Prior to his admission at JRC, Joseph had little success at the other programs he attended. He struggled with social interactions due to the high frequency and intensity of his inappropriate and dangerous behaviors. In turn there were not many demands placed on him at either school or home months prior to his admission.

Joseph could be very aggressive toward peers
and family members. On several occasions he had even aggressed toward his parents while they were driving. Joseph had significant sensory issues toward noises such as laughter, yelling, coughing, or sneezing.

At home, Joseph broke windows, TVs and other expensive items when presented with limits or when his parents tried to disrupt his obsessive and rigid behaviors. Joseph had a hard time tolerating changes in his routine and if his schedule was changed without notice it often resulted in a tantrum. He often secluded himself in his room and his behaviors were so unpredictable that the community outings he once loved had become almost impossible.
Since his admission to JRC Joseph has been becoming more social, initiating conversations, and actively engaging in group activities. He is willing to try new things and even enjoyed putting on a tux and attending his prom and high school graduation ceremony.
Joseph is now able to hold an in-school job! He enjoys vacuuming and cleaning and can be seen helping out at the day program as well as at his residence.
Joseph loves spending leisure time with his peers baking, doing arts and crafts, and once again going on community outings.

Joseph has come a long way since his admission and today shows flexibility with altering routines and accepting change. He is now capable of demonstrating compliance, cooperation, and self-control.
Aside from all his accomplishments at JRC, Joseph has also made remarkable progress at home with his family! During his home visits he has been able to attend family gatherings, run errands, go for walks around his neighborhood, and go swimming which are events his family were unsure he would ever do again. His family visits often and each time they express their overwhelming gratitude to the staff at JRC who continue to work with Joseph.

We, at JRC continue to strive for Joseph to have ongoing improvements to his quality of life, through promoting his independence and access to functional skills needed for his future endeavors. Way to go Joseph!
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