November 2019 - In This Issue:
No apples until after the lesson.... 
November 9-11, 2019 
D4K Horsemastership Clinic
with Olivia LaGoy-Weltz
Hilltop Farm
Colora, Maryland

November 16-17, 2019
D4K TEAM Program Clinic
Scarlet Day Farm
Gray, Maine

November 23-24, 2019  RER Ponies
Hatfield, Massachusetts

December 14-15, 2019 
D4K TEAM Program Clinic
With Ali Brock
Hampton Green Farm
Wellington, Florida

January 25-26, 2020
D4K Weekend Equestrian Program
Nonnewaug High School
Woodbury, Connecticut

April 4-5, 2020
D4K TEAM Program Clinic
Rouxtano Farm
Hillsborough, North Carolina

May 23-24, 2020
D4K TEAM Program Clinic
Flagstaff Equestrian Center
Flagstaff, Arizona

June 6-7, 2020 
Warwick, Bermuda

June 18-19, 2020
D4K TEAM Program Clinic
With Ali Brock
Prince George's Equestrian Center
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

June 26-27, 2020
D4K TEAM Program Clinic
Hampton Green Farm
Fruitport, Michigan

June 28, 2020
Youth Dressage Festival Midwest
Hampton Green Farm
Fruitport, Michigan 

July 1-2, 2020
D4K TEAM Program Clinic
Dream Acres
Arundel, Maine

July 19-20, 2020
D4K TEAM Program Clinic
During USPC Festival
Kentucky Horse Park
Lexington, Kentucky

August 21-23, 2020
Lendon's Youth Dressage Festival
HITS on the Hudson
Saugerties, New York

September 4-5, 2020
D4K TEAM Program Clinic
Georgia Int'l Horse Park
Conyers, Georgia

September 6, 2020
Atlanta Youth Festival
Georgia Int'l Horse Park
Conyers, Georgia

October 3-4, 2020
D4K TEAM Program Clinic
Avant-Garde Equestrian
Luskville, Quebec

D4K Youth Meet & Greet with Dorothee Schneider
Dressage4Kids hosted a Youth Meet and Greet with Olympian Dorothee Schneider during the NEDA Fall Symposium which Schneider headlined.  Olympian Lendon Gray moderated the questions for the group.

Schneider's love of horses and love of the sport was readily apparent.  When asked about her horses, her face lit up with joy.  Schneider emphasized the importance of working with your horses (not against them), and helping them by showing them the correct way.  Schneider was quick to point out that when our horses aren't going as well as we would want them to, we should first look at ourselves - are we sitting properly?  Are we focused or are our minds elsewhere?  Are we giving the horse clear aids or are we giving the horse contradictory information?  She urged riders to be introspective and to improve themselves.  "If you improve yourself, you automatically improve your horse," she commented. 

In keeping with her theme of happy horses and clear communication, she reiterated, "Always give positive feedback.  Your horse should feel proud, and when he is happy and proud you will have really special moments together."

We wish Dorothee and all of you many special moments together with your horses!
2020 WITees
We welcome the incoming class of 2020 WITees!

Savannah Ranes, CA
Madison Bacon, ME
Leah Drew, MA
Alicia Aiyawar, NH
Caroline Cadorette, ME
Tiggy Gates, MA
Jessica Brindle-Clark, NJ
Amariah Glaude, ME
Marian Hebert, GA
Devon Pomeroy, PA
Mimi Hoffman, OH
Elisa Rodriquez, VA

Jessica Fan

Stable Manager: 
Matt Baillargeon

Also assisting with teaching: 
Kayla Kadlubek
Rosie Julian-Simoes
Robert Leuck
Atlanta Youth Festival Results
Liz Molloy, Lendon Gray and 
Caitlyn Massey
Congratulations to all our TEAM riders in the Atlanta Youth Festival!

Overall Champion: Caitlyn Massey

High Score Written: Chantal Duisenberg

High Score Dressage: Olivia Moore

High Score Equitation: Caitlyn Massey

Turnout Champion: Sabrina Carmichael

Sportsmanship: Alexis Troutman

D4K TEAM Member Maren Hanson - Going Strong in Both Eventing and Dressage
photo courtesy of Maren Hanson
Now on Course: In My Feelings Does Double Duty
Maren Hanson talks about her banner year competing with her pony, In My Feelings, at both the Festival of Champions and the American Eventing Championships

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