Dear Friends,

You are receiving this email because you have made a commitment to spend fifteen minutes a day, five days a week, in solitude and silence, so as to draw near to God.
Thank you to Pastor Chuck Osburn for writing today's questions.

I want to hear how this is going for you! Please respond to this email and tell me what you are learning, what God is saying, and how this commitment is going.

Also, who else do you know who might want to make this commitment? Forward this email to them. They can receive these emails by registering here.

I’m praying with and for all of you!

In Christ,
Drawing Near, Week 4

General Instructions:

  1. Be patient and give yourself grace. This is new for many of us! 
  2. Decide which days and what time you will enter into solitude and silence. Consider putting these times on your calendar, and, if needed, share this commitment with those you are living with so that they can support you.
  3. Find a quiet place, free from distraction, where you can be comfortable.
  4. Consider lighting a candle so as to claim the space as “holy ground.”
  5. Begin each time by letting your spirit and mind settle, and asking God to guide your time with him.
  6. Consider keeping a journal so as to record how God is leading you.
Scripture for This Week:

Psalms 146 & 147
Psalms 148 & 149
Psalm 150

* If one passage resonates with you, consider dwelling in that verse or verses for more than a day, and perhaps the whole week.

To learn more about this week's challenge, look on pages 13-15 of our Worship Reimagined Life Group Study Guide.
Reflection for This Week:

Each day, reflect on one or more of the following, and consider writing your thoughts down in a journal:

  1. What similarities and/or differences do you find between the Praise of God offered by the Prophet Isaiah (Chapter 12) and the Psalmists (Psalms 146-150)
  2. What “reasons” do these chapters in Isaiah and the Psalms give for Praising God? 
  3. From the Sermon on 10/4/20, Pastor Peter mentioned Five Reasons for Praising God. For who he is; for his salvation; his strength; his works; his being our joy and song. Which of these resonates most/least with you … and why?  
  4. What for you might be other reasons to Praise God?
  5. Last week we were focusing on Lament. Do you believe there can be any connection between Lament and Praise? (Read Psalm 13 - thinking again of “joy and song” as “praise”).
  6. From the Luke 19 passage in the Study Guide … How can our lives “praise” / “shout out” that Jesus is king? In what ways does your life praise?
  7. What other thoughts and reflections have come to mind as you have meditated on the Praise of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit? 
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