been grown on eggs. Just go to the allergist, and get the egg-containing vaccine, and pray that the allergist doesn't have to use the epi-pen, or worse, call 911 because your child was the one who developed a life-threatening anaphylactic response and didn't respond to the epi-pen. State health departments are reportedly no longer accepting medical exemption letters from physicians who recommend against administration of vaccines grown on eggs to children who have IgE egg allergies.


If a child has an egg allergy, the injection of egg protein through a vaccine can still have inflammatory effects in the body, and potentially lead to the development of acute & chronic symptoms, even if the child does not develop an anaphylactic reaction. Many of these acute & chronic inflammatory symptoms can be life altering and have great impact on the quality of life of these children. The health experts, however, pay no attention to the acute & chronic inflammatory symptoms these children might develop from the injection of egg proteins, and more often than not, will not associate any of their inflammatory symptoms to their immune system's reaction to egg protein. A difficult situation for parents to be in. Apparently, the development of life-long bouts of acute inflammatory symptoms, intermingled with chronic inflammatory symptoms, is somehow less of a risk than a short-lived flu-like illness which, in most cases, is not even caused by one of the three viruses in the flu vaccine. Doesn't sound like smart science to me. In fact, it doesn't have any scientific basis, at all. 


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Time will be provided for parents to ask questions about their own family experiences, so everyone can hear first-hand how to handle real-time issues with their children.


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Happy Family   

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Dr. Palevsky is a board certified pediatrician who utilizes a holistic approach in his work with children and families. 


Dr. Palevsky received his medical degree from the NYU School of Medicine in 1987, completed a 3-year pediatric residency at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, and enrolled in a 1-year fellowship training program in the out-patient department at Bellevue Hospital/NYU School of Medicine. 


Since 1991, his clinical experience has included working in pediatric emergency medicine at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in the Bronx, NY, serving as the Chief of the Pediatric Acute Care Unit at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC, and working in in-patient and out-patient pediatric medicine, neonatal intensive care medicine, and newborn and delivery room medicine. 


Dr. Palevsky has also worked in a conventional, holistic and integrative pediatric practice at the NYC Beth Israel Center for Health & Healing- an integrative and complementary care medical facility.

Currently, he runs his own holistic pediatric practice in Northport, NY and Manhattan. Dr. Palevsky teaches holistic integrative pediatric & adolescent medicine to parents, and medical and allied health professionals, both nationally & internationally. 


Dr. Palevsky is a former Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Past-President of the American Holistic Medical Association, and a diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABIHM).


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