Dressage4Kids Announces Partnership with Competitor Tent
Photo credit: Lily Forado
Bedford, NY – Dressage4Kids announces a strategic partnership with Competitor Tent.

“We expect to see a strong response from our young riders who use Competitor Tent,” stated Lendon Gray. “I have long been a vocal advocate for journaling about lessons and competition and Competitor Tent brings this important activity to the 21st century. Using the app to organize their training and track their performance will teach our riders to look at the big picture in order to enhance their education. Dressage is a sport with a deep history, and as new technologies emerge to enrich the sport, we are grateful for tools like Competitor Tent that work to magnify the joys of competition."

“There is great alignment in the vision of our two organizations,'' stated Dikran Yapoujian, founder of Competitor Tent. “Dressage4Kids is a remarkable program that strives to make young horse people into true horsemen, while Competitor Tent provides a digital medium for these young riders to chronicle their journey. We are thrilled to support the work that Dressage4Kids is doing to train the future generation of leaders in our sport.”
About Competitor Tent
Competitor Tent is a performance analytics app for competing equestrians. This innovative app provides competition results, training insights, and scoring analytics for riders competing in a number of disciplines, including Dressage, Eventing, Jumpers and Show Hunters. It also allows riders to track and share their competing journey with their friends in the Competitor Tent community. 

For information about partnering with Competitor Tent, please get in touch at info@competitortent.com .

The Competitor Tent app can be downloaded for free on the App Store at the following link: 
Dressage4Kids, Inc . is a non-profit organization incorporated for the express purpose of providing educational and competitive opportunities for youth riders and the adults who support them.  To learn about Dressage4Kids and the programs it provides, view the website at  www.dressage4kids.org