Dear St. George Families,
The Bible tells the story of Cain and Abel. You remember the story: Adam and Eve have two sons, Cain (the older) and Abel. Cain grows jealous of his younger brother, because, Scripture tells us, they both made offerings to the Lord, and "The LORD looked with favor on Abel and his offering, but on Cain and his offering he did not." (Genesis 4). 
Scripture is very economical with words, but I think we can read into this much more than just unhappiness about an "offering." Abel was likely the favored one, the one that was more naturally gifted. Perhaps you have a sibling, or a friend, or a classmate, that is (fill in the blank) smarter, prettier, more athletic, and gets more attention than you.  It's easy to get jealous of that person, like Cain did of his younger brother. So he invites Abel out to the fields, and then kills him. God comes and asks Cain, "Where is your brother Abel?," and Cain says, "I don't know. Am I my brother's keeper?" 
"Am I my brother's keeper?" Cain could have easily lived today, because his implication, that I am NOT my brother's keeper, that I am concerned only for myself, is very much in vogue. We hear in the news about abortion and euthanasia and advocates of both take a similar position: "This is MY body. I can do with it as I please. I am not responsible for others, nor do they have any authority over me. They should mind their own business." 
But over and over again, Jesus tells us to look out for each other. "Whatever you do to the least of my brothers," he tells us, you do unto me. " 
We're not likely to go out and kill the people we're jealous of like Cain did. But we ARE inclined to speak poorly about those people, to find ways to put them down, embarrass them, to act destructively. Our tongue is the most powerful "weapon" we have. We can use it, if inclined, to tear people apart.  I'll bet that all of you can remember unkind things that people have said to you or written about you, even if that were years ago. It stings. And it stings for a long time. 
But on the other hand, what we say to people can also build them up. Kind remarks, too, are memorable. I remember when I was 14 or 15 and had a locker next to the prettiest girl in the school. Once I cracked a corny joke and she laughed, genuinely, and told me "You're so funny." That's all she said, but I remember it many years later. 
So be courageous enough to become your "brother's keeper." Do that by going out of your way to be kind to others, to build them up, to compliment them about things worthy of our notice. You can make a transformational difference in the life of others if you are willing to do that. 
Let's not tear each other up, fueled by jealousy, like Cain was. Do the opposite. Compliment others. Praise them. At the end of the day, do an inventory of who you built up that day.  Not only will it lift them up, you'll be surprised how much better you feel about yourself, too. 
God bless,
Jack Nelson

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 PreK - 5th Parent Conferences - No School, PreK - 5th  
 Report Cards - Grades 6 - 8
 SGS Follies: 2 performances - Details below

  6th - 8th Parent Conferences - No School, 6th -8th
 PreK Spring Portraits

  DARE Graduation, 9:30am, Kleinpeter Activity Center

 Family Night - No Homework/No Activities

 School Liturgy, 8:00am
 Academic and Behavior Awards
 Lenten Food Drive Stewardship Project 
 Pre- K Canned Vegetables
 Grade 3- Canned Vegetables or canned fruits
 Grade 4 - * flour (place in ziploc bag)
 Grade 5 * rice 
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 First Eucharist Retreat

August 8 ~ First Day of School
February 24 - 28 ~ Mardi Gras Break
October 18 - 20 ~ St. George Fair
April 10 - 17 ~ Easter Break
November 25 - 29 ~ Thanksgiving Break
May 22 ~ Last Day of School
December 23 - January 6 ~ Christmas Break

2019-2020 BEFORE/AFTER CARE ENROLLMENT IS CLOSED. It will reopen two weeks after the start of the new school year if any space is available. Please contact Susan Giles (susan.giles@sgschoolbr.org) if you have any questions.

THANK YOU to those who made  PreK Grandparent's Day special for our grandparents and littlest Dragons. This event was not possible without the help from our faculty and volunteers. "Grateful for Grandparents" was successful thanks in part to Mr. Randy West and Mr. Robert and Ms. Martha in the KAC. A sincere thanks to our Bakers Committee for providing food and refreshments for the reception and also to our Home and School Committee who helped to organize the event. We are thankful for your continuous support and service.
Price Increase - April 1st
  • $43 + $2.25 processing fee
  • Price increase on April 1st, and May 1st
  • www.yearbookforever.com 
  • Questions?, email Mrs.Cooper -ashley.cooper@sgschoolbr.org 
Cookies, Cakes, and Pies...Oh My!
The SGS Adv. Band II and Performance Choir will be selling desserts at the Men's Club Fish Dinner on Friday, March 22
* Dine In and Enjoy "LIVE JAZZ ON THE STAGE!"
* Proceeds from desserts sales will support our SGS Band and Choir performance trip to Branson.  
Thank You for helping to make our talent shine!
March cafeteria payments are due now. All school meal payments are due in advance.
Please remember to send extra funds for seconds and extras.
March Lunch prices: Full - $48.00, Reduced - $6.40
March Breakfast prices Full - $29.60, Reduced - $4.80

Cash and Check
payments are accepted at school.
Online  credit card and bank draft payments are available at www.myschoolbucks.com. All families are encouraged to set up alerts and monitor your students' cafeteria purchases at www.myschoolbucks.com. It is not necessary to make payments in order to set up an account.
Please note that according to the LA. School Food Service Policy Guidance Manual, outside restaurant food, soft drinks, and candy are not allowed in the school cafeteria. Your compliance is appreciated.


       Adult meal price - $5.50 - exact amount or check only

SGS Spring Follies "The World Awaits!" 
Places To Go and Ways To Get There
Tickets now a vailable on Eventbrite here:   https://bit.ly/2ClSkSE
As a service to our school community, the library is offering the required summer reading books for sale. A percentage of the cost of each book sold will be donated to our library. The order form for each grade level was sent home this week. Please contact Jennifer Taylor, Jennifer.Taylor@sgschoolbr.org , with any questions.

School supply kits for upcoming 2nd - 8th grade students are available for purchase HERE.
Kits will be shipped to student's home.
Please remember to order supply kit for student's next year grade.
*Students in grades PreK - 1st will be charged a supply fee in lieu of ordering supply kits. Supplies will be in PreK-1st grade students' class on their first day.

* Spring Sport Pictures (GVB, Track and Baseball) are scheduled for 3/22 from after school until approximately 4:30pm. You will receive an email from your coach with the exact time. Students will be dismissed directly to the gym and should be picked up from there following their appointment time. Please send student's uniform to school with them.

Spirit Day ~ April 5, 2019
Please co nsider volunteering for St. George Spirit Day on Friday, April 5, 2019. This is a wonder ful fun-filled day for  all!
To make this day a huge success for our students, we will nee
d lots of parent volunteers. 
We ask you to please consider signing up for at least 2 fifty-minute  shifts. Thank you for sharing your time and talents for this special day, and we look forward to seeing you on April 5th! 
Sign Up HERE

Home & School Board Call for Nominations for the 2019-2020 Board
Please send nominations to carla.ball@sgschoolbr.org by  March 29th
The SGS Home & School Association Board is seeking officers to fill two Assistant Special Events Coordinators positions, a Treasurer position, and an Assistant Volunteer Coordinator position.
Please consider nominating yourself or someone else to one of these Board positions.
* Assistant Special Events Coordinators  shall assist the Special Events Coordinators in all capacities for one year and assume office as Special Events Coordinator the following year. Special Events Coordinators and Assistants plan and coordinate events throughout the year such as Grandparents Day and Teacher Appreciation Day. These coordinators will work with the Board and Administration to plan any other special events throughout the year. If you have questions about this position, you are welcome to contact current Special Events Coordinator, Melissa Terrell, at melissaruizterrell@gmail.com.
* Treasurer position will hold a three-year term. Treasurer shall receive and disburse all monies of the organization. Treasurer shall keep accurate and complete books according to acceptable business practices; shall pay all bills approved by the board of Directors; shall make a financial report at each meeting and shall present a written annual financial report published prior to the last general membership meeting of each year. He/she shall have available all records for review upon request of the Board of Directors, School Administration and Pastor. You do not have to be a CPA or Accountant to be Treasurer. If you have questions about this position, you are welcome to contact current Treasurer, Karin Simmons, at kssras@cox.net.
*   Assistant Volun teer Coordinator shall assist the Volunteer Coordinator is all capacities for one year and assume office of Volunteer Coordinator the following year. Volunteer Coordinator and Assistant Volunteer Coordinator select room parents for each grade. He/she shall facilitate volunteer assignments, and shall inform room parents of their duties by a folder which shall be revised yearly. If you have questions about this position, you are welcome to contact current Volunteer Coordinator, Jenny Vargas, at jlewisvargas2210@gmail.com.

What is the Home & School Association Board?
The Home & School Association Board is made up of volunteers who are working or stay at home parents of children enrolled at St. George Catholic School. Our goal is to encourage a channel of communication and interchange among parents, teachers, and the administrative staff while supporting the school through planned activities, social functions and fundraisers. Some of the activities and events we coordinate include Grandparents Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Spirit Day. As a team, we enjoy helping our school and having the opportunities to meet new parents. If you have more questions about Home & School, please feel free to contact Jen Parfait at jparfait@lsu.edu.

Please send your nominations to Carla Ball (Carla.Ball@sgschoolbr.org) by March 29th. In the event there are several candidates for each position, each candidate will be notified and listed on a ballot for the members of Home & School (all parents) to vote.
Keep up with the happenings around St. George by reading the St. George Catholic Church Bulletin HERE.                                 
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