Thursday, November 12, 2020
Principal's Message

During the upcoming week, as we prepare for Thanksgiving, our entire St. George school family is going to be focusing on positives. Each student and staff member will have their own Positive Pumpkin project sheet and every morning during our schoolwide virtual assembly we will all write something that is positive in our life. Throughout each day we will also encourage and recognize positive words and actions by giving each other a “+” positive on their pumpkin when they do or say something positive. We hope by focusing on what is good in our lives that we will bring joy and positivity to each other and everyone around us. We encourage you to join our positive pumpkin project at home, as a family, by modeling and discussing what is positive in your life. 

Below are a few phrases about positive thoughts and actions:

  • When you add more positive thoughts, your brain will create relaxation and happiness. By training yourself to follow or negate negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll improve your positive/negative thought ratio and be happier.
  • Positive thinking is a mental and emotional state of mind that focuses on the good and expects positive outcomes.

  • Developing and maintaining positive energy involves more than merely thinking happy thoughts. It is the anticipation of good (i.e. happiness, health and success) and it is the belief that all things — situations, obstacles and difficulties — will work out favorably in the end.

  • Optimism does not involve ignoring negativity. It is the acknowledgement of the negative but then choosing to focus on the positive. At its root, it is simply the belief that despite the current circumstances, things will work out favorable in the end.

  • A positive mind comes from a heart full of faith.

Mrs. Fontenot

Upcoming Events
November Stewardship Project
November 11 - November 18

PreK and Kindergarten students are bringing food items to stock the St. George parish St. Vincent dePaul panty, along with a $1.00 donation.

Students in grades 1st - 8th are providing an assigned food item, along with a $1.00 donation, to offer a complete Thanksgiving meal to a needy family in our St. George Parish community.

Monetary donations will be used to provide a gift card for each family receiving a Thanksgiving meal. This will allow them to purchase a ham or turkey to complete their meal.

Through this service project we have an excellent opportunity to teach and reinforce the spirit of generosity. Parents may wish to consider the following:

  • Have your child work at some "little job" around the house to earn the cost of the contribution.
  • Encourage your child to give from his/her savings.

Please return monetary and food donations by Wednesday, November 18th.

Thank you for your generosity in donating to needy families in our parish to help them have a Happy Thanksgiving.
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