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April 1, 2020
A Note from Patti

We miss you! We miss your smiling faces as we step up to the pulpit on Sunday morning. We miss little ones who like to dance and sing to music in our services. We miss our parishioners who stop by the office to say hello during the work week. We miss our youth whose energy and faith amaze and bolster us every Monday evening. And we miss our Day School students whose laughter and joy filled our campus just weeks ago.

This international health crisis has put the brakes on so many aspects of our lives. For most of us, our jobs, our family dynamics, our education, and our routines are all on hold. But hopefully your faith endures. I don't know what I would do without it in these times. And that is why our staff is working so hard to make sure that your faith continues to to be supported through us by social media and the internet (and even regular mail for some you). No, it doesn't take the place of personal contact, but we are providing a variety of worship services, meditations, prayers, music, and even children's time to provide some peace for your souls and continued interaction with all of your St. Margaret's family.

Starting on Sunday, Holy Week begins, and you and your family will experience Jesus' journey throughout the week with daily online posts and programs. No, we can't be in the sanctuary together on that glorious Easter morning, but we will be worshipping, singing, and interacting with each other. And maybe sometime in the near future, we'll appreciate more the time when we are allowed the opportunity to come back to our beautiful campus and worship together side by side.

Patti will be conducting a weekly prayer service with the listing of those to pray for every Friday evening posted at 8 p.m . on our Facebook public page . As a reminder, or Facebook posts are available on the homepage of our website within 24 hours of our posting. The Rev. Patti will also provide a blessing for birthdays and anniversaries for April THIS Friday. If you have a prayer request, send it to patti@st-margarets.org and copy to info@st-margarets.org .
Our Prayer for the Week

May we who are merely inconvenienced
remember those whose lives are at stake.
May we who have no risk factors
remember those most vulnerable.
May we who have the luxury of working from home
remember those who must choose between preserving their health or making their rent.
May we who have the flexibility to care for our children when their schools close
remember those who have no options.
May we who have to cancel our trips
remember those who have no safe place to go.
May we who are losing our margin money in the economic tumult
remember those who have no margin at all.
May we who settle in for a quarantine at home
remember those who have no home.
As fear grips our economy,
let us choose love.
During this time when we cannot physically wrap our arms around each other,
let us yet find ways to be the loving embrace of God to our neighbors.

Post Credit: St. Anne's Episcopal Church in Lincoln, MA
Campus Closure

The SMC campus is now closed. We ask all parishioners to not enter any of the buildings, even if you have keys. This includes the playground of the Day School. This is for the health and safety of both parishioners and staff. Though staff will be checking phone messages remotely, the best way to contact staff is through email. Checks should be mailed in. The mailbox at the staff door in the admin. building is not secure but the locked US postal mailboxes are.

The Rev. Peter W. Mayer - Peter@st-margarets.org
The Rev. Patti Sachs - Patti@st-margarets.org
Jim Douglas - Music@st-margarets.org
Elizabeth Radley - Elizabeth@st-margarets.org
Jeff Conover - Jeff@st-margarets.org
Laura Tayman - Laura@st-margarets.org
Teresa McCorkle - Office@st-margarets.org
Tricia McVeigh - Tricia@st-margarets.org
holy week
Updated Holy Week Schedule

Palm Sunday Service - Posted 9:00 a.m. - April 5
Holy Monday - Wednesday - Posted 2:00 p.m. - April 6-8
Maundy Thursday Service - Posted at 7:00 p.m.- April 9
Good Friday Children's Chapel - Posted at Noon - April10
Good Friday Service - Posted at 7:00 p.m. - April 10
Holy Saturday AM - Posted at 10:00 a.m. - April 11
Easter Vigil Service - Posted at 8:00 p.m. - April 11
Easter Morning Service w/Rev. Peter - Posted at 9:00 a.m. - April 12
Posting of Easter Sunday Service from 2019 - Posted at 2:00 p.m.- April 12

All posted on our Facebook public page at www.facebook.com/smcannapolis
or our YouTube channel . View our Holy Week services on our new Holy Week page on our website.
Holy Week Children's Activity Book

Besides our Children's Chapel time with Pastor Peter this Friday and on Good Friday (on out FB public page), we are also providing our children with an activity book for Holy Week. It summarizes Jesus' journey everyday toward the Resurrection. And all of the daily activities involve children using their hands - either with paints, markers, or crayons.

Book Study --by Zoom on Thurs. AM

Our Thursday morning book club is open to all! The parishioners are currently reading the Rachel Held Evans book "Searching for Sunday." The group meets at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday mornings. If you would like to join in, email patti@st-margarets.org .
Sunday's Service
March 29, 2020
Presiding Bishop Michael Curry
Habits of Grace - Week of March 30
Here are links to information about ways to help our community during this time:

Sewing for a Cause

Community Response Team from Anne Arundel Medical Center
The hospital's Community Response Fund addresses the areas of care where they are needed most in the health care system at this time, including: 
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as N95; masks, Avagard sanitizer, isolation gowns, and protective hardware;
  • Counseling for staff who are experiencing extreme stress and trauma; 
  • Financial assistance for patients who can no longer afford health insurance due to job loss; and
  • Up to the minute training so caregivers can learn the rapidly evolving knowledge on how to safely and successfully care for and heal infectious disease patients.

Giving to St. Margaret's

If you give on Sundays, please don't forget us during this time.

It's never been easier to give to St. Margaret's!

*To give online, go to https://onrealm.org/smcannapolis/Give .

*To give by cell phone, text GIVESMC to the number 73256.

*You can always mail checks. Our lock boxes have been installed for security.
Virtual Hymn Sings Coming Soon
music notes
In the coming weeks, we will live-stream some virtual hymn sings. We will stream them through Facebook like we do for our Sunday morning services. Everyone is encouraged to submit their favorite one or two hymns and/or songs from the Third Sunday Band. Please include your name (or family), name of the hymn, and a sentence explaining why it’s a favorite, and forward along to Jim at  music@st-margarets.org . Thank you to those parishioners who have already submitted. We hope to have a list of more than 100 to choose from. We will announce the dates and times soon so that you can tune in to see if your hymn is picked at random. Plus, we will throw in some requests made live during the livestream through the video’s comments function. Stay tuned!
Photos of the Week Sought
Parishioners are missing each other, so we are seeking photos of our members representing how they are getting through this time. Send your digital photos to info@st-margarets.org.