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Dear St. George Families,

A young aspiring hockey player Glenn Whitman was standing in his driveway, trying
to perfect his slapshot: the hardest shot one can perform in ice hockey.  Like most boys who aspire to play professionally, Whitman would spend hours  practicing the maneuver, but no matter how hard he tried, he failed to see any  improvement. Annoyed by his apparent lack of progress, Whitman sought comfort  in his mom. "I can't improve my slapshot!" he proclaimed, "I can't juggle a soccer ball  100 times. His mom listened intently before sending him back to the driveway with  something to think about, a lesson she had reminded him of countless times before:  "You can't do it, yet". "Not Yet"

Children may not be familiar with 1970s-era Big Bird, but there are still relevant
lessons to be learned from Sesame Street. Rather than saying "I can't do this,"
Sesame Street encourages us to say "I can't do this... yet!" That one word changes
everything. It emphasizes that your capability isn't fixed. It highlights the reality that
our brain is like a muscle. The more you challenge it, embrace failure and learn from
mistakes, the more you can grow and eventually learn anything. The idea of fixed
and growth mindsets comes from Dr. Carol Dweck, a psychology professor at
Stanford University who pioneered the concepts through her study of learning over
several decades.

Dweck found those with a "fixed mindset" tend to focus their effort on tasks where
they have a high likelihood of success and avoid tasks where they may struggle,
which limits their learning. People with a "growth mindset," however, embrace
challenges and understand that tenacity, effort, and the learning process itself can
change outcomes. As you can imagine, those with a growth mindset more actively
push themselves and ultimately have more success.

As our kids grow up, I think a lot about the lessons and values I want to impart to
them. More than any particular skill, I believe perseverance and resilience will serve
them best regardless of what curveball life inevitably throws them.

That's why I'm such a big fan of the power of yet. Later in life, when kids struggle to
understand a tricky concept or master a new skill, I want them to have the strength
and experience to tell themselves "I don't know how to do this...yet!" I want them to
be confident that, even if something seems challenging today, they have what it
takes to figure it out.

Helping kids embrace the power of yet seems like one of the most important things
we can do as a parent.

God bless,
Jack Nelson
 Friday, November 15
School Liturgy, 8:00am, Church

 Friday, November 22
School Liturgy, 8:00am, Church

  Monday, November 25 - Friday, November 29
Thanksgiving Holiday, No School

 Wednesday, December 4
8th Grade Science Fair

 Thursday, December 5 Out-Of-Uniform No Pink Slips November

  Friday, December 6
School Liturgy, 8:00am, Church
Beta Induction following Liturgy
Box Tops Due

* Morning carpool begins at 7:20 am and ends at 7:43 am
* School day: 7:45 am - 2:45 pm
* Before Care drop-off begins at 6:45 am and ends at 7:15 am
* After Care pick-up begins at 3:20 pm

Students in grades K - 8th grade are asked to bring an assigned food item and $1.00 (suggested amount) to purchase a turkey or chicken to fill a Thanksgiving basket.  These food baskets are distributed by the  St. George Chapter of the St. Vincent de Paul Society to needy families residing in St. George Parish. Each year, we are able to provide a basket for about 35 - 40 families. 

PreK students are asked to help replenish the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry by donating the following food items:   
PreK 1- peanut butter  
PreK 2 - jelly
PreK 3 - canned meat      
PreK 4- ravioli           
PreK 5 - soup
PreK 6 - mac and cheese

Through this service project we have an excellent opportunity to teach and reinforce the spirit of generosity.  Parents may wish to consider the following:
  • Have your child work at some "little job" around the house to earn the cost of the contribution.
  • Encourage your child to give from his/her savings.
Please return monetary and food donations by Wednesday, November 20th.
Thank you for your generosity and support.
A huge "THANK YOU" is extended to all of the people who helped make this year's Grandparent's Day a success. Many thanks to the Men's Club for their help with the golf carts and directing traffic, the baker's committee for their help with providing food for the reception, CC's Coffee House for providing the delicious coffee, and Nicole Wax for her tireless dedication in running the reception area.
We would also like to acknowledge Jan Dupre, Angela Sneed, Jennifer Ellis, Leonard Augustus, and all of our student performers for an excellent program in the Church. Thank you to all of the faculty, staff, and maintenance crew who assisted beyond measure. 
This special day was hosted by our Home & School Association under the leadership of Jessica Cuba, Aubrie Jones, Jessica Valenti and Jesse Lambert. Their planning and execution were the keys to the success of this wonderful event which was enjoyed by all.
Last but not least, thank you to all of the grandparents and special friends who came and spent the morning with us. We could not have had such a wonderful day without all of you. Thank you all!!! We hope to see you again next year!
On very cold days students will be allowed to wear a full zip or full button jacket over their school sweatshirt, fleece or jacket as their outerwear jacket. This outerwear can be a coat, jacket, fleece, or windbreaker. No outerwear coat, jacket, fleece, or windbreaker made of sweatshirt material is permitted. Outerwear jackets may not be worn in the classroom.  
Please note: As of now, there is no long sleeve Dri-Fit uniform shirt. On very cold weather days, boys may wear the long sleeve uniform shirt worn in previous years. We are working with the uniform shops for a long sleeve Dri-Fit option.
Parents will be notified of details once an option is available.

November Lunch Menu (subject to change) 
* Federal and State regulations prohibit our cafeteria employees from charging the child's account for a parent meal. 
* The cafeteria does not accept credit cards nor do they keep cash on hand, therefore, parents must pay the exact amount or write a check for a lunch. Adult meal price is $5.50.
* Please note that according to the LA. School Food Service Policy Guidance Manual, outside restaurant food, soft drinks, and candy are not allowed in the school cafeteria. Your compliance is appreciated and necessary.


If you did not return your athletes uniform yesterday during the uniform return please email Ashley Bourgeois to make arrangements to return your uniform.  If it is not returned a fee will be assessed to replace it.

BOYS BASKETBALL REGISTRATION:  Online registration is now open and will close Friday, November 22, please make sure to register by this deadline or a late fee will be added to your registration .You should have received an email with this link to register:
Spirit Shop Now Open!
ST. GEORGE BASKETBALL Spirit Shop is now open!  There is spiritwear available for your family and friends.  Check out the shop details below.
    - Store Open From: November 12 - November 22, 2019

Keep up with the happenings around St. George by reading the St. George Catholic Church Bulletin HERE.
CATHOLICISM: THE PIVOTAL PLAYERS : The Adult Faith Formation ministry will offer Bishop Robert Barron's last two Pivotal Players: Flannery O'Connor and Bishop Fulton Sheen. We will begin learning about Flannery O'Connor, whose influence on contemporary culture, particularly literature and film is profound. Her startling prose awakens us to sin and, consequently, to the need for salvation. Please come and join us as we delve deeper into O'Connor and how she radically changes our idea of what religious fiction can be. We meet in the Parish Office on Sunday, November 17th and December 8th at 9:30 a.m. For more information contact Karen Fawley at (225) 293-2212 or

Born to Run: Saturday, November 16th Woman's New Life Clinic's
Born to Run event will be a fun morning for the whole family, including a post-event "Birth" Day party featuring food, family activities, and live music!
Register online at 
Time: 5K Run/Walk begins at 9 am. 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk begins at 8:30 am
Place: North Boulevard Town Square, Baton Rouge Price: $35

St. George Catholic School
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