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Advanced Resources LLC is among the best product manufacturers in Northeast Ohio, offering a wide selection of products such as Drake Nuts and Drake Bolts . We have unparalleled experience and versatility, allowing us to fulfill any unique specifications. Furthermore, we provide global purchasing solutions to our customers for access to the best materials available whether imported or domestic.
Drake Nuts
Our Drake Nut is a 2-piece, free-spinning lock nut. These lock nuts can be placed anywhere on a threaded part's length, and its design also offers a positive locking feature, preventing damage to mating threads.

Stock Sizes: 1/4 - 28, 5/16 - 24, 3/8 - 24, 1/2 - 20, 5/8 - 18, 3/4 - 16

Drake Bolts
Drake Bolts are some of the most durable mold bolts on the market. Advanced Resources Drake Bolts are extended hex head steel bolts and receivers. Due to their durability and ease of application, the rotational molding industry employs these mold bolts as a standard clamping method.

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