June 2018 Newsletter

First, my apologies for getting behind on newsletters!  It has been a very challenging year, as many of you know, for my family.  My Mom had a tough year and passed away in November of 2017 and then my Dad died 88 days later in January of 2018.  All to say, I have been out of town a lot over the last year and just couldn't find the time to get them done. So hopefully, we will get back on track and work to keep you updated on all things Dreux!

Hope this finds everyone doing well and that you have great plans for the summer!  I will be going to Breckenridge, CO for July 4th week and hope to make it by to see Greg Labbe '66 in Leadville and Ricki Kilanski Ramstetter '65 in Como while I'm there.
In this issue -
  Save the Date for the 2019 Dreux Reuion
  Photos from the 2017 Dreux Reunion in Charleston
  Alumni Spotlight - Bio on Maurice E. "Mo" Smith '61
  Some Informal Dreux Get-Togethers That Happened
  New Alumni Found
  In Memoriam
  New Feature on Dreux AHS Website

April 5-7, 2019
San Antonio, TX
Drury Plaza Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk

The official dates for the next Dreux AHS Reunion will be April 5-7, 2019 in San Antonio, Texas.  The 2015 Reunion in San Antonio was so much fun and so well attended that we have decided to go back to San Antonio in 2019.  The Hotel will be the Drury Plaza Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk and the hotel room rates will be $159 plus taxes. This is the same hotel we used in 2015. Once we have a link from the Hotel to make reservations online and a Group Rate Code for phone reservations, we will get that out to everyone so you can make your hotel reservations.  Registration fees have not yet been set.  Our Reunion Coordinators, Marilyn Hutto Turner '62 and Shari Murphy Koziol '64, are still putting together the overall costs for the Reunion before the registration fees are set.

This reunion is for ALL classes and for anyone who attended Dreux, no matter how long or how short you were there!  We would love to have another great turn-out so please mark your calendars now for these dates.

Some of you may have seen on Facebook a posting of other April dates.  The dates had to be changed to April 5-7, 2019 in order to align sleeping rooms with meeting room schedules.  So be sure you have the right dates on your calendar.

More details will be forthcoming. Information will be posted on Facebook as well as our Dreux website as it becomes available.  For now we wanted to be sure you were aware of the dates so you can pencil them in.  
SAVE THE DATE!!   April 5-7, 2019 
Reunion 2017 - Charleston, SC

The Reunion in Charleston was great fun!  It was a beautiful city and I think everyone who attended really enjoyed themselves.  We had a few that had never attended a Reunion before, some that had not attended in quite a while as well as many of our alums that attend each reunion.  Below are some photos from the Reunion.  These photos do not include spouses and friends that attended. 
Class of 1961 - Helen Council Miles and Maurice "Mo" Smith.

Class of 1962 - Lani Pew Tower, Becky McDonald Rogers, Marilyn Hutto Turner, John Roots, Ursula Sedell Drury, Sally Hall Holmes and Dawn Hall Lewis ('65)

Class of 1963 - Susan Pond Butler, Randy Knapp and Rebecca Huddleston Pelletier

Class of 1964 - Peggy Phillips Anderson, Bill Balliet, Anne Childs Smith, Jon Klein, Carol Hutto Krausman, Beth Lance Brockwell, Bill Grabowksi, Mary "Cathy" Cutler, Judy Pond Kudlow, Sally Downing Thomas.  Not pictured but attended, Forrest Wulf

Class of 1965 - Tom Burg, Dianna "Dee" David, Steve Barton, Bob Slay
Not pictured, but attended: Terry Hennet.  Dawn Hall Lewis is pictured with the 1962 group.

Class of 1966 - Michael Smith, Bruce "Chic" McKenty, Jane Patrick Ogger, Greg Labbe, Janeen Christensen Bloyer, Patrick Connor, Sue Miller Smuskiewicz, Jim Adams.
Not pictured but attended: Kathy Krausman Lineberger and Doris Tarasko Brumgardt

Class of 1967 - Steven Potter, Rory Andrew Bussert, Bob Purcell, Sharron Jansen Triolo, Dave Homorody, Betsy Patrick Edgar, Gary Givens, Cassie Connor Nagel, Vicki Key

Class of 1968 - Charles Brantley
Class of 1969 - Renee Andrew and John Rutski
Not pictured, but attended:  Marian Tarasko Vetter '68 and Deborah Clifford Paul '69

Bruce "Chic" McKenty '66 and wife Francine, Jane Patrick Ogger '66,
Janeen Christensen '66, Marian Tarasko Vetter '68 and Doris Tarasko Brumgardt '66.

Fun in the Hospitality Suite after the Friday night dinner

1964/65 Cross Country Team in attendance:  Gary Givens '67, Jim Adams '66 and Charles Brantley '68

More photos of the 2017 Reunion in Charleston can be found on our Dreux American High School Group page on Facebook and on Dreux Reunions on Photo Bucket


Maurice E. "Mo' Smith '61

As I thought about doing this I was feeling I should start with a base. So I contacted my genealogist sister, Sally, and asked for some places and dates previous to our Evreux experience. With all that and some report cards (all A's of course) I will do a short prequel, more or less proving that I was never in a school more than two years and I have a good solid background in being a Brat, starting with my father,

T/Sgt Jonas E Smith, who died somewhere along the bulge in the Battle
of the Bulge, WWII, in early 1945.

My mom, Betty Jean Long Smith, met and married Sgt James V. Holden in 1947, stationed at Smokey Hill Army Air Field, Salina. KS., shortly thereafter, Smokey Hill AFB, then Schilling AFB

My Brat chronology leading up to Evreux AFB, France is as follows:
1948- 49 Fort Leavenworth, Ks - Sherman AFB
1950 - Selfridge AFB - lived in Marine City, MI
1951 - Selfridge AFB - lived in New Baltimore, MI
1952- AF Recruiting - lived in Butler County/Wichita KS
1953- 54 AF Medical Recruiting - lived in Arkansas City KS
1955- 57 Malmstrom AFB - Great Falls, MT
1957- 58 Keesler AFB - Biloxi, MS
1958- 59 Schilling AFB - Salina, KS
1959- 60 Evreux AFB, France - school - Paris American High School, Paris, France
1960- 61 Evreux AFB, France - school - Dreux American High School, Dreux AFB, France
** Graduated June 1961 and flew back to McGuire AFB shortly thereafter
Fall of 1961 I was starting a 5 year Aeronautical Engineering plan involving Kansas Wesleyan University and University of Kansas. I pledged Pi Sigma Upsilon and was on my way to a glorious collegiate experience, then my family came home from France and settled in Aurora, Colorado.
Fall of 1962 I transferred to the University of Denver and lived at my parents house in the basement.
Spring of 1963 my mother and step-father became concerned that I might be drafted, though I found out much later that as the sole surviving son of a combat casualty, I was protected from being drafted and they were more concerned about me starting to drift into the 60s. I am sure my wise step-father used his connections to find me a slot with a medical unit at Lowry AFB. Therefore I was enlisted in the AFR Medical Unit and sent to training. First at glorious Lackland AFB, Texas, for basic (sweat), then to Gunter AFB, Alabama (more sweat) for Psych Tech Training, then to Eglin AFB hospital for OJT (and even more sweat).
When I got back, I found, (God moment), a job at University of Colorado Medical Center Colorado Psychiatric Hospital and moved out of my parents basement to a multi-denizen basement apartment (with a pool) on Colorado Boulevard in Denver, just down the street from my place of work.

In 1964 I met the love of my life by acting like a fool in the pool (rhyme?). Her apartment was on the third floor overlooking the pool. Of course we yelled, 'C'mon down!' and she and one of her friends did come down. We met for the first time, I thought she was beautiful and shy. She thought I was a foolish kid!
Spring of 1965 was a bad time to be in Denver. The Platte River flooded thru Denver. I lost my job at the hospital. We were planning to get married in August 1965 in Holland, Michigan, Viv's hometown.I tried working in flood recovery for a few weeks but that just meant low pay and filthy clothes.
Viv was working at Children's Hospital in Denver as a head cashier so we had some income but because of the wedding situation and need for some kind of income from me, Viv's parents kindly asked if I would like to come live with them and work in one of the automotive machine shops. (God moment). I was very grateful for the opportunity! I worked a few weeks in machine shops but then found a smelly job pitching greens at the Heinz Pickle plant in Holland and my angel of a future mother-in-law washed those smelly work clothes every couple of days.
We were married in Viv's home church (Beechwood Reformed Church) in Holland, MI on August 27, 1965. We were together for 50 years and 8 months, until she passed on April 24, 2016.

After our marriage we took a honeymoon trip back through Kansas to meet all my relatives, both Smith and Long families.
I then was able to get my job at CPH back for 9/65 thru 9/66. I took a course at Electronic Computer Programming Institute (ECPI) which ended 11/66, but in 9/66 before the course ended, because of the kindness of a good friend, Bill Welch, I was offered a position with Colorado State Department of Revenue-Motor Vehicle Division as a machine operator (Accounting machines, Collators,Sorters), back in the good ol' card days! I moved my way up to Computer Operator and then was told all the programmer slots were full and I had 3 persons ahead of me (Bill Welch being one).
After a long discussion and a Christmas trip back to Michigan to look job possibilities over, we decided to move back to Michigan (Viv was a little homesick)
In March of 68 I started a computer operator job at Associated Truck Lines in Grand Rapids, MI. In six months I was learning to program in Assembler language and Cobol and RPG. By the time I left ATL in January, 73, I was proficient in those languages plus some Fortran.
During this time Viv and I, (because we thought we would not be able to have our own children), decided to become foster parents for a group foster home set up thru two Christian agencies. I would be the working father and Viv would be the stay at home mom. A large house was bought and furnished and we started being foster parents to as many as eight children with the understanding we would have these children until they graduated from high school. That concept changed very quickly, mainly due to the courts. There was much anguish as the kids we had invested our heart and souls in were sent back to questionable situations. That lasted from early 69 to spring 71. We found out Viv was pregnant with our oldest son, Jason. We had two other sons after that, Ben in 74 and Aaron in 76.
In January, 73, I was hired by West Michigan Telecasters (WZZM-TV) to re-code some programs for commercial scheduling that ran on a small dedicated computer. After much effort and anguish I determined that the computer could not handle the load of scheduling 24/7 plus billing for air time. I wrote up an evaluation of the system (which in essence cut my position). I then presented the evaluation to management and then to the vendor. They were not happy but agreed that they had undersold and it would take twice as much computing power as they had estimated. WZZM management were very understanding and let me use my office and phone to search for another position.
I was hired November, 73 by Steketees Midwest Computer Service Bureau.We wrote systems and programming for customers throughout Michigan. Steketees used the service bureau concept to build their computer system to a large capacity processing system for their own use, eventually phasing out their service bureau customers. Through this they gained well written retail systems on an IBM mainframe.
I was with Steketees from 11/73 thru 9/91 at which time they were bought by Dunlap Company out of Fort Worth, TX. I was told I either could move to Fort Worth and manage the IT department or I could find another job. 1991 was a rough year in Michigan for any IT movement. I talked to a lot of people about this decision, most important, Viv. She said it was up to me and what I thought I could do best. (God moment) We decided we would move to Texas, but she would stay in the house until Ben graduated from high school in 1992. I would go down to Texas to live without her for 10 months. The hardest time I have had until this last year without her.
I worked for the combination Steketees/Dunlap Company from 11/73 to 9/2002 when I was laid off by the Dunlap Company. Almost 29 years, essentially, for one company from computer programmer to VP of IT with a 'standard' package. I was without work for 2 years. Just a note, Steketees and Dunlap Company are no longer in existence.
In 8/2004 along came Cabelas in Sidney, NE?? They flew me to Denver, rented me a car, and interviewed me X 4. I was about to get in a real estate agents car when the Dept. manager came out and said they had an offer to make including expenses. We were in Sidney from 9/2004 until I retired in 2/2010
In retirement we rented a beautiful apartment in an excellent complex which we enjoyed together until 4/24/2016.

I enjoy my church and friends!

I enjoy driving the activities bus for Westlake Academy for sports, field trips and my Special Kids.

Written and submitted by Mo Smith '61

Some Dreux Alumni Informal Get-Togethers in the last year!

Some of our Alums have gotten together over the last year for lunch or dinner!  Love that!

In October of 2017, newly found Shari Murphy Koziol '64 hosted a dinner at her home for Houston area alums.  In attendance were Marilyn Hutto Turner '62 and husband Louie and Patricia Beard Sicinski '62.

In January of 2018, a group met in Waco for lunch.  Those that attended were Carol Cook '61, Jerry Tune '63 and wife Melody, Helen Council Miles '61 and husband Larry, Maurice "Mo" Smith '61, Barbara Council Georgen '63, Marilyn Hutto Turner '62 and husband Louie, Sally Downing Thomas '64, Susie Graff Marr '62 and Shari Murphy Koziol '64.  (Hope I listed everyone!)

Alicia "Leesha" Hazel '67 and Susan "Suzy" Craw Ruston '68 got together for lunch in March of 2018.  I think this was the first time that they had seen each other since Dreux.

Jayne Findley Hunter '65 and Helen Council Miles '61 got together for dinner in January of 2018.

NOTE: Had to chuckle...this reminds me of what newspapers, often small town newspapers, did back in the 1940's and 1950's or even later when they would have always have a section that reported on who visited who from out of town.

If there are other gatherings or small reunion get-togethers you have had, be sure and let me know.  These are just the ones I recall seeing on Facebook..


Donald Crosby '65
Raymond Bruce Bailey '65
Charles "Chuck" Erskine '66
James A. Harris '64
Daniel Bird ' 65
June Uranga '67
Shari Murphy (Koziol) '64
Robert Wayne Scott '65
Ann Burrows (Aldrich) '64
Mary Francis Mullins (Ellsbury) '65

Rick Gabler
Holly Johnson (Horton)
Scott Johnson

We are always looking for others.  If you see someone on the "Location Unknown" list on the Dreux website and have information of their whereabouts or even helpful clues, please let Vicki Key know.

Sadly, we discovered the loss of several alumni as well as faculty/staff over this last year.  Most passed in 2017 and 2018, but there were some who passed several years ago, but we just became aware of their passing within this last year.

Milton "Micky" Morper (Mar 2017)
Alice Duffy Page (April 2018)
Paul Papineau (Dec 2017)
Joseph P. Wade (Nov 1978)


Charles E. Brown, Jr. '66  (Feb 2018)
Spencer Chen '64  (Feb 1998)
Gloria De Salvo (Stough) '65 (Jul 2017)
Claude M. Dixon, Jr. '62  (Apr 2017)
Kirk Elam (June 2017)
Jeannette "Penny" Grainger (Adams) '61 (Jun 2017)
Carla Jackson (Werner) '64  (Aug 2016)
Jeanne P. Kelly (Liden) '65  (Jul 2017)
Terry Riles '62 (Mar 2018)
Clark O.Turner '68 (Jul 2017)
Rick Bloyer, husband of Janeen Christensen Bloyer '66 (Apr 2018)

Our sincere condolences to all their families and friends! 


There is now a page that lists all of the alumni/faculty/staff we have found, including those that are deceased. Just click on the "Located Alumni" button on the menu bar to access the list. No contact information is listed, however, to protect the privacy of our alumni. Dues paying members of the Alumni Association receive an alumni directory via email that includes alumni contact information. To get more information about paying dues, visit the Dues/Donations section of our website.


Thank you to those who have sent in bios for the Alumni Spotlight and Faculty/Staff Spotlight feature of the Newsletter.  But I need MORE!  In order for me to continue this feature, I really need people to send me bios on themselves! DON'T BE SHY!!

It can be as short or as long as you would like, but basically I am looking for the following information: 

What you did after you left Dreux, i.e. schools attended, military 
What you do/did for a living
Where all have you lived since Dreux
Tell us about your family, hobbies and any community involvement 
Talk about any special memories you have from your time at Dreux
I would also need a "Now" head shot photo (jpg) of you as well.  
I hope to hear from everybody!  Send your bios and "Now" photo to Vicki Key at VickiK3275@aol.com.   

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About our DAHS Alumni Association
Dreux American High School was open from 1960-1967.  The first graduating class was 1961.  The school closed in January of 1967. We have a very active Alumni Association.  There have been 9 major reunions over the past 23 years, the last being held in May of 2017 in Charleston, SC.  We have found 1,300+ alumni, faculty and staff and are continuing to locate more all the time!

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