Sept. & Oct. 2017
Training Workshop Recap
Welcome to the 2017-18 Dream in Green Academy!  Below are some of the resources provided at the September 21st Professional Development Training workshop at TERRA Environmental Research Institute :
4 Pillars - Submissions
Has your school completed The Academy's four pillars? Remember to email the following items to your program manger by next Friday, October 6th (deadline extended) in order to earn points.

1)  Create or expand the Green Team - email photos of the team members

Pinecrest Elementary School

Take a Green Pledge  - email photos or videos of the Green Team taking the pledge. Examples of pledges are provided in the guidebook.

Florida  City Elementary School

2)  Conduct a Water & Energy  Walkthrough survey - the checklist is provided in the guidebook and available to download. Once completed, email the scanned copy. 

3)  Complete the Deedly activity  revised instructions on how to complete this new activity will be emailed to Green Teams this week. 

4)  Take actionthe action plan worksheet is provided in the guidebook and  available to download. Once completed, email the scanned copy. 

October Monthly Challenge
Energy Efficiency & Conservation
Activities are provided in the guidebook:
  • Green Schools Challenge schools: select 1 out of the 4 activities
  • Eleme ntary schools: pages 31-36.  Secondary schools: pages 32-34
  • WE-LAB schools: select the WE-LAB activity 
  • Elementary schools: page 37.  Secondary schools: page 35

How to earn points:
Download the submission form , fill out all the sections and email it to your program manager along with photos or videos of the selected activity by Tuesday,  October 31st

GSC Program Manager:  Mabel A. Rodriguez,
WE-LAB Program Manager: Alexandra Ender,

Please email your program manager  if you need to update any information that was submitted via the online enrollment form.

Thanks to the Batchelor Foundation, Dream in Green will again be awarding Green Leadership Grants to support Green Teams implementing activities at their school. 

More information on how to apply as well as the deadlines can be found in the guidebook and on the  website page Remember that the deadlines indicate when the proposal form is due to Dream in Green via email if you are interested in receiving funds for that month's activity. 

The deadline to submit your proposal for the October monthly challenge- Energy Efficiency & Conservation- is next Monday, October 2nd This grant is for $500 and only three schools will be selected Download the proposal form and then email to Sophia Salver,

The next two proposal deadlines are:
  • Waste Reduction & Recycling - Friday, October 27th
  • Water Quality & Conservation - Wednesday, November 22nd 
Miami Heat Certification
Dream in Green partnered with the Miami Heat to offer Green Teams recognition for participating in our programs. Students who accumulate a minimum of 45 points by November 10th, 2017 will receive a special certificate of completion and free tickets to a Miami Heat home game in January 2018. Please refer to guidebook page 14 for all the details.

Social Media Engagement

What better way to promote the students' projects and achievements than by sharing photos and videos with Dream in Green's online community? Plus, you can earn 2 bonus points each month! 

On guidebook page 16 (for elementary schools) and page 17 (for secondary schools), you can read about the guidelines for social media mentions and hashtags. 

Remember to tag Dream in Green's social media pages so we receive the notifications: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

*Schools are not required to have a profile on all three platforms. One is sufficient.