Fury Inc. Private Security - Mogul
From a distance this modern concrete building could be mistaken for an old, stone pyramid sitting by the Bay. But with a closer look, the features of a more modern, high-tech fortress become visible...
This concrete structure is the home of Fury Inc., private security providers for mercenary teams and covert ops of any size. Flying above you can see it’s an octagonal building layered incrementally with a small "pyramid" at the top that contains a private penthouse. One front of the building has an arch shape to the top where mercenary teams and covert ops can be seen flying out of the building. On another front, the Fury logo is placed at the top of the building with its tiger’s head and advanced-tech weapons making an x-cross beneath.
Given its unique architecture and private security services offered, the Fury building is one of the interesting sights in town to stop and check out.
Fury Inc. is located in the heart of New Bradford, right where it can be close by many high investment properties it has been contracted to protect.