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June 12, 2019
A Note from Jeff
With the close of the lock-in this Saturday morning, the program year for Youth Group wraps up. This gives me yet another opportunity to brag on our youth – a favorite pastime of mine. We have had a very successful year, and when I look back at all we did, I am more than ready for a little time off!
The entire year was built around the idea we would create our own church service for the end of the year. We devoted a lot of time to this in the form of reading, visiting other churches’ services, wide-ranging discussions, and even some play-acting! We went from the sublime – a thorough dissection and analysis of the Nicene Creed and the Beatitudes – to the (slightly) ridiculous – using Peeps to illustrate scenes from Holy Week. In the end, we created a service that was as rooted in Jesus’s ideas of unqualified love and acceptance as we could make it. From the Youth Group’s perspective, it was so successful that we want to do it again! Look for an entirely new worship experience in January 2020.

We served others through serving meals at St. Phillips during Winter Relief, and at the Light House Shelter. We helped a neighbor and a friend complete her Girl Scout Gold Award project. We reached out to some other neighbors through our association with Annapolis PRIDE, to let them know they are loved. We spread Christmas joy by caroling for some who can’t get out and about. We advanced our spiritual journeys at places like Claggett, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC, and Camp Wright on Kent Island. Throughout the year we assisted with Children’s Chapel and Godly Play. We carried crosses, the Word, candles and beautiful tunes to enhance our church family’s worship. And most importantly, we continued to strengthen our community, supporting each other when burdens got to be too much, and cheering our many triumphs.

All such year-end summaries must include the sad news that we are losing some of our friends as the seniors graduate to new adventures. We have to say,” So Long!” to Lena Hanrahan, Kimdahae Wenz, Nellie Bowers, Malcolm Huntley and Rita Veno. You know you are always loved and are always welcome back! Our sadness at missing them every Monday night is tempered somewhat, though, by the arrival of a new batch of 6 th graders in September! Lucky them – they are showing up just in time for some really fun stuff! See you in the fall!
Children's Summer Hour
Begins Sunday!

Our new Summer Children's Hour begins this Sunday, June 16 at 10:20 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Kids ages 3-9 and their families are encouraged to join clergy for a discussion on the Gospel lesson and a craft/activity following.

We are in need of one family a week to set up for the craft (supplies provided) and clean up after each Sunday. To sign up, click HERE.
Play Bible Bingo This Summer!
Attend Services on Sunday!

We will begin our Bible Bingo game THIS Sunday, June 16. Participants (one per family or unit) will receive bingo cards starting June 16 from ushers. Clergy will provide one playing tile each Sunday. Participants will tape that tile on to their card each Sunday.

Bingo winners will win a lunch with the church staff member of their choice or receive a $25 gift card of their choice!

Coming Soon: Camp Allen

St. Margaret's will host Camp Allen this summer, from August 5- 9. It is a half-day day camp for the children of the Allen Apartments in the Parole area of Annapolis. It was founded by Wes and Arvilla Wubbenhorst as an outgrowth of the church's mission trips to Honduras over 20 years ago. We are seeking volunteers for a wide variety of roles. Whatever your interests and skill set, we have a job for you. We are looking for youth counselors, people to lead or help with crafts and activities on Monday and Tuesday, people to help with registration on Monday and Tuesday, chaperones for field trips on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and help with preparing and serving snacks and meals. Spanish speaking is not required (although very welcome!). In the upcoming weeks there will be sign-up opportunities in the parish hall, or you may contact coordinator, Sarah Hyde, at 410 562-9904 or email
Annapolis Pride Event June 29

St. Margaret's members will be taking part in a variety of Annapolis Pride events coming up this month. St. Margaret's is offering members the opportunity to march in the Pride parade and represent our parish in the Pride festival that day.

Come out to the Baysox Stadium in Bowie for Pride Night tomorrow, June 13th where you can cheer on the team AND cheer on the Third Sunday Band. They will be playing at the Stadium Bar from 5-6:00 p.m. The game starts at 7:05 p.m.

Bible Bits in July-August

Coming this summer starting July 7, different designated parishioners will lead a study each Sunday on their favorite bible verses during the formation hour of 10:20 a.m. to 11 a.m. in Classroom E.
Database Updating/Office - Our staff is receiving training on our new database system this week. This might result in the temporary closing the phone system or in the closing of the office to visitors on Thursday. Please try to communicate with staff by email if at all possible.

As we update our church database this summer, we are collecting photos of parishioners to include in a new pictorial directory that will be available in September. If we don’t have a recent photo of you/your family, please submit a digital photo by emailing it to We are especially in need of newer members. We hope to send out email requests if we do not have your photo in our system. Please remember that we need a digital photo that is close up enough to see faces clearly. Make sure there is enough light. If you have a younger family (kids at home), please include them in your one submission.
Sunday's Service
Staff Contacts

The Rev. Peter W. Mayer, Rector

The Rev.Patti Sachs, Asst. Rector

Jim Douglas, Director of Music

Elizabeth Radley, Director of Operations

Laura Tayman, Planning & Comm. Asst.

Jeff Conover, Youth Ministries Leader

Teresa McCorkle, Bookkeeper

Tricia McVeigh, Day School Director

Jim Bowersox, Facilities Maintenance Asst.
Service Participants

Currently Scheduled for This Sunday
EM @ 7:30: Fran Becker
Lector @7:30: Ann Lallande
EM @ 9: Kim Coble, Beth Knorr
Lectors @ 9: Russell Jackson, Sandra Goldthwait
Current Acolytes @ 9: Zacca Jackson, Joseph Jackson, MORE NEEDED
Summer Children's Hour: The Westcotts
EM @11:15: Jim Hall, Stacia Bontempo
Lectors@11:15: Jan Brewer, Peg Overton
Current Acolytes @ 11:!5: Molly Rose Svendsen, Caroline VanArsdall, MORE NEEDED
Coffeehour Hosts: Jan Little, Carol Williams, Web Chamberlin
Flower Guild: Mollie Flounlacker
Altar Guild: Charlie Lang, Teresa Todd, Susan Byrom, Robert Thomas

Currently Scheduled for June 23
EM @7:30: Terry Otis
Lector @ 9: Kathy Polk
EM @ 9: Elizabeth Bowers, Al Todd
Lectors @ 9: Karyn Sproles, Mollie Flounlacker
Current Acolytes @ 9: Dylan Bishop, MORE NEEDED
Summer Children's Hour: Horton Family
EM @11:15: Jim Reising, Sue Snyder
Lectors@11:15: Jim Weekley, Valery Weekley
Current Acolytes @ 11:!5: Hannah Carroll, Emily Carroll, MORE NEEDED
Coffeehour Hosts: Kathy and Charlie Lang,
Laurie and Toby Tomko, Molly Horton
Flower Guild: Kathy Lang
Altar Guild: Jan Little, Jeanne Nardi, Mary Lesster

Go to our scheduling system to request a replacement or sign up where needed.

Swapped with someone else? Email a note to (Bulletins are usually printed on Wednesdays each week.)
St. Margaret's Church

Office Phone: 410-974-0200
Emergency Pastoral #: 443-837-5463