June 2018
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Show season is in full swing!

President’s Message

It’s summer. The sun is out (some of the time), flowers are blooming and outdoor activities are on our minds. But for the people behind the scenes at Dressage at Devon, things are really gearing up. The prize list is done, entries are coming in, and reserved seats are going quickly. There are many new vendors for equestrians and non-equestrians alike.
New pony only classes will take place during the breed division, “mirroring” the horse classes. Judges have been announced.
We’re busy – and it’s only the beginning. Visit our website often for news. Sign up for our newsletter on our website to stay up to date. And, we’ll see you in September.


Lori Kaminski
President, Dressage at Devon

DAD Welcomes New Board Members
Kathleen M. Kiesel, MJ, BSN, RN, and Anne Snipes Moss, both of Coatesvillle, PA, were elected to the Board of Directors of Dressage at Devon.
“Both Kathy and Anne bring extensive professional experience to their Board position in addition to their equestrian activities. Between Kathy and Anne, they have volunteered for DAD for more than two decades – and that doesn’t include their other horse-related activities,” said Lori Kaminski, President and CEO. “Their insights and experience will be very valuable to Dressage at Devon.”  
Are you looking for a way for your product or company to reach a wide
audience of equestrians?
Consider advertising on the Dressage at Devon webcast.
Dressage a Devon is accepting applications for advertising during
the weekend webcasting of the show September 28-30, 2018. This webcast
reaches thousands in the USA and around the world.
For more information,
please contact John Henderson by emailing
John.Henderson491@verizon.net or calling 610-202-8343
We have a limited number of boxes available for this year!

We have a limited numbers of boxes open for this year! Contact us at boxseats@dressageatdevon.org
for more information.
Tickets are currently available via our website,
and box renewal letters will be going out in early June. 
What Do All Those Initials Mean Anyway?

USEF judges all have initials after their names, indicated their licensing level. Here’s what they mean:

       “r” (“recorded” or “small r”)—licensed to judge through Second Level
       “R” (“registered” or “large R”)—licensed to judge through Fourth Level
       “S” (“senior”)—license to judge through Grand Prix at national competitions
DSH (“dressage sport horse”)—licensed to judge in-hand classes. This certification is
broken into two levels: “r” and “R,” which are comparable to the recorded and
registered titles described above.
FEI judges
       2* (“new”)—licensed to judge a limited range of international competitions through
Prix St. Georges and Intermediaire I (including 3* small-tour competitions and CDI 1* and 2* competitions); this rating is for judges whose home countries have no Grand Prix classes.
        3* (formerly known as “international candidate” or “C”)—licensed to judge international competitions through Grand Prix, except for Olympic Games, FEI Grand Prix Championships and CDIs above the 3* level
       4* (formerly known as “international” or “I”)—licensed to judge most international competitions, excluding the Olympic Games and World Championships
       5* (formerly known as “official international” or “O”)—qualified to judge all international competitions
New Vendors for 2018
We're excited to welcome these new vendors to Dressage at Devon!
  • Garden Party Home
  • Haverhill Fine Jewelry
  • Trotter Hill Alpacas

Stay tuned - more vendor news to come!

We Want You!

Want to work at the gift shop surrounded by great merchandise? Interested in being a scribe? How about working in Hospitality? Ticket booth? No matter what your interest may be, we’d love your help. 
All volunteers will receive a gate pass good for the entire show and a parking pass good for the days that you volunteer. You will also receive lots of free cool stuff along with a program, pin, and mug. Plus see old friends and make new ones!
Volunteers are needed for the entire week. But whether you can help for a few hours, a day or the entire week, we need you!
There is only one Dressage at Devon - Experience it for yourself!
Visit www.dressageatdevon.org/index.php/volunteers for a description of volunteer positions, to get more information or to sign up!
**Please Note - There are new guidelines for scribes! Be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the Volunteer Page for updated procedures. Please email me if you have any questions!**