Summer 2020
Greetings Dress for Success Southern Nevada Friends and Supporters!
Brenda Bradbury
Chair, Board of Directors
I am pleased to be contributing this first message as Chair of the Board of Directors. As we all navigate these challenging and uncertain times, I want this community of women and our allies to know that we have approached the downtime with intentionality and with the purpose of regrouping/reorganizing to open in the near future, poised to serve our clients in the safest and most impactful ways we can.

Dress for Success Southern Nevada will continue to be a vibrant and relevant force for good in Southern Nevada.  Operations may be paused and we are not yet positioned to accept donations, but I hope you have all taken notice of the Virtual Wardrobe Refresh programming, the engaging and topical POWER HOUR sessions, and the launch of M.A.P.P.S. (Mentoring to Achieve Professional and Personal Success) which were all accomplished in the past few months!  Imagine what Tracie, Lisa, Amy, and our talented and dedicated volunteers like Crystal, Denise, Leia, Jada, Joanne, Phyllis, and Sara will do when we are back open and fully functional!  
When I accepted the nomination from my fellow Board Members I committed to a three year term with specific goals for the organization that I would like to share.

1) With input and the help of my fellow volunteer Board Members, we will hire our new Executive Director who will be instrumental in restarting our operations and building critical momentum to face the opportunities in a post COVID closure environment. There will be enhanced Health and Safety protocols around boutique operations and donation acceptance and we will continue to evolve our avenues of providing service through determining where there are efficiencies and innovations.
2) Retool our strategic plan to focus on successful operating procedures, increased fund raising to secure the future of the organization, and amplified community impact with measurable outputs for accountability. We will track and regularly socialize our progress so that our staff, volunteers, and supporters have a clear line of sight into our accomplishments.
3) Recruit for and expand the number of Board Members with a emphasis on succession planning and to sustain our viability. The focus will be on filling these spots with passionate and committed individuals who are capable of volunteering their time and talents, as well as those who believe that the future is female and communities are strengthened when women are working and able to support their families. We will seek diverse candidates so that we more closely reflect the community we serve.

4) Strengthen the Board relationships with the staff, volunteers, and donors though targeted, transparent communication and more frequent interaction. 

Through rolling up our sleeves, leaning in, and being willing to have open conversations + doing this meaningful work, Dress for Success Southern Nevada will be positioned for the next ten years in our community. I am excited about our possibilities and hope you will support this journey forward in a way that fills your bucket and benefits our clients. 

'Volunteer Voice' Spotlight
Leia Recina

Dress for Success Southern Nevada is so grateful for the time, talent and unwavering support of volunteers like Leia! We asked Leia to share some things about herself. And, as usual we were not disappointed. We invite you to meet Leia Recina!
I support Dress for Success Southern Nevada because I sincerely believe in the Mission: "Empowering women to achieve economic independence by enabling them to build a career and become self-sufficient."
A fun fact about me that people wouldn't know: I love to binge-watch T.V. shows like Schitt's Creek, 90 Day Fiancé, and Shameless.
"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." ~ Maya Angelou
I don't have one favorite designer. It is not unusual for me to wear a designer item complemented with a "fashion find" from Ross, T.J. Max, or even a consignment store. I choose to wear what suits me best regardless of who the designer is. Rather than following trends, I prefer to create my own style. I don't necessarily plan but, instead I go with a feeling or emotion when I dress. At this stage of my life, comfort and style are always uppermost in my mind.
As a direct result of helping to support Dress for Success, many personal needs have also been fulfilled such as cultivating friendships with amazing ladies I would never have met without volunteering and providing purpose in my life. I have enjoyed assisting women who are just entering the work force and could use a boost of confidence and positive reinforcement. I discovered that I enjoy making a difference in our clients' lives, as they continue to make a significant difference in mine.
Thank you Leia for your continued support!
'NEW' Virtual Group Mentorship Program
Crystal White
Volunteer Mentorship
Program Coordinator
We are excited to announce the August 15th, 2020 launch of our 'NEW' Virtual Group Mentorship Program.


Crystal White, our Mentorship Program Coordinator, successfully kicked-off our inaugural class of twelve passionate Dress for Success Southern Nevada clients, eager to grow personally and professionally. Participants attend required weekly group meetings via Zoom. Each meeting offers a curriculum focused on professional and personal growth development.
During our paused operations, we have maintained continued support with our client community. As our community, along with the country have had to navigate a new normal and the reality of uncertain times; our clients have been transparent on their immediate need for raising their skillset and professional flexibility.
Our M.A.P.P.S.Virtual Group Mentorship Program is tailored to work with small groups of women to build trust, transparency, and a safe, structured space to learn, leverage, and advance their passions and dreams into reality. The program duration is a total of six weeks and establishes concrete fundamentals, participant responsibilities, and accountability. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are paired with a Dress for Success Southern Nevada vetted personal mentor for one-on-one coaching for six months.

For more information please contact us via email:
We Appreciate YOU!
Thank you so much for your continued support of Dress for Success Southern Nevada. We greatly depend upon your support through volunteer help, clothing donations, and financial contributions. It makes a huge difference in the lives of women in our community!

Whether it's $50 to suit a woman for a day, $100 to cover the cost of a virtual fitting, or $250 to suit a woman for a week, every dollar given makes a difference and we appreciate your generosity.
Please visit our website for more information on how you can make a difference, including by becoming a member of our donor program and social club, the Little Black Dress Club.