Spring 2020
Our Boutique Is Paused, Our Mission Is Not!
The beauty of spring brings with it a renewed sense of hope for the future, which we need now more than ever! COVID-19 has disrupted all our lives and suggests a new normal for the future.
This global pause button has given many of us the opportunity to create space for reflection and a reset to what is important and where we choose to spend our time. If there is good that comes from this isolation, it is the unexpected learning, the opportunity to support our tribe in new and creative ways, and the joy of watching others present their greatness.
Our search for a new Executive Director was paused as the quarantine and closures hit Southern Nevada. Our incredible boutique staff Tracie, Lisa, and Amy have stepped up to make sure Dress for Success Southern Nevada continues to serve our referral partners and clients from a distance. This issue is devoted to the brilliance of our team.
We believe the mission of Dress for Success Southern Nevada will become even more critical after the lockdown as thousands of unemployed Nevadans begin their pursuit of work. Please take a few minutes to enjoy this newsletter. It will give you an opportunity to learn of our recent activities and reengage with our organization as we prepare to meet the demands of the new landscape that awaits us.

Brenda, Milah, Sharry, Robin, Kim, Shari, Lisa, Elaina, Dolores, Christine, & Finley
Dress for Success Southern Nevada  Board of Directors
What A Success!
Shop for Success Semi-Annual Inventory Reduction Event

This year's Spring Shop for Success proved that when it comes to scoring great fashion deals, nothing will keep women away! From flooding road conditions to the coronavirus pandemic looming, our shoppers still braved every obstacle to get to the event and support Dress for Success Southern Nevada! Whether it was a Halston gown for $40 or a $5 pair of shoes, the deals were well worth the trip!  

A huge thank you to Boys and Girls Club Lied Memorial location, Las Vegas Mannequins, Downtown Events Center, and  all our amazing volunteers lead by our fabulous Volunteer Manager, Tracie Anderson.

'Volunteer Voice'  Spotlight
Hello Spring, 2020....we will always remember your arrival! Like everyone in our community, I have experienced some interesting challenges supporting the #StayHomeforNevada initiative to flatten the spread of COVID-19 within our community. Along with my role as a Client Stylist, I assist with the logistics and planning for many of the Dress for Success Southern Nevada Community Outreach events.

You may recall, we paused operations on Tuesday, March 16, 2020 effectively cancelling the six outreach events on the calendar for March and April. I am ready to return to "duty" as soon as we know what that will mean in terms of our "new" normal. In the meantime, it is all about self-care and staying healthy! Wearing a mask each day, I am committed to walking at least 5,000 steps to stay active and keep a clear mind. I also recently purchased a bicycle, a gray mountain bike that I have nicknamed 'Grace'. For now, I am riding around my community, then I will work my way out to the surface streets and then onto the bike trails. I am having a blast, I really feel like I am taking the time to see, feel, and experience my surroundings. I LOVE, love it! I feel rejuvenated and have a new sense of freedom in this time of being quarantined. I am blessed, thankful, grateful, and looking forward to this new normal and all the new adventures that lie ahead! Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!

During our time of paused operations Denise has maintained an active role on our Volunteer Voice Virtual Team. She passionately supports the Dress for Success Southern Nevada's mission with her time and talent, as a vibrant voice in the planning and execution of 'NEW' virtual programs.

#PowerHour Virtual Training Sessions

Transform Your Money Mindset
Saturday, May 30th
10am PST

The month of May kicked-off our weekly, virtual   'POWER HOUR'  Empowerment Sessions via Zoom  conferencing. Each Saturday in May, our entire  community, including: clients,volunteers,  agency-partners, supporters, and friends are invited to  attend an educational workshop, featuring a  powerhouse lineup of experts.

Due to the necessary response to COVID-19 and stay at home mandates, our clients and volunteers made it clear, they needed tools to help navigate life during this brand new 'now'. We compiled a list of key categories that were being expressed for immediate support. It was no surprise that the most universal and requested topic was self-care and managing stress. So, that is exactly where we started. Our first session was "Practicing Self-Care During Times of Distress", featuring Ava Mucikyan - Founder of The Salt Room.

And, that was just the beginning! Our May line-up includes the following sessions: "Turning Passion Into Profit," "Mastering First Impressions Virtually and In-Person," "Transform Your Money Mindset," and a special bonus Sunday Session, "Navigating Work From Home Fashion," featuring our own Kim Groberg. Each session offers an interactive opportunity for the audience to engage and participate with questions.

We are excited to set our sights on having broader engagement with the women we serve. Our goal is that Dress for Success Southern Nevada 'POWER HOUR' Sessions become an ongoing virtual program that maintains a pulse and relevancy that champions solutions to meet the needs of our community.

NEW! 'Virtual Client Wardrobe Refresh'
Dress For Success Southern Nevada's commitment to empowering women to achieve economic independence continues even during paused boutique operations.

Launched in April of 2020, Dress for Success Southern Nevada added a 'NEW' Styling Program to support our client's most immediate professional clothing needs.

VIRTUAL WARDROBE REFRESH allows our clients and stylists to connect virtually and leverage the client's current closet of work attire. Then, with the expert guidance of our 'refresh' team, an assessment of immediate-need clothing items or shoes are purchased to achieve a complete look. The goal is to meet the most urgent need and ensure each client can confidently interview or start her new employment self-assured.

The Dress for Success Southern Nevada Virtual Team works to create a 'style-session' that is engaging and meets the individual needs of each client, including tips and professional guidance in preparation for her interview or new job.

Items are purchased in real-time, during each session via Amazon and sent directly to the client. Follow-up 'selfies' are requested from each client to chronicle her styling experience. Each session will be approximately 1 hour based on interview or employment needs.

The clients are responding with great enthusiasm and appreciation that we are able to support their most immediate needs. In many cases, they were at a loss during this time of what they could wear to represent themselves at their best. Our team of stylists are communicating with compassion and expert care to help our clients look and feel their best, even in the most uncertain of circumstances.
We Appreciate YOU!
Thank you so much for your continued support of Dress for Success Southern Nevada. We greatly depend upon your support through volunteer help, clothing donations, and financial contributions. It makes a huge difference in the lives of women in our community!

Whether it's $50 to suit a woman for a day, $100 to cover the cost of a virtual fitting, or $250 to suit a woman for a week, every dollar given makes a difference and we appreciate your generosity.
Please visit our  website for more information on how you can make a difference, including by becoming a member of our donor program and social club, the  Little Black Dress Club.