April 2019
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Dear Friends,

By now you have heard that we have had to cancel Dressage at Devon 2020. We're jumping on the virtual bandwagon with special events and opportunities that you can take advantage of from the comfort of your home. So while we won't be together at Devon, we have many virtual activities in the works. You'll hear about it in the newsletter but please join us on Facebook as well for updates.

I'd also like to introduce you to Passage Into the Future, a fundraiser created to ensure that Dressage at Devon, a non-profit organization, can host you, your horses, your family, and your friends throughout the coming years.

For over forty years, Dressage at Devon has been a stage for world-class dressage competition and served as the home to the world’s largest open breed show.We have worked to inspire and educate riders of all ages to ride towards their dreams of one day riding Grand Prix in the Dixon Oval and beyond!

As a non-profit, we have always operated on a very strict budget. And it's no surprise to anyone that times are particularly tough. So we need your help. As Dressage at Devon approaches our 50th year, now is the time to think about preserving the tradition for the next generation.

Please visit https://www.dressageatdevon.org/passage-into-the-future and help us to make our show, bigger and better than ever in 2021. Thank you.


Lori Kaminski
Dressage at Devon

Reach Almost Three Thousand Dressage Enthusiasts

Could your business benefit from reaching almost three thousand dressage enthusiasts? DaD is now accepting advertising in our newsletter. It reaches self-identified dressage professionals and amateurs, and boasts an open rate that is well above average.

We will be publishing a minimum of 10 issues between now and the 2021 show and we have packages that start at $105.00 for a quarter page ad in three issues. We also have 1/2 page ($225 for three issues) and full page ($400 for three issues) ads so you can show off your product and lead people to your website. Additional discounts are available for six and 12 issues.


Please contact Ginny Simon, gsimon@projectmarketinginc.com.
(We do require electronic ads that are ready to go)

Coming Soon!
the Dressage at Devon Online Store

Remember that item you saw in our shop last year - but didn't buy? Well, now is your chance. Dressage at Devon will soon "open its doors" to our virtual store. Souvenirs, clothing, gifts and more will be available on a rotating basis.
Get Comfortable!
Join the Virtual Dressage at Devon Fun
September 22 - 27, 2020

Virtual shows (with pro judges), a presentation of sale horses, and an online silent auction are just a few of the events in the works. Check the upcoming newsletters and join us on Facebook for updates .
Calling all Dressage Explorers
Dressage4Kids Offers Summer Fun!

There's always something going on at Dressage4Kids. For more information about these activities and other programs throughout
visit www.dressage4kids.org.

Deadline August 10 - For virtual Parade of Teams – video or photograph of individual or all team members with the banner. These will be put together in a movie for a virtual Parade of Teams. Please name all team members.

Deadline August 17 - An essay contest describing the way your horse communicates with you and what he is saying with various actions, expressions and gestures. There will be four age divisions. Be sure to include your name, age and contact information with your entry. Submissions need to be mailed to Beth Clarke at P.O. Box 130, Hatfield, MA 01038, hard copy, in legible handwriting.
No typing unless you have a documented handicap. Neatness and presentation may be a tie breaker. Your parent needs to sign a statement to be sent with your submission that you have not used written or internet source material. (see additional instructions at

Deadline August 23. Open to writers of all ages on any subject relating in some way to equines. To be divided by age depending on number of entries. There will be a separate category for a journal/article about how Covid-19 has affected you and your riding.

Deadline August 23 - video of an Individual, Pas de Deux or Quadrille, performed on foot in the small arena (20x40m) at any level (Training Level through Grand Prix) and to music – will be judged on Technical Performance (how much do the movements match those of a horse); Choreography (design, balance, use of space, changes of direction, changes of gait, creativity); Choice of Music and Interpretation (music suggests gaits, cohesiveness, & dynamics); Harmony of Presentation; and if performed as a Pas de Deux or Quadrille, Team Appearance & Cohesiveness. There will be one division where the participants follow the requirements of the USEF or FEI and there will be one truly freestyle division - anything goes.

We Need You!!!
There's a lot of work going on behind the scenes and volunteers are needed. You can volunteer for a few hours a week, a month -whatever fits in your schedule. You can help us to continue to build the show for 2021!
Please contact Kaminski.Lori@gmail.com

For Sponsorship information, please drop an email to innovate.equestrian@gmail.com  to learn how you can partner with DaD to grow your business while supporting our wonderful historic event.

There is only one Dressage at Devon
Mark Your 2021 Calendar for
September 21-27!