Dear St. George Families,

I am happy to report that the school budget for the 2019-2020 year has been completed and approved. I would like to thank the St. George School Finance committee and Mrs. Valarie Miller for their input and support as well as Fr. Mike, for his care and support of St. George Parish School. Finally, I offer many thanks to our school families whose love and support of our school is so important. When developing this budget we are always mindful of our unwavering commitment to be good stewards of the resources we have been given.  Our budget is one component of the way we live out our school mission.  Our mission states:

St. George Catholic School Mission
St. George Catholic School is a Christ-centered, family-oriented, community, with a history of tradition and excellence. Gospel values are integrated with academics within a progressive curriculum, promoting faith development through liturgy, prayer, and service.

The cost to educate a public school student in the State of Louisiana is approaching $13,000 per student. The cost to educate one student at St. George School exceeds $6,000.00. For the 2019-2020 school year, St. George School Identified Financial Steward (IFS) tuition for one student in grades K-8 will be $5,400, a 3.25% increase over last year. Tuition for a  non-IFS student and a non-Catholic student will be $6,300 and $6,710 respectively. Pre-K tuition for IFS families will be $6,100, $6,900 for non IFS and $7,310 for non-Catholic students. Family and students fees will remain the same.

Tuition assistance funds are available for St. George Parish families on a need basis. The tuition assistance forms are available at the Parish Office. Please contact them at (225) 293-2212.

Here are some of the accomplishments of the current school year:
  • Opened a Pre-K program with 6 classes and full enrollment
  • Additional STEM classes and Robotics Team
  • St. George is a Nationally Accredited School
Other budget highlights include:
  • Employee salaries will increase 2.5%, while health insurance costs have risen 5%
  • Parish support of $25,000 for tuition assistance and $69,600 in additional support
Together, "And with Your Spirit", we continue to be a part of an unequaled school and parish community.  The future is very bright for our students and school. May God continue to bless you and your family. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Jack Nelson


 Thursday, January 24
  Family Night - No Homework / No Activities
 Friday, January 25   School Liturgy, 8:00am
   Re-Enrollment of Current Students Begins
   Pep Rally, 1:30pm
* Students WILL NOT be checked out during or after the Pep Rally. 
* Students needing to go home must be checked out prior to the Pep Rally (between 1:00pm and 1:15pm).
* Parents are invited to attend the Pep Rally in the gym.
  Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest, 3:00pm, Gym
      Register HERE

 Saturday, January 26   Image Talk - 5th Grade, 9:00am
 Monday, January 28 - 
      Friday, February 1
  Catholic Schools Week

 Tuesday, January 29   First Eucharist Parent Meeting, 6:00pm, Church
 Thursday, January 31    Religion Fair Set-up
 Friday, February 1   Student Re-Enrollment Ends 
   School Liturgy, 8:00am, Church
   Religion Fair
   Box Tops Early Bird

 Saturday, February 2   St. George Auction
  • Re-enrollment of current students will be available online via ParentsWeb 
  • Friday, January 25 - Friday, February 1
  • Information regarding online re-enrollment will be emailed to all families on Friday, January 25 
  • For assistance, please do not hesitate to call the school office at 225-293-1298
Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest 
Friday, 1/25, after school starting at 3:00  
If your son or daughter in grades 3rd-8th is interested please fill out this google form: 
Celebrate Catholic Schools Week
with Dippin' Dots!
Student Council will sponsor a Dippin' Dots Sale for ALL St. George students, Thursday, January 31. Students will be allowed to purchase ONE PACKAGE of Dippin' Dots. The cost is $4.00.
**Preorder your Dippin' Dots!
Print this order form for each student, complete it, and send it to school with $4.00 to your child's homeroom teacher. Preorders will only be accepted up to Wednesday, January 30.
* Students can also buy their treat the date of the sale.
The SGS Home and School Association is looking to fill its Treasurer position for a three year term starting with the 2019-20 school year.   
If you are good with numbers (you do NOT have to be an accountant/CPA) and would like to get more involved with the school, please email Karin Simmons at  kssras@cox.net for more information.
St. Joseph's Academy
Josephine Bahlinger Award Finalists

Shobe Manuel and Claire Waggenspack have been selected as finalists for the
St. Joseph's Academy
Josephine Bahlinger Award

We are Dragon Proud of Shobe and Claire!!


  • Tuesday, January 22 - Tuesday, January 29th
  • St. George School is being asked to donate new kitchen supplies: pots, pans, cooking utensils, kitchen towels, bakeware, plates, cups, saucers, etc. 
  • Monetary donations to be used to purchase kitchen supplies are also welcomed. Our items help Catholic Charities to continue their mission and help each family that is in need of a new start. Thank you for your generosity. 
February cafeteria payments are due now . All school meal payments are due in advance. Please remember to send extra funds for seconds and extra items.
February Lunch : Full price $60.00, Reduced price $8.00
February Breakfast : Full price $37.00, Reduced price $6.00
Cash and Check payments are accepted at school.
Online  credit card and bank draft payments are available at www.myschoolbucks.com. All families are encouraged to set up alerts and monitor your students' cafeteria purchases at www.myschoolbucks.com. It is not necessary to make payments in order to set up an account.

       Adult meal price - $5.50 - exact amount or check only

  • All food items brought to school for birthdays (PreK and K only), gold slip parties, holiday parties, retreats, etc. must be store bought and must contain a label. The items must be nut free, including but not limited to peanuts and tree nuts (almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios, pinenuts and walnuts). 
  • If a product label says the food item contains, may contain, is produced in a facility that contains or is manufactured on equipment that processes peanuts and or tree nuts, this item is unacceptable.  
  • Home prepared food items are not allowed.
  • Please read labels and plan accordingly when choosing snacks to bring to school. 
We will no longer be able to serve donuts from Thee Heavenly Donut. In the past they would supply a label stating that they were nut free. They will no longer be able to do so as they serve tree nuts. It is against our policy to serve any food without a label or items that are made in a facility that contains nuts. If you need suggestions on what to serve, please talk with your teacher or the nurses. Thank you with helping to keep all of our children safe.

Girl's Uniform Jumper / Skorts Too Short?
Boy's Uniform Shorts Too Short?
Please contact Julie Walsh at
julieellers@hotmail.com, if you are in need of and interested in 
purchasing gently used uniforms.

Please note there are no navy fleeces nor dry fit boys shirts for sale.

Keep up with the happenings around St. George by reading the St. George Catholic Church Bulletin HERE.                                 
Please come and continue learning about the PIVOTAL PLAYERS of our Church. We will meet on Sunday, January 27th in the Parish office to learn about St. Augustine.
ST. AUGUSTINE : The Teacher
Perhaps the premier example of how faith in Christ changed a person is the fourth century bishop, Saint Augustine. Augustine's narrative of personal transformation provides a template for life in Christ that still captivates today. In an age when people insist upon sharp demarcations between spirituality and religion, or between Christ and the Church, St. Augustine provides a unifying way forward. We do not have to choose one or the other, but are chosen by Christ for his Church.

St. George Catholic School
(225) 293-1298 School Office
(225) 293-9822 PreK Office
(225) 293-4886 Fax