Fritz and Claudine Kundrun Pledge Support to Dressage4Kids
Bedford, NY – Dressage4Kids is pleased to welcome Fritz and Claudine Kundrun as multi-year Sponsors of the Dressage4Kids’ TEAM (Training, Education And Mentoring) Program.  The Dressage4Kids’ TEAM Program encourages riders to become the best they can be, both on and off the horse.  The goal of the program is to find, to help educate, and to be part of the development of talented youth to become the international riders, teachers, and trainers of the future.  
Fritz and Claudine Kundrun know first-hand about success at the highest level.  They have already sponsored two Olympians, including Susan Blinks and Allison Brock, and with their sponsorships hope to provide opportunities to even more talented riders.  They understand that the journey to the top is a long one – that from the time a kid at age 7 falls in love with horses to the time he or she competes in the Olympics (or trains someone else competing in the Olympics) can take not just years, but decades.  The journey to the top requires absolute commitment and dedication from the rider, but it also requires the help of many others along the way.  The Kundruns are proud to support riders on their journeys to the top.
The Dressage4Kids’ TEAM Program recognizes that a strong foundation helps provide the direction and building blocks for success. TEAM Clinic Instructors (such as Allison Brock, Lilo Fore, Lendon Gray, Mica Mabragaña, and Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel) ensure that the basics of the rider's education as riders  and as horsemen are properly established. Instructors evaluate and try to improve the rider's position, use of aids, and knowledge. Lectures on horse health, stable management, and fitness are a critical component of the Dressage4Kids’ TEAM Clinics.  For our youth to develop into the leaders of tomorrow it is crucial that they have access to quality educational opportunities. Dressage4Kids, along with the support of its sponsors, seeks to provide such opportunities and to help youth riders in their pursuit of excellence. 

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Dressage4Kids, Inc . is a non-profit organization incorporated for the express purpose of providing educational and competitive opportunities for youth riders and the adults who support them.  To learn about Dressage4Kids and the programs it provides, view the website at