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August 2017
Frustrated with MABTR's Adoption Process?
Please read this article in its entirety to understand how the process works behind the scenes.

Please remember that MABTR is made up of non-paying, full time volunteers. Not one person, including Jennifer, is paid for their work, effort, and time. Though we do our best at getting back to people in a timely manner and keep you informed on the status of the dog and your application please do not forget that we are not working MABTR 24/7.

MABTR is always open to suggestions that would make a processes more efficient. We would consider all recommendations, review the impact (both negative and positive), and then determine whether to implement the change.

Facts to our adoption process


1. An online adoption application is REQUIRED from each household interested in adopting through MABTR.

  • Indicating interest through is NOT an application.
  • Applications are reviewed three times a week and applicants are notified of the status of their app (approved or denied).
  • We file applications for three months so we do not require a new application for each dog.
  • MABTR is not affiliated with any other organization thus we require our application to be filed.

2. We receive multiple applications per dog.

  • We are fortunate in the manner that we get more than one applicant interested in our dog.
  • In some cases we receive 12 plus apps for a dog.
  • We have seen apps come in just 15 minutes after a dog has been posted.

3. We DO NOT have a policy of 'first come, first serve'.


4. The decision on who adopts a dog is the responsibility of the foster parents, period.

  • Jennifer nor anyone else in the organization has no right to tell a foster parent who to adopt their dog to.

5. Repeat adopters DO NOT have privilege over new applicants.


6. Distance is NOT to play a factor on what applicants are considered by the foster.

  • We have the ability to move our dogs across our 13 state service area.

7. All 'approved' applications are shared with the foster parent of the dog of interest 'for consideration'.

  • If the application is approved after the dog is marked 'pending' the application is not shared with the foster parent.
  • Not all applications will be interviewed by the foster parent prior to committing the dog to a family.

8. If the foster parent has you as their first choice, you would be interviewed over the phone by the foster parent.

  • An interview is required prior to any scheduled meet and greet.
  • Jennifer and admins are only updated on the status of a dog once the dog has been committed to a family after a phone interview.

9. A dog's profile and home requirements can change while in foster care, thus resulting in some previous applications to no longer qualify for the dog.


10. Once a dog is marked 'pending' ALL applicants that indicated interest will receive an email stating the status of the dog as 'no longer available'.

August Fundraisers 

Free Greeting Cards
with Donation

As our way of saying THANK YOU for your kind donation of $25 in the month of August; MABTR will send you a pack of 5 artist series greeting cards.
These beautiful Boston terrier blank greeting cards created by Joanne Ardito Hamel using her paintings are the first in our Bella collection. This set includes five 4 x 6 cards with envelopes.

Click here to make your donation and receive your pack of greeting cards is

Etsy August Sale - 15% Off Jewelry!  
Through the month of August, get 15% off all jewelry at MABTR's Etsy Boutique. 
Click here to check out our hand-crafted bracelets, necklaces, and earrings made by MABTR supporters.  
Bracelets have adorable pawprints or sayings like "Live like someone left the gate open" and "Live Laugh Bark." All proceeds benefit MABTR. 
to place your order and check out other great items on Boston Bay! 

MABTR Alumni - Riley
"We had been on the fence about getting a new puppy since we sadly lost our beagle in 2013.  When our 6 year old daughter said she'd like to ask Santa for a puppy, we decided it was finally time.  I began looking on Petfinder in early December.  I knew we wanted to adopt and not shop. 
The week before Christmas, I saw Riley's sweet face on my computer.  Everything about the adoption was perfect.  The lady who did the home inspection and his foster mom were so nice.  They even went along with the story of our Elf On The Shelf sent us to pick up a surprise! The kids were so excited and immediately in love.
Our life has changed for the better since having Riley.  Our 8 year old dog has become more playful and has a new friend.  Riley follows the kids around everywhere and they love it.  He is the sweetest, most cuddliest little dog I've ever met.  He has been a great addition to our family and we are forever grateful to the people at MABTR who work so hard to save the lives of these wonderful dogs. Thank you."
-- Amanda H.    
Adoptable Dog of the Month
Hi, my name is  Coco .  I am 7 years old and weigh 19 pounds.  I need a new home because I was released from a breeder.  I am being fostered in Kansas City, KS. 

I need a home with a wood fence (I can scale a chainlink fence).  No apartments.  I also would prefer to be the only dog in the house. 

I am a sweet little girl who is crazy about my new life!  I want to please my foster mom and family. After attempting to go potty in the basement one time, I learned quickly to go outside in my yard instead.  My foster mom only had to tell me once. I love being praised and given treats.  I mainly love being told that I am a "good girl."  I am smart and taught myself how to go through the dog door.  My former owner says that I can't be with other female dogs. 

I only have one eye but it does not slow me down!  I just need some light when going down stairs at nighttime.  I love my human foster sister who is a teenager, and sleep with her every night. 

~~Eligible for the Golden Paws Program!!!~~
Adopters aged 60+ yrs who adopt a dog 7 yrs and older get
$50 off the adoption fee!!!   
Ask Jennifer
Q: Are all MABTR dogs posted online for the public to see?

A: 90% of our adoptable dogs will be posted online for the public to view and apply for.

We have three portals that share with the public our available bostons which I would like to review first and then address the 10% difference.

1. Our stats page on our website states the number of dogs saved per month plus the names of the dogs that are still active in our program.  The name is deleted once the dog is no longer available.  The number saved count is 100% of intake no matter the outcome of the dog (adopted, passed, hospice).

2. is a portal that a majority of rescues and shelters use to post their available dogs. MABTR posts 'adoptable dogs' on this site.  Once marked 'pending' next to the name this means they have been committed to a family and will be removed from the site within a few days. No further applications will be shared with the foster parents, nor interviews conducted.

3. Happy Tails post on the MABTR FB page every Tuesday shares the names and faces of the dogs that went to their forever home the prior week.  A dog does not show up on this list til they have actually moved into their new home. There can be a delay between the time of getting marked pending on and being posted on Happy Tails.  The reason is due to the time it took to coordinate transportation of the dog from foster care to forever home.

DOGS THAT ARE NOT POSTED on or Happy Tails are...

1. Dogs that are moved into our hospice program.

2. Purebred puppies under the age of 5 months old.  We have a list of applicants that we reach out first as purebred puppies can generate over 25 apps for one dog.  We will post them if no interest with the apps on file. We DO POST boston mix puppies of any age.  

3. Foster failures - this does happen, though not often.

4. Dogs that have gone to heaven while in foster care - we do have loss of life within foster care of those that are extremely sick, in pain and suffering.  We also have a very small number of dogs with extreme aggression towards people that they are a liability to our organization and to the public.       
See more: Link to our FAQs here   
I was told I have a Boston/Frenchie Mix.
How do I confirm that?

Why you aren't seeing
our Facebook Posts 
Have you noticed that you aren't seeing our Facebook posts very often? Well it's not just you! Due to changes in the way Facebook works, less and less of our posts are showing up on your timelines. If fact, less than 5% of you see our posts daily! And sadly, this means you are missing a lot of our amazing rescue stories and videos!

The good news is Facebook has created a way around this using new settings.

Read the instructions below, go to our Facebook page and update your settings on your desktop or mobile device so you won't miss a thing!
  • Visit our FB page -
  • Make sure you have clicked the "LIKE" button on our page.
  • Click the "Follow" button.
  • Under the "Following" drop down menu, select "See First" in your news feed.
  • Under the "Following" drop down menu, select "On" for notifications.
And last but not least, be sure to routinely "Like", "Share" and "Comment" on our page. If Facebook doesn't see that you are interacting with our posts, they will remove us from your Facebook Feed.

Plus, by sharing our posts, you are helping our mission in educating and rehoming bostons. 
Share your travel plans with MABTR and  
in return help out a Boston 
As many of you know MABTR covers 13 states. 75% of our adoptions occur between foster homes and adopters in different states, requiring MABTR to set up a transport by car.  We do not fly our dogs.

Many of us travel for business or pleasure by car so we ask that you share with us your travel plan should you have room for a Boston to hitch a ride.

Just some examples, and not limited to, of routes completed.  Note that some routes are short distances where others a whole day:
  • Colorado Springs, CO to Cheyenne, WY
    • Omaha, NE to St Louis, MO
      • Omaha, NE to Boise, ID
        • Des Moines, IA to St Paul, MN
          • Kansas City, MO to Springfield, MO
            • ... the list goes on 
Share with us your travel plans - even those scheduled in the future. 
It is simple.  Just email your starting and ending location, date(s) of travel, and your name and phone number.  We will file the travel schedule shared and if the need approaches we will contact you with details.

Most of our dogs ride well in cars without a crate, but if you require a crate we can supply one. 
The doggies thank you for allowing them to hitch a ride!!!!!  Without drivers we would struggle moving our dogs closer to their forever homes.
Remember that you can write off at tax time your gas or mileage when transporting our Bostons.  

Thank You for Your Donation! 
$55  in memory of Betty Thompson
$50 in memory of Jozey
$50 in memory of Buster Ferguson 
$1200 Salesforce
$200 Claudia M
$120 Raymond N
$110 Your Cause
$50 Audrey C, Ca roline W, Bruce N, Terry W, Melody K, Libby F, Patty B
$47.12 Network for Good
$40 Gerald P
$36.80 Tribute Gift Foundation
$30 Lori L, Leslie M, Kelly B, Cynthia K
$25 Charity C, Julie P, Carol D
$20 Matthew S, Pam M, Sara S, Diana Z, Michael M, Ashley H
$10 Ann A, Angela C, Robin B, Angela P, Mart D, Lisa B, Grace T, Loni D, Veronica Z, Danielle K, Andrew B 
$8 Dainty Itty Bitties
$5 Angie V, Janet J
$2.50 CyberGrants

All donations are tax deductible!

Wall of Fame  


Animal Communication Sessions*
Call Cindy to schedule your 15 min session 303-475-8155

Volunteer Opportunities

Our rescue organization has a very hard-working and dedicated crew of volunteers committed to improving the lives of Boston Terriers and Boston mixes across 13 states.


If you are interested in helping please email your interest and contact information to


Also make sure to add yourself to our email list by clicking here

Include your state so you get the proper notices.


You're in for a rewarding experience! Opportunities to help include:

  • Newsletter articles
  • Volunteer at local events
  • Fundraising
  • Fostering
  • Babysitting
  • Transporting
Quick Links
(monetary or items) are

100% volunteer-driven. Your entire donation amount goes towards rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing Bostons in need in foster care.

Employer Match Programs
Did you know that many employers will match your donation to a 501(c)3 organization? Some even pay a flat fee to the organization for volunteer hours! 
Check with your human resource department for details!
A few companies we know of are:
  • AT&T
  • Wells Fargo
  • MidAmerica Energy Holding Comp.
  • Pfizer
  • Allstate
  • CenturyLink
  • CNA Surety
  • CSG
  • 8z Real Estate
  • Great Western
  • Thrivent Financial
  • Western Union
  • SalesForce
  • Microsoft
  • United Way
  • First National Bank
  • Lockhead Martin Corporation
  • Benevity: Apple, Google, ADP
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • United Healthcare
  • Walmart
Fundraiser Results
NE BarkAid - $2,439
St Louis Painting
 - $759
Park Lane - $148
Thanks to ALL 
who participated!!!
  Adoption Corner...
~~Happy Tails~~

 20 dogs rescued

in July!


122 dogs rescued to date in 2017


3,230 dogs rescued since November 2005!


We ask that you help us educate the public about their options when looking for a new pet. We appreciate the fact that you are not purchasing your pet from a pet store that sells lives animals, since 98% of all puppies in a pet store come from terrible situations such as puppy mills. For more information on puppy mills visit our site and read all you need to know about puppy mills.


If you are interested in a breed other than a Boston check out the links below.


-Rescue list by breed 

-Google search under

" "breed" rescue"

AGE is just a number
I wish applicants would make personality and behavior priority when adopting a dog but the truth is that a majority are not even interested in learning about a dog if it is out of their age range.

Remember that just because a dog is young does not guarantee he/she will live to be 14. MABTR cannot promise anyone how long a dog will live. We unfortunately have experienced the loss of a life at a very young age unexpectedly.

MABTR is not prejudiced when it comes to rescuing. A life is precious no matter
*gender   *age
*disability  *health

has NO
age limit!
Photo Contest 
July theme:
" Red White , and  Blue"
The winner is...
Thanks to ALL  
who participated!!!
August's theme will be " Favorite Toy "
Raffle Results
Congrats to
Christy C of CO   
who won the Boston lunch box set,
which raised
$65 !

Thanks to everyone who participated!
Monthly Raffle
Boston Themed Quilt  
This hand-made quilt is truly one-of-a-kind!

77 inches long x 53 inches wide.  Double sided.

Make a donation
in Memory of..
in Honor of...
of someone special
(human or pet)
MABTR has a program that will mail your special someone a card recognizing the individual pet or human
that your donation was made in behalf of.

  Make your donation here
Boston FB Groups to 'Like' by city
Did you know that there might be a Boston Terrier fan page on FB in your area?  You should consider joining in!

Click below for the link in your area! 

St Louis
Saying Goodbye

"Keep their memories close to your heart and remember in another time, in a beautiful place, you will see them again."
   Golden Paws for Golden Years

Did you know
that MABTR has such a program where an adoptor 60 or older adopting a Boston 7 years and older receives $50 off the adoption fee?

Local MABTR Events 
***Join us!***
~all breeds welcome~
Saturday, Aug 5 
4th Annual Backyard Movie Night
starts at 6:30pm; movie at dusk
8504 Wiley Cir
$5 per person
See flyer at left for more details, or click here!

Saturday, Aug 12
Castle Rock 
Meet and Greet Event
11am - 3pm
Chuck & Don's - 4765 Front St.

Saturday, Aug 12
Colorado Springs
2017 Bark at Briargate
10am - 1pm
Promenade Shops at Briargate - 1885 Briargate Pkwy
Outdoor pet expo featuring trainers, groomers, veterinarians, pet businesses and businesses who want to reach pet owners.  MABTR will be exhibiting!
Click here for more details!

Saturday & Sunday, Aug 19 - 20  
Pet Expo 
Denver Merchandise Mart
Free admission!
Click here for more details!

Saturday, Aug 26
Colorado Birthday Bash!
11am - 1pm
Arapaho Park - 7800 S. Adams St
$5 per person; children under 10 and dogs are free.
LOTS of fun things to do! See flyer at left for details, or click here!
~KC area~
Saturday, Aug 12
Meet and Greet
11am - 3pm
Bentley's Pet Stuff - 14905 W. 119th St. (Center Pointe Shopping Center)
Adoptable dogs present!

~St. Louis area~  
Saturday, Aug 13
Mother Nature's Rules Seminar
2 - 4pm
Meramec Arnold Elks Club -  1515 Miller Rd.
Reserve your seat here!

Saturday, Aug 12
Nebraska Birthday Bash!
2 - 4pm
5109 S. 51st St
$5 per person; children under 10 and dogs are free.
LOTS of fun things to do, including an ice cream bar!! See flyer at left for details, or click here!

No anesthesia Dental Cleaning
Boulder, CO
Well Animal Institute offers dental cleanings that are anesthesia-free.

So many dogs are in need of dentals; however, health concerns may deter them from getting what is needed. 

Here is your solution for only $185!

For every dog that  comes in and gets their teeth cleaned, 
$30 goes towards a rescue.

Win-win for MABTR and the dogs!

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