Thursday, February 11, 2021
Dear St. George Parents,

Last week I listed the teachers’ pros and cons from this school year, and I promised that I would share what the students revealed are their likes and dislikes from this year. Of course, the answers vary from grade level to grade level, so this is just a “picture” of what they have been sharing with me.

Most students like having all the teachers in a grade level and many of them like not switching classes. They seem to enjoy having all their belongings with them and not having to worry about which supplies to pack and bring to another classroom. Then again, I also heard that some students miss switching classes. They like having a water bottle and enjoy eating in their classrooms. Some like lunch in the classroom because it is not as noisy as the cafeteria and some like it because they get to watch movies. Almost everyone enjoys playing on the football field at recess, but they would like to be able to play with all the students and not just the ones in their homeroom. Inside arrival and dismissal is liked by most because it gives students time to do some work, read a book or get some extra help from the teacher. Students definitely don’t like that we missed the fair but are excited about being able to begin sports. They enjoy virtual morning assembly because they get to see their siblings, friends, and little buddies. They are happy to be at school and wish that the virus would go away. I agree!

Talking with the teachers and students has been such a wonderful experience. I am amazed how everyone is able to find positives amidst all the changes we have had and I am filled with joy to hear that the students and teachers have embraced some of the changes and even want to keep some of them in place next year. We have learned a lot this year and will use this knowledge as we plan for next year.

Mrs. Fontenot
Application for Tuition Assistance
St. George Church provides limited funds to offer tuition assistance for parish families who are experiencing financial difficulties. This assistance is available to families registered in St. George Parish who have demonstrated a desire for Catholic education at St. George Catholic School for their children and who, because of extraordinary circumstances, can demonstrate a need for tuition assistance.

Applications for Tuition Assistance are obtained from the St. George Church Office, 7808 St. George Drive, Baton Rouge. The completed applications should be returned to the St. George Church Office in an envelope addressed to the “Tuition Assistance Committee”. Applications must be submitted by March 31 prior to the school year for which tuition assistance is requested. Assistance is given for one school year. A new application must be submitted each year. You may call the St. George Church Office for more information (225) 293-2212. 
Teacher Appreciation Week Thank You's
The faculty and staff wholeheartedly thank our Home and School Special Events Coordinators for organizing and executing an exceptional Teacher Appreciation Week.

Many thanks to the below listed individuals, families and businesses for their generosity in making this week a very special week that was enjoyed by all!

Ozzie Fernandez (Izzo's Illegal Burrito),Tara Aucoin, Alex & Charlie Jolissaint, Julie Boudreaux, LLC, Greg Foreman, Noel Family, Lawrence Family, Heggelund Family, LaDonna & Mike Guillot,
Jackie Briggs, Keith & Jennifer McCann (KMC Construction), Aaron & Carrie Jones, Mary & Jason Alford, Taylor Bech PA-C, David & Rachel Dellucci, Schroeder Family, Lincoln Ross, Vu Nguyen & Lethi Tran, Politz Family, Tucker & Maverick Mizell, Rachel Blake, Kelley Hicks, Jenny Allen, Kristine Davis, Mark Emonet, Melissa Grissom, DeCarlo Family, Dr. Evelyn Griffin, Kennerly Family, Bradley & Kristen Hernandez, Laural Howard, Jenny Vargos, Dr. Louis LeFebvre, Blush Bridal Salon, Amy Sellers, Charlotte Hanneman, Liz Centanni, Urban Lash, RPS Designs, Elizabeth Bondy, Jessica Cuba and all who donated anonymously. Your thoughtfulness and generosity is greatly appreciated.

Athletic Dragon News
Girls Volleyball - 6th - 8th Grade:

The athletic department is excited to start preparing for the upcoming girls volleyball season for any girl in grades 6th - 8th wanting to participate this year. An email went out earlier this week with very important time sensitive information, please contact Ashley Bourgeois if you did not receive the email.  

The deadline to sign up to participate in volleyball is tomorrow 2/12, the link is below. It is very important that parents complete the google form as the jerseys for the players will be ordered over the weekend and your daughter may not be able to participate if this form is not completed on time.

Boys Basketball:
Boys basketball games will resume the week after Mardi Gras break. We hope all the teams pick up where they left off and finish the season strong. Here is the schedule for the week we return:

Monday, 2/22
  • 6th JV White @ St. George 5:45
  • 6th JV Green @ St. George 6:45
  • 8th JV Green @ St. George 7:45

  • 7th JV Green @ MBS 5:45

Tuesday, 2/23 
  • 6th Varsity @ St. George 5:45
  • 7th Varsity @ St. George 6:45
  • 8th Varsity @ St. George 7:45

  • 6th JV Green @ St. Aloysius 5:45
  • 8th JV White @ St. Aloysius 6:45
  • 7th JV Dragons @ St. Aloysius 7:45

Wednesday, 2/24
  • 7th JV Green @ OLOM 6:45

Thursday, 2/25
  • 6th JV White @ St. St. Thomas More 5:45

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