Just wanted to send out one more brief email to everyone as a reminder about the Dreux Reunion coming up in May in Charleston, SC.  For those that cannot attend, I apologize that this email contains information on the Reunion only, but this is the best and most economical way to contact everyone who still might be interested in attending the Reunion.

It's Not Too Late to Register for Dreux AHS Reunion 2017!!

Here is a summary of the details:

Dates:  May 24-26, 2017
Location: Charleston, SC
Hotel:  Historic Francis Marion Hotel www.francismarionhotel.com
Hotel Rate:  $159 + 14% tax per night (for single/double occupancy)
Hotel Contact Information to make room reservations: 
     1-877-756-2121 (toll-free)
     1-843-722-0600 (direct line)
Reunion Registration Fee:  $250 per person
     Partial registration fees are also available if you can't attend the entire reunion

More detailed information about how to register is available on the Dreux AHS website

Note:  Special Hotel Room Rate EXPIRES at 5:00PM EST on Monday, APRIL 24th!!  So be sure you book your hotel room before the group rate expires if you haven't already. The hotel room rate is a discounted rate specifically for our group.  You must indicate that you are attending the "Dreux High School Reunion" in order to get the discounted rate. 

Who is attending the Reunion So Far

Dreux AHS Reunion 2017 Attendees (Updated 4/21/2017)

Helen Council Miles '61
Larry Miles
Maurice "Mo" Smith '61

Marilyn Hutto Turner '62
Louie Turner
Becky McDonald Rogers '62
Lani Pew Tower '62
John Roots '62
Ursula Sedell Drury '62

Jerry Brown '63
Wilber Heath '63
Jane Heath
Randy Knapp '63
Liz Knapp 
Rebecca Huddleston Pelletier '63
Michael Pelletier

Bill Balliet '64
Anne Childs Smith '64
Charlie Nance
Sally Downing Thomas '64
Bill Grabowski '64
Brency Grabowski
Carol Hutto Krausman '64
Jon Klein '64
Alice Klein
Paul Krausman '64
Peggy Phillips Anderson '64
Forrest Wulf '64

Tom Burg '65
Carol Burg
Dianna "Dee" David '65
Jim Bullard
Dawn Hall Lewis '65
Jack Lewis and Mara Dawn
Terry Hennet '65
Robert Slay '65
Gayne Brenneman-Slay
Sandy Watts Mercer '65

Jim Adams '66
Michele Adams
Janeen Christensen Bloyer '66
Donald Bloyer
Greg Labbe '66
Judy Green
Chris Kobbe Allin '66
George Allin
Kathy Krausman Lineberger '66
James Lineberger
Bruce "Chic" McKenty '66
Francine McKenty
Jane Patrick Ogger '66
Sue Miller Smuskiewicz '66
Michael Smith '66
Linda Smith

Rory Andrew Bussert '67
Cassie Connor Nagel '67
John Nagel
Gary Givens '67
David Homorody '67
Sharron Jansen Triolo '67
Tony Triolo
Starr Jones Payton '67
Vicki Key  '67
Betsy Patrick Edgar '67
Robert Purcell '67

Charles Brantley '68
Mary Jane Brantley

Renee Andrew Lidinsky '69
Rise Andrew LaChance