Washington Street Vision
Draft Two is live - take a look
Last night the City of Newton released Draft Two of the Washington Street Vision Plan and Zoning. See the presentation slides . Go to our Facebook page for a video of the presentation .

There are three ways to read the documents and leave your comments:

  1. Online*
  2. Library**
  3. Planning Department**

* Instructions for Online
  1. Click on the document anywhere to leave a comment. You'll be prompted to create a username and password: it should take no longer than two minutes to register. 
  2. Zoom using the + and - buttons in the menu up top.
  3. Scroll with your mouse, simply click on the scroll bars on the side and bottom of the document, or with a touchpad by keeping cursor on the document and scrolling.
  4. Move from chapter to chapter using the drop down menu above or below the document, or by clicking the arrows below the document.
  5. The document can also be downloaded for reading.

**Option to leave comments by hand.
Only Have 10 minutes?
We get it - these are long documents. Take a quick read through these summary sheets and key maps .
Only Have 30 minutes?
Have a bit more time? Read these additional summary sheets and Chapter 1 of the Vision Plan.
Have 60+ minutes?
Pour yourself a warm cup of coffee or tea and take a look at the full Draft Two Vision Plan and Zoning documents online . Leave your comments. Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts!

Document pdfs are also available for direct download.
Draft Two FAQ's
  1. Why is the Vision Plan so long? This Vision Plan represents months of work with the community and City Council. The draft document lays a foundation for the future of Washington Street over five, ten, and even twenty years.
  2. Why is the Zoning so long? This zoning code is written so it can be adopted as a new Article 9 in the City of Newton's existing Zoning Ordinance. Once adopted, property owners can use it like a dictionary - you will be able to easily look up the pages relevant to your property without having to read the entire document.
  3. When does public comment period end? The Draft Two comment period starts today and ends in one month - on March 12, 2019 at midnight.
  4. If I have questions, who can I ask? Email the City of Newton Planning team, call us (617-796-1120), or come to the Drop-In Office Hours listed below.
  5. What happens to the comments? The Draft Two comment period will overlap with the City Council's review. After the comment period, comments received will be summarized as big themes to inform Council decision making regarding finalization of the Vision Plan and Zoning recommendations. The Council and the public will continue to be able to review all individual comments online throughout their review period as well.
  6. What happens after Draft 2? The Final Draft is anticipated to be released in late April. As part of the City Council process, a Public Hearing will be held when the Council considers adoption, during a timeline to be determined.
Recent Memos to City Council
In January and February the planning team has continued to present to the Planning Committee of the City Council.

Look back at recent Council process:

1/28 - Zoning Memo & Presentation
1/14 - Newtonville & Crafts Street Memo & Presentation
12/6 - Full Council Memo & Presentation
11/26 - West Newton Memo & Presentation
11/14 - Intro to Draft One Memo

Chadwick painting of Newton City Hall
Drop-In Office Hours

Have questions or want to share your ideas with us?

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Room 205, Newton City Hall

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Wednesday, March 13, 2019
What's Next?
  • The Zoning and Planning Committee of City Council will continue its review of the Washington Street Vision Plan and Zoning recommendations. All meetings are open to the public and information is available here

  • April 2019 - Final draft Vision Plan and Zoning recommendations anticipated

  • Join the Ward 3 City Councilors, Newton Ward 3 Democratic Committee, City of Newton for a Community Meeting.
Wednesday, February 27, 2019
6:45 - 8:30 p.m.
Franklin School Gymnasium
125 Derby Street, West Newton

Everyone is welcome!
Free event. Kid friendly. Light refreshments.
City of Newton, Massachusetts