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"If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less,
but to dream more, to dream all the time."  - Marcel Proust

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The Crossing is headed back East. 

Challenged and reinvigorated by our time in Montana, we now set our sights on a new season filled with big topics, new music, and "ensemble dreaming." This requires support and, though we try not to ask too often, when we do, we figure, go for it! 

We are midway through our end-of-season campaign and it's time to remind ourselves of all the reasons to ask for support. Your dollars (and cents!) go directly to the recordings, artists, composers, collaborations, and words that make a Crossing project distinct, meaningful and, not inexpensive!
By now you have seen the colorfully-redesigned website and brochure, filled with the spectacular, melancholy animals of Christopher St. John, highlighting a year's worth of dreaming - dreaming that continues to ask questions. 

Look below for an inside look into just a handful of the projects - and questions - that we will explore in the coming season. 

Dream with us. And be a part of creating art about our world.

Come. Give. Now. 
Words that remind us of the power of words.

The Book of Never by Aaron Helgeson
premiere at The Month of Moderns 2020

Words that remind us of what we've lost.

Spectral Spirits by Edie Hill
on poems of Holly Hughes
premiere at The Crossing @ Christmas 2019

An "in progress" look at Edie Hill's upcoming composition Spectral Spirits, on poems by Holly Hughes about extinct birds, to be premiered at C@C '19.
Words that remind us of what we have.

A Native Hill by Gavin Bryars
setting the essay by Wendell Berry
full premiere in October 2019

New music only happens through your support.
Please consider joining our end-of-season campaign by giving here:  
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