Dress For Dinner With Lela Rose Is a Wrap
Contact: James Brock

March 1, 2018. HOUSTON, Texas. Lela Rose and her designs wowed the crowd gathered at Neiman Marcus on Wednesday night as the Texas-born fashion designer presented her resort and spring lines at Recipe For Success Foundation's Dress For Dinner With Lela Rose.

Presiding over the 10th annual Dress For Dinner fundraiser - which brought in more than $30,000 for the Foundation's programs - were co-chairs Ally Shell-van Koolwijk and Jeff Shell, both passionate supporters of Recipe For Success' mission of improving the lives of children through better nutrition and eating. 

The evening began with the Houston Chronicle's Joy Sewing interviewing Rose. "I've lived in New York since right after I graduated college," Rose told the guests, "but I still consider myself a Texan." Rose grew up in Dallas. 

The night continued with a runway show, a bespoke cocktail - Lela's Rose - and hors d'oeuvres created by Ryan Bouillet and his culinary team at A Fare Extraordinaire. The catering firm donated all of the food for Dress For Dinner.

Following the fashion show, VIP guests, including Jane Wagner, who was accompanied by her daughters and a few special friends, were ushered into Mariposa, Neiman Marcus' elegant restaurant. Round tables decorated with vegetables harvested earlier in the day at Hope Farms, Recipe For Success's seven-acre farm and training center located in Houston's historic Sunnyside neighborhood, graced the space. A three-course meal - also from the creative mind of Bouillet - featured a tomato tartare full of flavor and various textures, including popped sorghum, an Asian-inspired halibut prepared sous-vide and accompanied by turnips, and a dessert of panna cotta inspired by the beloved Old Fashioned cocktail. 

"The halibut was one of the best seafood dishes I've ever had," said guest and Foundation supporter Norman Frede.

Other notable guests included Karen Lerner, original founder of A Fare  Extraordinaire, and the catering firm's current owner, Rachel Volz; Diane Lokey Farb; Dr. Wissam Khan and Fatema Khan; Dr. Sippi Khurana and Ajay Khurana; Curry Glassell and her son, Nathan Glassell; Kimberly Miller and Carolyn Tanner; Tammie and Andy Johnson; BJ and Bob Shell; Stacey and Al Lindseth; Sheree Frede; Melissa Sugulas and Jennifer Swallen; Roz Pactor; and Marsha Montemayor.

The evening also marked the start of the VegOut! 2018 annual challenge for the Veg Is The New Black team , led by Stacey Swift, Neiman Marcus Houston public relations manager and Foundation Board member, and Gracie Cavnar, CEO and founder of Recipe For Success, in coordination with Neiman's InstaGlam squad. The online game is designed to inspire participants to eat 30 different vegetables in 30 days. #VegIsTheNewBlack team members who complete the challenge in March will have a chance to win a Neiman Marcus gift card. 
"Fashion and food go hand in hand in so many ways - they are both celebrations of the senses - and Dress For Dinner is an opportunity to showcase that synergy, as well as to bring people to the table in tribute to the power of the shared meal" said Cavnar, who was wearing a Lela Rose dress. "We have had a long relationship with our friends at Neiman Marcus, who have a deep commitment to our mission. Lela Rose and her team are particularly supportive of our efforts to help children eat better, and we are already hatching future collaborations to forward that message in creative ways in Houston and beyond."
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