Cup of Empowerment
November 19, 2018
It feels so good to sit back,  catch our breath and  savor a cup of empowerment   fro God's Word



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Dragon Warrior
Dr. CarolMarie

In a local restaurant, I saw a gentleman probably in his 30s who sported a tattoo of a dragon on his calf. I asked him if he was a warrior? He looked puzzled wondering why I would ask such a thing. Referring to his tattoo on his leg I said, "It looks like a warrior tattoo!" (I have learned that when people have paid good money for their tattoos, they usually are quick to explain the meaning behind them.)  Wondering if he had been into martial arts, I asked him also about the one on his arm. He explained all the different markings that went up his arm onto his shoulder as he willingly rolled up his sleeve. He told me he was in that art as a teenager but was not involved in that now. "You remind me of Job chapter 29 in the Bible" I said. "Job snatch the prey out of the mouth of the wicked and broke their jaws so that they could not do it anymore! That is what you do!" "My son will like that" he replied and told me that he would read Job 29! With a smile he joined his teenage son to share his warrior experience over their food.  As he was leaving, I reminded my Dragon Warrior to read Job 29. He happily explained "I already did!" thanking me for it!

Let God flow through you wherever you are!  "Word of knowledge" was stirred up in me in a fun and easy way as I was willing to talk to this man showing the love of God.  In I Corinthians 12:4-11 it speaks about the different "gifts" of the spirit which are different ways the Lord can flow through us.  "And there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit. And there are varieties of ministry but the same Lord. And there are varieties of activities but the same God, The One who works all things in all people. And to each is given the manifestation of the Spirit toward that which is profitable for all. For indeed through the Spirit to one is given a word of wisdom, to another a word of knowledge according to the same spirit....but the one and same spirit operates all these things..."

It is simply letting God flow through us by His Holy Spirit that dwells in us.  I did not know ahead of time that Job 29 belonged to him.  I felt a stirring of the Lord to talk to him about his tattoo.  And by experience with the Lord, I trusted that He would lead my conversation.  "The One that works all things in all people" was manifesting His love and encouragement to this man!  It was "profitable for all"!  This word was rewarding for him as it brought encouragement and it was for me also as I moved in obedience.  That's our thermostat!  Will what I say encourage and profit that person?  "But one that prophecies speaks to men" (or speaks a message from God to another person), "building up and encouraging and comforting." 1 Corinthians 14:3 If it doesn't build up, encourage or comfort then be quiet.

Love needs to motivate us!  Sandwiched in between 1 Corinthians chapters 12 and 14 (that I quoted above) that relates to the "gifts" of the Spirit is chapter 13. In verse one it tells us that if we are just speaking or expressing His power without love we are only making noise!  In verse eight we are told that "Love never fails or grows obsolete!"  I always want to error on the side of love!  Even if someone didn't want to receive my word of encouragement, in the eyes of love, they are a Dragon Warrior!

Please join us on Tuesdays at Anna's Gate for more teachings on the strategies of Heaven that will help you live in victory!  If you are in the area, prophetic prayer starts at 2 PM (EST) and Worship at 4 PM.  Teaching will follow the worship right around 4:30 PM.  We live stream most of the teachings on my Facebook page for those outside the area, (CarolMarie Smith).  It's all about HIM!  When we learn that we can love as He does, our hearts can be healed!

Be sure to read the Torah portions below that Jesus read during this time in history!  There is always something that relates to us in our place in history now!  That's so amazing to me!

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