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February 13, 2020

Dear Parents, Friends and Parishioners,

Thank you for the opportunity to experience the diversity, excitement, and growth of the  St. George community for the past eight years. Over the years with you, I have seen
many changes here. Technology upgrades, Blue Ribbon Status, New Pre-K program,
these and many more are all strong components of the St. George picture. I am proud to
have participated in the process of getting us where we are today. St. George is a special
place that I will cherish forever. However, it is time to share this special place with a
new leader. I have made the difficult decision that this will be my last year as the
principal of St. George School. I have accepted the position of President of St. Michael
High School. I am confident that with all the positive things happening at St. George, that  the position of principal will attract many quality candidates.

I have been both honored and privileged to serve you, your children and our community  as principal. You have many gifts at St. George that I encourage you to treasure. Your  teachers and staff are dedicated, loving individuals who have a working relationship that  is unparalleled in any school. Administrators and substitute teachers alike are constantly  amazed at the positive and supportive working relationships of our staff members. Those  relationships trickle down and support the positive school climate at St. George. The  service programs woven into the religion and academic curriculum give our students  solid footing with which to step into the world. I am proud to have been a part of these  programs.

There is still much to do, both before and after June. I am committed to serve you
proudly until my last day as your principal. I encourage you to continue your
involvement in activities, communication, and community building at St. George School.

I will carry my memories of St. George with me forever. I will keep all of you in my
prayers and ask you to keep me in yours.

God bless,
Jack Nelson

St. George School and all schools in the Diocese are accredited through Advanced ED. Every five years we go through the Accreditation process. It is time to do so again. Part of the process is to gather information from our shareholders.
We are asking all parents to complete the parent survey. Your input is important and will help is on our journey of continuous improvement. The survey may be accessed HERE.  Please complete the survey prior to February 20th.
As an extra incentive, all students who have at least one parent complete the survey will earn an Out-Of-Uniform day on Thursday, February 20th. This will be monitored on the honor system.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
 Friday, February 14 School Liturgy, 8:00am, Church

  Friday, February 21
School Liturgy, 8:00am, Church

 Monday, February 24 - Friday, February 28  Mardi Gras Holiday - No School

* Morning carpool begins at 7:20 am and ends at 7:43 am
* School day: 7:45 am - 2:45 pm
* Before Care drop-off begins at 6:45 am and ends at 7:15 am
* After Care pick-up begins at 3:20 pm

  • Enrollment information is now available on the school website.
  • Re-enrollment for currently enrolled families, including new students who have a sibling already in the program, began on Monday, February 10. 
  • Enrollment for new students and other interested families will open on Monday, February 17 on a first come first serve basis. It is expected that PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade will fill up quickly. 
  • The deadline for all families to enroll is Friday, February 21.
  • Detailed information about the program and its fees is in the information on the school website. 
  • Please contact Susan Giles ( if you have any questions.


Spring Sports Registration:
Registration is now open for 5th-8th grade girls volleyball and track. Please be sure to complete the registration by next Friday 2/21, a $50 late payment fee will be added after this date.

Intramural Sports:
1st/2nd grade soccer will be played Monday and Thursday of next week. Make sure you check with your coach for exact details.

Boys Basketball:
Basketball season is coming to an end for the year, good luck to all the 6th-8th grade teams as they finish out their seasons next week!

Uniform return for all teams will be on Wednesday, March 4 in the gym lobby. We will have two different drop off times that day: 8:00am-9:00am and 3:00pm-5:00pm. Please DO NOT return your son's uniform through school. If you cannot get the uniform to school at either of the times please ask a friend to turn it in for you.
Please consider volunteering for St. George Spirit Day on Friday, April 3, 2020. This is a wonderful fun-filled day for all! To make this day a huge success for our students, we will need lots of parent volunteers. We ask you to please consider signing up for at least 2 fifty-minute shifts. The grades that will be participating in each activity are listed under each available slot.  Volunteer HERE.
All volunteers must have completed Volunteer Certification (Details HERE)
St. George Catholic School
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