Thursday, January 21, 2021
Principal's Message
Ordinary time in the liturgical year focuses on the ministry of Jesus in his daily life. We listen to stories of him teaching lessons, telling stories, and interacting with others.  Imagine being there during the ministry of Jesus, listening to his sermons or sitting with him for meals. How does he talk to people? How does he treat those around him? Is he rushed or attentive? Calm or anxious?

We can learn so much from Jesus by taking time to reflect on our own interactions with others. Ask yourself, how do I interact with others? Do I give others my full attention? How do others feel after talking with me?

Inspired by Every Sacred Sunday

Mrs. Fontenot

Re-enrollment of Current Students - January 29 - February 5
Re-enrollment of current students begins Friday, January 29th and ends Friday, February 5th.

Information regarding online re-enrollment will be communicated by email on Friday, January 29th.
Teacher Appreciation Week - February 8th - 12th, 2021
February 8 - 12, 2021

Students who wish to participate may show appreciation for their teachers in the following ways. This is voluntary and not mandatory. 

Monday - Give your teacher a quarter (the coke machine in the lounge is 50 cents)
Tuesday - Special Teacher's Day: Bring a small surprise to the Art, Computer, Spanish, Guidance,
Music, Library, PE or Religion teacher that your child has that day 
Wednesday - Give your teacher a favorite snack or fruit
Thursday - Give your teacher a card, note or prayer
Friday - Give your teacher a school supply

Call for Door Prizes for Teacher Appreciation Week
The Home and School Special Events Committee is accepting donations to make “swag bags” for our teachers to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. Donated door prizes are usually given during the annual sit-down luncheon. Although there will not be a luncheon this year, we will still collect prizes to make "swag bags" for each teacher to let them know how much we appreciate them. If you would like to donate an item (nothing is too big or too small), please send items to the office with your name on it by Friday, February 5th. You may contact Jesse Lambert with any questions- 225-572-1352. All individuals and businesses will be recognized for their donation in Dragon Tales.  
Athletic Dragon News
Boys (6th - 8th) Basketball

Middle School Boys Basketball is off to a great start! Below is a schedule of games for the next week, good luck to all of the teams playing!!

Thursday, 1/21
  • 7th JV White @ St. George 5:45
  • 8th JV Green @ St. George 6:45
  • 7th JV Dragons @ St. George 7:45

Tuesday, 1/26
  • 7th JV Green @ St. Aloysius 5:45
  • 8th JV White @ St. Aloysius 6:45
  • 8th JV Green @ St. Aloysius 7:45

  • 7th JV Dragons @ St. Theresa 6:45

Wednesday, 1/27
  • 6th Varsity @ St. Jude 5:45
  • 7th Varsity @ St. Jude 6:45
  • 8th Varsity @ St. Jude 7:45

  • 7th JV Green @ Holy Family 5:45

Thursday, 1/28
  • 6th JV White @ St. George 5:45
  • 6th JV Green @ St. George 6:45
  • 7th JV White @ St. George 7:45

Reminder that the online registration for all 6th-8th grade boys basketball players is due by tomorrow, January 22. If you have not completed the registration please do so as soon as possible. If the registration is not completed by the deadline your son will not be allowed to participate in a practice or game until the registration fee plus a late fee has been paid. The link is provided below:

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St. Michael the Archangel High School Open House
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