Dreux American High School
Alumni Association Newsletter

December 2020     
Board of Directors
Paul Krausman '64
Vice President
Nonna Mann Carlson '64
Marilyn Hutto Turner '62
Shari Murphy Koziol '64
Alumni Affairs
Vicki Key '67
Board Member
Carol Hutto
Krausman '64
Board Member
Sally Downing
Thomas '64
Immediate Past President
Charles Brantley '68

2021 Reunion Committee Chair
Helen Council Miles '61   


Featured in this Newsletter:

Important Message from DAHS Alumni Association President Paul Krausman
regarding the next Dreux Reunion  
Treasurer's Report
New Alumni Found
In Memoriam  
Alumni Get Togethers
Hope everyone is having a safe and healthy holiday season!
Vicki Key '67
Lubbock, TX


Dear Dreuxites:      

I hope you are all well and surviving the coronavirus pandemic as well as can be expected. SARS-CoV-2 has plagued society world-wide and has influenced our upcoming reunion.  
Because there is no certainty that a vaccine will be  
available in time for our next planned reunion or that the pandemic will be over soon, the 2021 reunion is being postponed for the well being of each of us. Our health is the primary reason for the postponement but the decision is also financial.  
If the Association did not postpone the reunion, we could lose money. Thus, the reunion is being postponed until March 28-30, 2022. It will still be in the same location (New Orleans, LA) and hotel (Astor Crowne Plaza in the French Quarter)-just a year later.  
Stay tuned for additional developments. Stay safe, stay healthy, and God Bless you all. See you in 2022.

President, Dreux American High School Association

Editor's Note:  If you had already made hotel reservations for the original 2021 dates, it is strongly advised that you contact the hotel to make sure that your reservations have been cancelled and that you have an acknowledgement of that cancellation from the hotel. The hotel was supposed to cancel all room reservations when the decision was made to postpone the Reunion, but just to be sure, I would suggest you contact the hotel for verification.
Treasurer's Report for the DAHS Alumni Association as of September 30, 2020

Beginning Balance
July 1, 2020




Reunion Fees

Total Income



  Overseas Brats Annual


  Pay Pal Fees

  Post Card Mailing

Total Expenses

Ending Balance
September 30, 2020


Note:  The board decided years ago that it was important to maintain a minimum bank balance of at least $10,000 so that future reunions can be planned.

Submitted by Marilyn Hutto Turner '62 , Treasurer                 

 Recently Located Alumni/Faculty/Staff
Below is a list of alumni and faculty/staff that have been located within the last year:    
**NOTE: There were some people that were on our "Location Unknown" list that were found to have passed.   

Paul A. Knutson -Deceased
Pat Waris Rashid- Dreux Elementary
Alice Rockwell
Susan A. Stamler - Deceased


Alan Michael Miller '63 - Deceased

Pamela Sue De Groff '64

Christina Richardson '65
Robert Stowbridge '65 
Paula Whitehead '65

John Anders '66
Susan Birch '66 - Deceased
Don Munro '66
Patricia Mary Paterson '66
Barbara Robbins '66
Christian Sareyane '66 - Deceased
Michael Watts '66

Vivian Miller '67
Karen Rael '67

Carol Gardner '68 - Deceased
Teresa Helferty '68 
Sandra Shields '68

Greg Belmont '69
Sally Ann Wilmarth '69 - Deceased  
A full list of those we have located can be found here on the Dreux website!


Sadly, we discovered the loss of several alumni as well as faculty/staff since the last newsletter in February.  Some passed this year, but there were others who passed over the last several years and we just became aware of their passing. I was able to locate obituaries on several of those listed below and they can be accessed in the "In Memoriam" section of our Dreux website.

Larry Allaman      (April 2020)
Vern Harmelink    (July 2020)
William J. Horak  (Mar 2015)
John Kalamaras  (Aug 2020)
Paul A. Knutson  (Feb 2013)
Ivan R. Krueger  (Aug 2014)
John Robertson  (Mar 2020)


Leslie Bartelt '62 (Feb 2020)
Sally Hall '62 (June 2020)

Alan Michael Miller '63 (Jan 2017)
Tom Seales '63 (April 2019)

Gary Imburg '64 (Mar 2020) 
Tommy Joe Smithey '64 (Dec 2019)
Michael Stone '64 (Feb 2020)
Daniel C. Bird  '65 (Sept 2020)
Robert Hazel '65 (July 2020)
Charles A. Mills III '65 (Jan 2020)

Leonard "Len" Barnes '66 (Dec 2010)
Susan Birch '66 (May 2010)
Candace Carle '66 (April 2018)
Patrick Cron '66 (July 2019)
Linda Lee Franklin '66 (May 2020)
Christian Sareyane '66 (Sept 2020)
John Borman '67 (Feb 2018)
Larry Allen Caldwell '67 (Feb 2020)  
Paul Arthur Hobbs '67 (Jan 2018)
Linda Knapp '67 (Nov 2019) 
Peter Stoddard '67 (April 2020)
Carol Gardner '68 (1978)
Barbara Oswald '68 (April 2020)
Sally Ann Wilmarth '69 (2018) 
Our sincere condolences to all their families and friends! 

Some of our alumni got together this year for some catching up!

Gary Givens '67 (left) and Charles Brantley '68 (right) in St. Augustine, FL in October 2020

Kathy Dyer Riley '64 and husband, Bruce Riley, got together with Paul and Carol Krausman '64 in Santa Fe, NM in March of 2020
(Order in photo: Carol Hutto Krausman, Kathy Dyer Riley, Bruce Riley, Paul Krausman)

Shari Murphy Koziol '64 (left) and Marilyn Hutto Turner '62 (right) got together for lunch in Houston, TX in February of 2020

If you have had a mini-reunion of sorts in the last couple of years (outside of a scheduled Dreux Reunion), send me photos and I will post them in the next newsletter and on Facebook! 


Those that pay Dues in December will be credited for paying 2021 Dues! Dues are $40/yr and are based on a calendar year. You can pay for one year or for multiple years if you would like to do so.

The Dreux website reflects those that have paid dues for 2020. For those that have paid for multiple years, that is reflected on the list as well so you will know how far out your dues are paid. (You may need to refresh the Dues page if it doesn't show the 2020 list when you first access the page)
Remember that you can pay dues by using a credit card if you prefer not to pay by check!  Just visit our Dreux AHS website at www.dreuxalumni.org and click on the Dues/Donations button and you will see the Dues menu for PayPal.

If you prefer to pay by check, you can send your Dues payment to our Treasurer:

Marilyn Hutto Turner '62
2015 Mount Forest Dr.
Kingwood, TX 77345

*Please note Marilyn has a new postal address 

Dues paying members will receive a copy of our current Dreux AHS Alumni Directory via email.   
As always, we GREATLY appreciate any and all support! Your support is what keeps our  association going and helps fund the costs to find former classmates, maintain the database, website, newsletters, pre-reunion costs, etc.  We can't do it without you!  
THANKS to everyone for your past and hopefully your future support!! 

Thank you to those who have sent in bios for the Alumni Spotlight and Faculty/Staff Spotlight feature of the Newsletter.  But I need MORE!  If you would  like to send in a bio on yourself, that would be great!  DON'T BE SHY!!  It can be as short or as long as you would like, but basically I am looking for the following information: 

What you did after you left Dreux, i.e. schools attended, military 
What you do/did for a living
Where all have you lived after Dreux
Tell us about your family, hobbies and any community involvement 
Talk about any special memories you have from your time at Dreux
I would also need a "Now" head shot photo (jpg) of you as well.  

I hope to hear from some of you!  Send your bios and "Now" photo to Vicki Key at VickiK3275@aol.com.    

If your contact information has changed (i.e. email address, postal address, area code or telephone number) and you haven't notified me, please email that information to Vicki Key.  I want to be sure that your contact information is correct in the Dreux AHS Alumni Directory! 

The Dreux American High School Group page on Facebook has been a lot of fun!  Former friends have reconnected, people have uploaded photos from Dreux, and are having general discussions about the time spent at Dreux.  We also do New Find Alerts when we locate former classmates that have not yet been found as well as Sad News Alerts when we discover that former classmates or faculty/staff members have passed.   
I have the group as a closed group so that only those people associated with Dreux are involved.  If you are interested in joining us, just use the "request to join" feature on the Group Page or send me a friend request and I would be happy to add you!

If you are on Facebook and have not already joined the group, here is the link to our page so you can request to join:  Dreux American High School Group Page 


Missed a prior Dreux AHS Newsletter?
  You can view them on the Dreux website 

In case you missed receiving any of the past Dreux AHS Newsletters for whatever reason, they are archived and available to view on our Dreux AHS website.  Just click on the link on the front page of the website (www.dreuxalumni.org) to access them. 

PLEASE remember that you can always opt out of receiving the newsletter if you would like, but PLEASE do not tag or report it as SPAM.  That really hurts our ability to continue to do these newsletters using Constant Contact and there are many people who enjoy getting them. We certainly hope you don't opt out, but it is certainly your choice.  I try not to overwhelm everybody with them, but keep in mind that just prior to Reunions, we may do them more than we normally do.  THANKS!
Dreux American High School was open from 1960-1967.  The first graduating class was 1961.  The school closed in January of 1967. We have a very active Alumni Association.  There have been 10 major reunions over the past 24 years, the last being held in April of 2019 in San Antonio, TX  

Vicki Key
Dreux American High School Alumni Association