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The Pear Spread
Brewer's Plate
Welcome to our latest newsletter. Believe it or not, we are relishing all the cold weather because it enables us to complete our pruning activities while the trees are dormant.  In the Spring, when the trees awaken, we will have more vibrant blossoms. This will lead to a harvest of wonderful fruit in the Fall. Three cheers for winter!

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February 2015



Our Salad Days.


Cold weather wearing on the spirit? Starchy comfort foods slowing you down?  


In the weeks ahead, area growers will be releasing early Spring greens from their farms. If you can't wait, many are currently producing young lettuce and micro-greens from their greenhouses.  


Enjoy fresh, local greens in a simple salad...tossed with our Aged Asian Pear Wine Vinegar.  Asian Pear vinegar has a delicate mouthfeel but an incredibly robust flavor.  For those of you with a sweet-tooth, a few pieces of our dried Asian Pears in your early Spring mix will be a wonderful treat.   Click here to purchase.


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Weekly, we'll be posting delicious pictures of the orchard, new dishes made with our Asian Pears, and appetizing details about different events or stores where you can sample or purchase our gourmet products.  Click here to like us.  

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The Pear Spread.

Tree_limb_spreaderMany of you are familiar with our delicious, all-natural spread made from our Asian Pears. However there is a different kind of spread happening in the orchard.  

As our orchard team works with every tree, pruning limbs to create healthy growth in the 2015 season, they often put limb "spreaders" in place.  

A limb spreader is a short length of wood with a sharp prong at each end.  One end of the spreader is positioned against the trunk of the tree or limb; the other is placed against a limb that needs to be pushed towards an outward direction. The re-directed limb will grow stronger in the coming months because it will receive more nutrients due to increased exposure to sunlight.


Brewer's Plate.

Brewers Plate Philly

Hungry for ideas about great food to pair with the latest in craft beer?  


Fair Foods Philadephia is hosting the 11th annual Brewer's Plate at the Kimmel Center, Sunday March 8th. Discover great local foods and fantastic locally crafted beers all under one roof.   


Subarashii Kudamono dried Asian Pears and Asian Pear Spread, paired with cheeses from the Fair Foods farmstand will be one of the dynamic menu offerings for ticketholders to sample.   


For more info and tickets, visit: Brewer's Plate 2015.



Dried Asian Pear Ramen Soup 



For those of you who think it is far too cold out to be thinking of a salad and prefer a hot cozy soup,  enjoy this clever bowl of warmth from Chef Terry.  

Have a student in college or son or daughter living on their own in their first apartment?  Send a care package of ramen noodles, our dried Asian Pears, and this recipe.   Something gourmet and yet simple for the young person in your life to create in their galley kitchen.


Click here to download recipe




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