Dreux American High School
Alumni Association Newsletter

February 2017    
Board of Directors

Charles Brantley '68

Vice President
Nonna Mann Carlson '64

Jim Adams '66

Jane Findley Hunter '65

Alumni Affairs
Vicki Key '67

Board Member
Willy Brewer Taylor '65

Board Member
Sally Downing Thomas 64

Board Member
George Aune - Faculty

2017 Reunion Coordinators
Carol Hutto Krausman '64 
Marilyn Hutto Turner '62

Register Now to Attend the Dreux AHS Reunion in Charleston, SC!

We still have about 3 months before the Dreux Vikings hit Charleston, SC for what will be a fantastic Reunion!  We would love to see as many people attend as possible so this can be the best one ever! (Although they have all been great!)  See below for details and who's attending so far!

Because the Reunion is coming up this year, this newsletter is primarily an update on the Reunion and a reminder of the particulars of the Reunion.  For those that may not be able to attend the Reunion, please bear with us!  This is the most efficient way to get information out to everyone who may be interested or planning to attend.    

Vicki Key '67
Lubbock, TX


                                  Dreux AHS All School Reunion 
                                         May 24-26, 2017  
                                         Charleston, SC
 Francis Marion Hotel 

This reunion is for EVERYONE who attended Dreux or was associated with Dreux AHS, no matter how long!  

Reunion Registration Fees $250 per person
Full Registration includes all events - If you cannot attend the entire Reunion, partial registration fees are available.
There are two ways to Register!!
1.  You can register and pay your registration fee using a credit card (This link takes you to the Dreux website where you can pay using PayPal)  
2.  You can pay by check by completing a registration form and mailing in your check to our Treasurer, Jim Adams '66.  Information on where to send the check is on the Registration form. Click here to access the Registration Form.

For those bringing a spouse/guest, you will need to register each person individually/separately.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Registration Form is to be used ONLY if paying by check. It is a "fillable' PDF for, which means you can complete the form on your computer, save it, and then print it out.  Once you access the form, be sure you "Highlight Existing Fields" so you can see the fields that need to be completed.  The fields will show up in light blue.

You MUST use Adobe Reader to complete the form. If you do not have Adobe Reader it can be downloaded for free at http://get.adobe.com/reader/  It is BEST to use Internet Explorer to access the form.  If you use Firefox as your browser, you will need to click on "Open with a Different Viewer" in the top right corner and select "Open with Adobe Reader".  If you use a Mac, be sure it doesn't access the form using the default viewer that comes with a MAC.  You may have to use a computer to complete the form rather than your ipad or phone.


Our Host Hotel is the historic Francis Marion Hotel, 387 King Street, Charleston, SC.  

Hotel Room Rates:    $159.00 + 14% tax per night person. This rate is for single/double occupancy.  Parking will be $17.00 per night.

Hotel reservations can be made by calling 877-756-2121 (Toll Free) or 843-722-0600 (direct line).  The room block expires Monday, April 24, 2017 or when the room block is full, whichever comes first.  You are encouraged to make your hotel reservations as early as possible so you can be assured to get the group rate.  Be sure you tell them that you are attending the "Dreux High School Reunion" and the dates of the Reunion.

About the Hotel

Named for General Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox" of the American Revolution, the hotel opened in 1924 as the largest and grandest in the Carolinas.  It was originally built by local investors at a cost of $1.5 million from plans by noted New York architect W.L. Stoddart, who also built the gracious Poinsett Hotel in Greenville, SC.  Throughout the years, many notable historic and famous clientele enjoyed the hotel's full service and convenient location.  In 1996, an extensive restoration earned the hotel the esteemed National Trust Award and once again the Francis Marion opened its doors as Charleston's Grand Hotel.  More recent refurbishments have added to the comforts of today and enhanced the hotel's historic ambiance with sleek room d├ęcor reminiscent of the 1920's grandeur.

General Itinerary for the Reunion:
   (a more detailed agenda will be posted on our website as it becomes available)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017         No host dinner for early arrivals
Wednesday, May 24, 2017    Dinner at the Francis Marion Hotel
Thursday, May 25, 2017        Alumni Association Business Meeting
                                               Dinner/Dance with DJ                                           
Friday, May 26, 2017             Farewell Breakfast

Of course the Hospitality Suite will be open at times before and after planned activities.
We encourage everyone to contact your friends from Dreux and/or former roommates and teammates and get them to come!  Many times that encouragement can change someone's mind about attending if they are unsure!

WHO IS ATTENDING REUNION 2017 (so far.....)

List of attendees as of 2/21/2017  (more to come.....)

Helen Council Miles '61  
Larry Miles 
Maurice "Mo" Smith '61

Marily Hutto Turner '62  
Louie Turner 
Becky McDonald Rogers '62 
Lani Pew Tower '62 
John Roots '62 
Ursula Sedell Drury '62

Wilber Heath '63 
Jane Heath 
Rebecca Huddleston Pelletier '63 
Michael Pelletier

Jerry Brown '64 
Anne Childs Smith '64 
Charlie Nance 
Sally Downing Thomas '64 
Bill Grabowski '64 
Brency Grabowski 
Carol Hutto Krausman '64 
Jon Klein '64 
Alice Klein 
Paul Krausman '64 
Peggy Phillips Anderson '64 
Forest Wulf '64

Tom Burg '65 
Carol Burg 
Terry Hennet '65 
Robert Slay '65 
Gayne Brenneman-Slay 
Sandy Watts Mercer '65

Janeen Christensen Bloyer '66 
Donald Bloyer 
Bruce "Chic" McKenty '66 
Francine McKenty 
Sue Miller Smuskiewicz '66 
Michael Smith '66 
Linda Smith

Gary Givens '67 
Sharron Jansen Triolo '67 
Tony Triolo 
Starr Jones Payton '67 
Vicki Key  '67 
Betsy Patrick Edgar '67 
Robert Purcell '67

Charles Brantley '68


If you don't see someone on this list that you would like to see at the Reunion, 
contact them and encourage them to come!  It works!!  For instance, Steve Barton '65 is interested in getting as many members of the 1964/65 All COM-Z Championship Basketball Team as possible to attend; Bruce "Chic" McKenty '66 offered to contact a lot of folks to encourage them to come. I know quite a few others that aren't listed that plan to attend but just haven't registered yet. We would love to have any and everyone's help to make this a fantastic Reunion!

I will be updating the Dreux AHS website as more registrations come in!


In Memoriam

Sadly, we discovered the loss of several alumni as well as faculty/staff over this last year.  Most passed in 2016 and 2017, but there were some who passed several years ago, but we just became aware of their passing within this last year.

They are:

Louise Thomson Stutzman (Feb 2016)
Kay Moorer Stevens (June 2016)
Albert P. Matthews - Former Principal (July 2014)
Laurelle O'Leary (Feb 2016)
Rex Ellington (Mar 2016)

Marcella Allen '64  (Apr 2004) 
Suzanne Brandt (Conley) '67 (Nov 2016)
Curtiss S. Butler '65 (Oct  2015)
Robert F. Carter '68 (Sept. 2009)
Paul Chandler '65 (Nov 2016)
Patrick Hurley '66 (Dec 2015)
George LeMaster '67 (Mar 2016)
Suzanne "Suzy" Logan (Rogers) '64 (May, 1993)
Wally Russell '67 (Jan 2017)
Sharon Seitzer (Davis) '68 (Feb 2016)
Virginia "Ginny" Strange (Nelson) '62 (Feb 2016)
Jim Uranga '64 (Nov 2013)
Debbie Wadsworth '67 (June 2016)
Becky Webb '65 (Jan 2016)

Our sincere condolences to all their families and friends! 



Since Dues are based on a calendar year, now is a GREAT time to pay or renew your Dreux AHS Alumni Association Dues!

Remember that you can pay dues by using your credit card if you prefer not to pay  by check!  Dues are $40/yr and you can pay for one year or multiple years. Just visit our Dreux AHS website to pay dues using PayPal. 

If you prefer to pay by check, you can send your Dues payment to our Treasurer:

Jim Adams
188 Lexie Lane
Palmyra, VA 22963 
A HUGE THANK YOU to all who have paid Dues!! As always, we appreciate any and all support! Your support is what keeps our Association going and helps fund the costs to find former classmates, maintain the database, website, newsletters, helps with reunion costs, etc.  We can't do it without you!    


Thank you to those who have sent in bios for the Alumni Spotlight and Faculty/Staff Spotlight feature of the Newsletter.  But I need MORE!  In order for me to continue this feature, I really need people to send me bios on themselves! DON'T BE SHY!!  It can be as short or as long as you would like, but basically I am looking for the following information: 

What you did after you left Dreux, i.e. schools attended, military 

What you do/did for a living

Where all have you lived after Dreux

Tell us about your family, hobbies and any community involvement 

Talk about any special memories you have from your time at Dreux

I would also need a "Now" head shot photo (jpg) of you as well.  


I hope to hear from everybody!  Send your bios and "Now" photo to Vicki Key at VickiK3275@aol.com.  

Note:  For those that may have sent me bios last fall, I lost a bunch of emails, so please re-send!  I am also still waiting on a few bios from people as well. Hopefully I can include some in the next edition of the newsletter! 






I still need more volunteers that would like to help make some phone calls to some of our alumni whose email addresses are no longer valid or for whom we do not have email addresses!

The goal is to try to get an email address on each and every one of our alumni so they can be "in the loop" and start receiving these newsletters. So let me know and I will send you a small list, thanks!! 

If your contact information has changed (i.e. email address, postal address, area code or telephone number) and you haven't notified me, please email that information to Vicki Key.  I want to be sure that your contact information is correct in the Dreux AHS Alumni Directory! 

The Dreux American High School Group page on Facebook now has 565 members and is still growing.  It's been a lot of fun!  Former friends are reconnecting, uploading photos from Dreux, and having general discussions about the time spent at Dreux.  I have the group as a closed group so that only those people associated with Dreux are involved.  If you are interested in joining us, just use the "request to join" feature on the Group Page or send me a friend request and I would be happy to add you!

If you are on Facebook and have not already joined the group, here is the link to our page so you can request to join:  Dreux American High School Group Page


Missed a prior Dreux AHS Newsletter?
  You can view them on the Dreux website 

In case you missed receiving any of the past Dreux AHS Newsletters for whatever reason, they are archived and available to view on our Dreux AHS website.  Just click on the link on the front page of the website (www.dreuxalumni.org) to access them. 

PLEASE remember that you can always opt out of receiving the newsletter if you would like, but PLEASE do not tag or report it as SPAM.  That really hurts our ability to continue to do these newsletters using Constant Contact and there are many people who enjoy getting them. We certainly hope you don't opt out, but it is certainly your choice.  I try not to overwhelm everybody with them, but keep in mind that just prior to Reunions, we may do them more than we normally do.  THANKS!

Dreux American High School was open from 1960-1967.  The first graduating class was 1961.  The school closed in January of 1967. We have a very active Alumni Association.  There have been 8 major reunions over the past 21 years, the last being held in May of 2015 in San Antonio, Texas.  We have found 1,300+ alumni, faculty and staff and are continuing to locate more all the time!

Vicki Key
Dreux American High School Alumni Association